Satin and Leather

Creative writing around the themes of spanking, domination and submission

Firewatch 4

Chapter 4
by Patty

Patty was up and sitting out on the catwalk, before dawn. She had slept well for several hours, and then woke fully alert and rested shortly after 4 AM. Not wanting to wake Cliff, and wanting to think, she stepped out and settled gingerly on one of the stools. Most of her weight was supported on the panel wall of the cabin, and the tilted stool propped under her knees.

She knew the first light of day wasn’t going to be long in coming, because the birds in the canopy below were, up and busy chirping and chattering orders to each other. The cacophony made her think of how things were evolving between her and Cliff. There was something nice and comforting knowing he had feelings for her. It was reassuring to know that the feelings she was beginning to be more honest about were not one sided and wasted. At the same time though, the man unsettled her. The whole dynamic between them unsettled her.

He had a knack for finding and pushing her anger buttons like no one she had ever met before. Worse than that, once she let herself go with the reactions he triggered in her, the complete loss of control she experienced was unnerving. She told herself firmly that she needed to get her mind around the why of it soon, or her backside was never going to survive it.

He forced a compliance from her that she wasn’t accustomed to. That was certainly part of it. Even now, just thinking about his dominance, Patty felt herself bristle. Something about that made her react. It felt as if he were treating her as though she was incapable. Yet the man was very free with his praise of her skill and ability.

She went over the scuffles between them over the past week, and the ones earlier during orientation and qualifying. Embarrassment flushed through her each time her review brought her to a point where he threatened or carried out a spanking. With it came that same odd thrill she didn’t even want to contemplate. She didn’t want to, but it kept sneaking up on her.

As light kissed the sky, so did a realization of sorts for Patty. ‘He doesn’t criticize my work or my skill! He never has! He gets annoyed with my arguing and behavior! I’m making him mad, by being such a shit!’ Patty smiled and laughed. ‘And he makes me mad by being so officious!’

“He is the boss though, why the hell does he make me so mad telling me what to do?”

“Because you’re a spoiled little brat. That’s why.” Cliff’s voice startled her so much, she toppled sideways off the stool. Her bottom was saved from the full weight of her fall by Cliff’s quick reaction and her quick reflexes.

“God Damn Mother Fuc…..!” Patty screeched. She didn’t realize she’d been talking aloud.

“Woaw wow wow, hang on now.” Cliff chuckled as he helped her right herself.

“You scared the shit out of me!” Patty straightened up.

“Having a heart to heart with yourself, sounds like.” Cliff smiled.

“Never you mind about what I’m thinking about.” Patty answered, as she sidled past him back inside the cabin.

Coffee, cereal and banana slices were breakfast. Cliff managed to coax a smile from Patty. He was determined they would have at least a few quiet days, and that they would get down to some friendly getting to know one another.

Even though they’d lost time yesterday, Cliff held back getting started on the day’s work. When Patty got up from breakfast to start tidying and preparing for the day, he waved her to sit back down. As she did, she winced. Cliff grinned.

“Spanking’s gonna stick with you for a while is it?”

“That’s not funny.” Patty complained.

“Didn’t say it was.” Cliff nodded. “Serious business.” His amused expression was evil. Patty was tempted to come up with something snippy to respond with, but the anger she would need for it was not there. She just blushed and nodded to her empty coffee cup.

“Maybe you should finish that thought you had this morning? Might be if you do, and the answers make some sense, you won’t be having that problem so often?” Cliff’s smile was gentle as he pointed to the seat of her chair.

Patty looked into his eyes. There was no teasing, and no criticism there, just an open expression of interest and affection.

“I don’t remember what I was thinking.” Patty said honestly. “I’m all mixed up about a lot of things if you want to know the truth.”

“Let’s talk about that then.” Cliff suggested.

“You said you kind of like me. But you’re always so quick to get mad.” Patty said.

“You’re right. I am. Your cocky attitude makes that pretty darned easy to do. Maybe that’ll change if we talk it over.” Cliff answered. “Why do you get so obnoxious when I tell you how I think something should be done? Or even just ask you your rationale for doing it the way you chose?”

Patty looked for the answer in the palms of her hands for a moment or two. “I don’t know. Maybe because it feels more like you’re telling me that I’m doing it wrong, than asking me what I’m doing or why.”

“I don’t recall having any criticism about anything you’ve done, except doing the remote work solo, and then that foolish race stunt you pulled yesterday.” Cliff pointed out.

“It feels like you are. Maybe it’s the way you say things. I don’t know????” Patty had to agree. She couldn’t think of specific examples of criticisms, only the general sense, that that is how she reacted to him.

“Let’s make a deal?” Cliff offered. “Any time you feel like I’m criticizing, you say so right off the bat, before you go off half cocked. How’s that sound?”

“You’ll just get mad if I do that.” Patty complained.

“I promise I’ll try not to. If you promise you’ll try.” Cliff tried to reassure her. “I’ll go you one further. If I think I see that something’s set you off, and you haven’t said it’s me, I’ll ask you why. Before I get mad.” He added. The last provision was said with a grin.

“Before you get mad?” Patty picked up only the last thing he said, and felt her hackles raise.

“There you go reacting.” Cliff laughed. “But since that got your attention. Yes. Before I get mad. If you feel like I made a criticism, and you misunderstood me, I’ll try to make my real meaning clear. But if you’re just being cocky and contrary, I’ll hold you accountable.”

“Oh.” Patty accepted what he said and nodded.

“Do you think we can get off on better footing now?” Cliff asked.

“I’d like to try.” Patty answered, and smiled.

Cliff smiled also, and as he stood, he leaned down and kissed her cheek. Patty blushed.

In that moment, the tide shifted completely. What had been a tense, mostly adversarial, occasionally collegial relationship; became a fun, usually collegial and occasionally tense relationship. The tension had always been sexual, but now that was understood by both of them.

Cliff’s easy way, and wry sense of humor began to shine. Before long interactions that would have resulted in a dispute or a power struggle between them, changed. Patty still made comments about his suggestions or directives, but now they were issued as teases and play. Cliff responded to her spunky retorts, but now he was also teasing.

In time, the undercurrent of dominance and authority between them changed also. It was no longer boss to employee, or teacher to student. Cliff’s role with Patty and hers with him was evolving. The ease with which their understanding facilitated and paved the way for it amazed Patty when she reflected on it days later.

After only a few days of joking about how bossy he was, Patty found she wanted to do things, the way Cliff suggested they be done. Even more surprising to her, she found she wanted to hear him praise her for the way she did things, or for her suggestions. Pleasing him began to matter, and it seemed to be very easy to do.

For his part, Cliff really didn’t change much in the way he approached things. Just getting her to agree to be more aware of how she was reacting seemed to be all it took to get her to stop taking herself so seriously.

The difference was like night and day.

It lasted until the next Thursday just two days before Patty was to leave on her vacation. Patty was beginning to feel a sense of loss. She had only three more days with Cliff. Cliff on the other hand had a more long-range outlook, and was not so much worried that their time was short, but that he was going to miss her for the few short weeks she’d be gone.

Cliff got up early that morning to find Patty already up, and down in the work shed. The light from the windows below glowed in the dark shadows of the forest. He wondered what she was up to, and allowed himself a brief flash of irritation that she was burning the generator when there was less than an hour before daylight would have provided whatever light she’d need. In the meantime, she had not bothered to start coffee or breakfast.

After he got coffee brewing, Cliff pulled the lift alert knowing Patty would recognize it as a call to come up. In just a few moments, he felt the telltale vibrations of feet climbing the ladder.

“What were you about down there so early?” Cliff asked. He made a point to keep the question light.

“I couldn’t sleep. I went down to start the fire fuel assays.” Patty answered.

“It might’ve been wiser to start breakfast since you had to burn the generator.” Cliff pointed out.

“I would have woken you up doing that.” Patty explained. She looked carefully at his face as she did. She was very aware that the generator had been a sore point.

“Next time wake me up, OK? It’s preferable to wasting fuel.” Cliff’s tone was clipped, but not critical. He appreciated that she had been trying to be considerate. At the same time, though, there was nothing urgent about the assays that would justify the use of fuel.

“There won’t be a next time will there?” Patty spoke to the tabletop, more to herself than to him. She was thinking that she wouldn’t have many more mornings to worry about waking him up. She was leaving, and when she got back, he would be gone back to the central station. The idea was upsetting her more than she expected it would. Her feelings for the man were getting very strong.

“I should hope NOT!” Cliff informed her. He was talking about using the generator, and presumed she was too.

“Well there won’t be! Don’t get your shorts in a twist about it.” Patty spat out her reply.

“Now what was that all about?” Cliff asked, bewildered by her reaction.

Patty looked at him, and examined his face. She couldn’t believe he could be so gruff about her not wanting to wake him up, and then not even care that it upset her that he wasn’t going to be there for her to wake up anymore.

“You obviously don’t care how I feel about it! So just drop it OK!” Patty answered.

“I thought we were well past this stuff.” Cliff said as he tried to search her face for an explanation for her mood shift.

“Look! I said there wouldn’t be a next time! Can we drop it? Please?!” Patty felt her temper building. She wanted to cry, but she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction.

“Alright. Consider it dropped.” Cliff relented. He had an unsettled feeling about the whole interaction, but he did not want to trigger a full-blown dispute so close to sending her off on her vacation, so he dropped it.

Breakfast was silent, and tense. When she finished eating, Patty finally spoke.

“Can you handle the clean-up here? I’m going back to the assays.” There was a flip edge to her tone.

“Go to it. Just watch that tone of voice with me.” Cliff answered.

“Fine! I will.” Patty’s retort was even more flip. She watched his face as she mounted the ladder to begin her climb down. Her expression was dark with disdain. His clouded with warning, and she saw his brow set as his dark eyes flashed. If she had been within reach, he might have taken a swing at her behind.

Cliff briefly let his mind contemplate Patty’s mood shift. Since things had been going well for several days, he quickly dismissed it. He tidied the small kitchen area, completed and filed a terrain survey, and set out down the ladder. The pair would be working separately today, collecting the second round of fire fuel samples since the storm the week before. No more rain had fallen in that period, and the humidity was down near 28%. If it stayed this dry any longer, they would be out clearing brush from the areas with assays showing the fuel threat near the danger range.

The updrafts from the valleys were damp enough that with the right conditions high bottom storms could form. These were a particular threat, because they were usually dry lightning events. Very little if any rain reached the ground with them. Because of the very low humidity, what rain did fall was usually Verga. Rain that evaporated before reaching the ground.

Before he set out to collect in his area, Cliff stopped in the shed to let Patty know he was off. The interchange was civil. Patty was busy and pre-occupied with her task, so she wasn’t able to comeback with any retort or smart remark.

Physically her morning was productive. Emotionally Patty let herself stew over the brief fuss with Cliff during breakfast. Her mood kept her focused and purposeful, so that she managed to finish the sample collection for her whole assigned zone, have the tests running and almost finished by the time Cliff got back in mid afternoon. He was surprised to see her already processing the samples from today seeing as how she hadn’t started out at all when he left.

“You’re back already?” He stated the obvious. It was intended more along the lines of a “wow you were fast comment,” but Patty’s mood let her take it as an insinuation.

“So? Is that a crime? I finished everything. I didn’t cut any corners.” Patty snapped back.

“Woah hold up there! What’s gotten into you?” Cliff asked, his voice registering concern, and just a little annoyance.

“Nothing, I’m busy.” Patty turned back to her work.

Cliff knew it was not nothing. He smiled to himself. There were worse crimes she could commit than being a little moody, but she’d better not keep it up much longer. He figured she’d gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, since her mood hadn’t improved after several hours. As far as he knew, he hadn’t done anything to set her off this time. At the same time, he wasn’t going to cut her any slack and let her act up just because she felt like it.

“Something has you bent out of shape, but I’ll leave you to it, whatever it is. Just see that it you figure it out and get over it before you get yourself in trouble. Got that?” Cliff grinned as he spoke.

Patty frowned. The man could be so insensitive! She fought to control several retorts that flashed through her mind. Her feelings were hurt. What ultimately helped her keep her frustration to herself, was the fear that she would burst out in tears if she opened her mouth.

“Well here, here’s some more samples to keep you out of trouble.” Cliff placed his pack on the workbench beside her.

“The hell I will! Those are your samples! I’m almost finished with mine.” Patty lifted the pack, and swung it so that it caught Cliff in the abdomen.

“Now you have some more to run don’t you?” Cliff smiled a wicked smile.

“You do your own damned work! I’m going swimming. I didn’t bust my butt cleaning up here so fast, so you could take advantage and pawn your work off on me.” Patty pushed the pack at him with her full weight.

“Swimming? Mmmm now that sounds like a plan. I guess when you finish up here, you can join me if you want to. Now, you’d best get started on these so there’s still daylight for your swim.” Cliff turned to walk out of the shed.

“God Damn you son of a …………….” Patty turned to follow Cliff, but she stopped short as he spun on his heels to face her down. Cliff held up his hand and cocked a stern look her way.

“Are you sure that’s the tack you want to take young lady?” He asked.

“Ohhhhhh!!!! You are insufferable!” Patty’s voice was tight so the words came out in a squeal.

“Might be yup.” Cliff chuckled. He could tell his cool attitude was baiting her temper. That was going to have one of two outcomes shortly, he guessed. She was either going to tell him what had put the burr under her saddle, or she was going to push her luck too far and end up spanked. Either way, he reasoned, he’d have the answer to the why of her mood.

“Bastard!” Patty spit back at him.

“One!” Cliff warned.

“Oh fuck your ONE!” Patty hissed.

“Bypassed two and three, with style!” Cliff stepped quickly toward her, caught her by the arm, and pulled her out of the shed into the clearing under the tower.

“You let me go you Bastard!” Patty pulled against him. He pulled her along with very little effort. His long strides and fast pace made her stumble a few times. She managed to get her footing well enough at one point, to land a sturdy sharp kick to his calf. Cliff buckled and released his grip on Patty’s arm.

Steel-toed hiking boots and years of gymnastics training put much more behind Patty’s kick than just her anger and frustration. She didn’t waste any time. In that split second of opportunity, she managed to put a good 50 meters between them before Cliff recovered enough to give chase.

Patty’s steel toe caught the full belly of his calf muscle smack dab on center. The trauma caused it to seize into a cramp like no Charlie-horse Cliff had ever felt before. Thankfully, his reflex to catch and pull his toe up broke the spasm almost immediately. The pain built steadily and rapidly into an incredible peak. It seemed to last an eternity, but it was only a matter of seconds.

When the pain passed, Cliff quickly gave chase. Patty’s 50-meter lead lasted only a minute or so, and then it quickly dwindled.

“You won’t sit for a month you little shit!” Cliff seethed as he caught her by her shirt.

“Hey!” Patty squealed in surprise. She wasn’t even aware he had started to give chase yet, and now he had her again.

Cliff pulled her short, causing her to loose her balance, and jack knife at the waist before she fell backward into him. With her weight completely in his arms, Cliff had no trouble lifting her like a sack of flour against his left hip. He was surprised by how light she was, and how secure his hold on her was even though she kicked wildly.

It was an easy matter to unbutton and pull down her shorts.

“You sorry son of a bitch, mother fu………” Patty screamed as he bared her backside. “AAAAAAIIIIYYYYY!!” her words were cut off by his first flaming smack.

“You sure don’t do things by half measures do you?” Cliff smacked her hard several times. “Keep up your cursing and we’ll cut you a switch to add on to what you have coming.”

With that said, Cliff set to work lighting fire on her butt. Patty yelped and complained bitterly. In the position she was in, she felt helpless and off balance. Her kicking seemed to make that feeling worse, but she couldn’t help herself. Cliff on the other hand, was able to move easily to offset the effects of her kicks. It was surprisingly easy to maintain balance, and each movement he made seemed to add leverage to his spanking arm.

Cliff spanked hard, the smacks more solid as his muscles worked to maintain balance.

After several minutes and probably hundreds of spanks, Patty began to feel panic. This spanking was hurting much too much. She had to make it stop.

“PLEASE!!!!! Stop! Please!!!!” she cried out.

“I’ll stop when I’m good and ready to stop! You just get your thoughts assembled about what’s got you so riled up today. This isn’t going to be over until I find out why. AND* I’M* NOT* ASKING* YOU* TO* TELL* ME* UNTIL* YOU* ARE* PROPERLY* WARMED* UP*!!!! Cliff punctuated each word of his last sentence with harder spanks, all targeted to the tender junction of her butt and upper thighs. Seven smacks to each side.

This targeted attack caused Patty’s panic to escalate, and her kicks and struggles became frantic. “Settle down!” Cliff spanked even harder.

“I can’t! You’re hurting me too much! Please! Stop!” Patty wailed.

Cliff chuckled, but he ignored her pleas.

That response was all Patty needed to collect her resolve, and focus her desperation to escape into a more purposeful direction. AS Cliff whaled away at her bare bottom, she grabbed hold of his jeans with both hands, and pulled her face to the junction of his butt and thigh. Letting a last yelp out in a squeal, Patty closed her teeth onto his flesh with all of the strength she could muster.

Cliff’s reaction was immediate. His howl was an animalistic blend of agonized scream and growl. He buckled, and dropped to his left knee. As he did, he set Patty down onto her hands and knees beside him. He did not release his hold on her, but he did redirect his spanking hand from her bottom to her long strawberry blond hair.

As he pulled her head back, her vice like bite tightened. Cliff’s howl became strangled.

“You little monster!” he managed to say, as he wrapped her hair around his hand, and pulled her head back as hard as he could. Patty had no choice but to let go of her bite. “Now you’ve really done it young lady! Your butt is going to pay for every millimeter off skin you just took out of my hide!”

As he said this, Cliff released the buckle on his belt, and pulled it from its loops. He settled down on the ground, and pulled Patty over his lap. He winced briefly as his butt settled on the pebbly ground. There was no question, he thought, that she’d managed to break the skin, and he would feel it for a few days.

“No!!! AAAAAAoooooooowwwwww!” Patty screamed as Cliff’s belt lashed her already burning butt.

“Oh Shit! No! Stop!” she wailed. ‘This was just too awful,’ she thought. ‘I can’t take this!’

“Sorry now aren’t you! This is just as well anyway. My hand was getting worn out, and your butt is no where near properly punished.” Cliff stated. His tone was maddeningly matter of fact. He spoke as if he were explaining his rationale for choosing to wear a green versus a white shirt.

Patty’s first whipping with the belt was one she knew she would never want repeated. Cliff made sure she was properly introduced. When he finally stopped spanking her, they were both dusty, and Patty’s face was smudged and dirty. Her tears had created a small mud puddle below her face. Her fingernails were black with dirt and grass solidly embedded under them because of her attempts to pull herself free of Cliff’s hold, and the spanking.

When he lifted her up to sit on his lap Cliff couldn’t help but smile at the child like image of the well-punished dirty face in front of him. He chuckled again as he pulled her torso against his chest, and wrapped her up in his arms. He let her cry it out for a few minutes, before he asked her to tell him why she’d gotten into such a foul mood all day.

Patty answered him, and he realized just how attached not only he, but also she was becoming to the other.

“All this because you’re starting to miss me before you’re even gone?” Cliff crooned. “Why didn’t you just say that right up front?”

“I don’t know,” Patty answered honestly.

“Try next time OK? None of this would have happened if you’d been up front in the first place.” Cliff suggested, as he rocked her gently. His hand found her chin, and he used his crooked fingers to tip her chin up so she would look at him. Her dirty chastened face, was so appealing, he felt like his feelings would choke him. He kissed her. The impulse was as much to prevent him from being overwhelmed by what he felt for her, as it was to satisfy his need for it.

Patty didn’t resist the kiss. She saw something in his eyes in the second before he kissed her, and she knew her worries about being separated from him even for just a few weeks were groundless. She shifted on his lap, as their kiss became deeper. The heat she felt on her backside was matched now by an ache deeper between her legs. As she shifted, she felt the warm silky wetness of her arousal. Under her left leg, she also felt the stirring of his.

Cliff was first to pull away. Things were threatening to get away from him shortly if he hadn’t.

“You go back and finish the fuel assays, then come on down for a swim. Hurry up, before it gets too dark,” he instructed.

Patty did as he instructed. As she worked, her mind wandered over her feelings. They were very intense, and very complex; love, infatuation, anger, embarrassment, and fatigue. Underneath it all was a growing sense of comfort.

The samples she’d run earlier showed moderate danger, but the specimens Cliff collected from the north east section were so far all showing that the fuel status was serious. A lightning strike in that area was virtually guaranteed to start a fire, and the brush was so thick, it would take hold and spread easily. The calculations indicated that a fire would reach critical mass within forty minutes if the current wind and humidity held. That meant it would be out of control before a crew of firefighters could even be mustered.

Patty took the news to Cliff down at the lake. He accepted it, and began to make plans, as Patty slipped out of her shorts and blouse and took a quick dip in the cool mountain water.

Patty let herself relax briefly as she stretched her small frame into long leisurely strokes. The water smelled like ginger ale, and felt like silk against her skin. It also soothed the sting she was still feeling on her butt.

Cliff let her have a few minutes, and then called her to come on back to the tower. With a little difficulty, she got her shorts back up over her wet underwear and slipped her blouse on over her wet torso.

When the reports were sent to the central station, it was evident that theirs was not the only station showing the fire danger approaching critical. The task now was to put the work of the watch teams to its main purpose. Prevention.

“Patty honey, it looks like your vacation has been cut short.” Cliff said as he turned to fill her in on what would follow over the next few weeks.

Several firefighting crews would be dispatched to help with clearing the fuel. Controlled burns would be needed in some areas. Paul would be called back, and the towers would become base camps for an abatement effort.

“Will you go back to the central station then?” Patty asked.

“For a few days maybe, but the team leaders will be needed out here in the field when the crews get set up. Guess you were worried about missing me, and got yourself spanked but good all for nothing,” Cliff crooked a wicked smile at her.

Patty punched his arm with a good natured blow. As she did, Cliff caught her arm, and pulled her to him. They kissed again, and this time neither pulled away.

“Make love to me. Please,” Patty spoke softly, as her hands explored his body. She looked up into his eyes. Her expression was worried, and her movements were tentative.

“Are you sure?” Cliff asked her, his hands moved up to gently cradle her face.

Patty smiled shyly, and nodded her head. They kissed again, and now their hands explored with purpose. Cliff undressed her slowly, and then Patty undressed him. He was beautiful to look at, naked and aroused in the steeply angled sunbeams of late afternoon. Her soft fingers caressed him, and gently touched his arousal.

Cliff shuddered with the torment of her tentative soft touch. His hand pulled hers to him, and closed her fingers around him. He guided her strokes, while his other hand and his mouth found her breasts. It was Patty’s turn to shudder. Her nipples prickled with the stimulation, and she felt as though they pulled on a chord deep within her groin.

“Ohhhhh,,, I can’t stand it!” Patty whispered.

“Sure you can.” Cliff spoke softly. He stopped though, and lifted her into his arms. He carried her over to her bunk, and stretched out with her there. First his hands, and then his mouth explored her body. Patty reveled in the sensations. When he found her groin, her legs opened instinctively to give him access.

His fingers played gently with her. He collected and then spread her wetness over her lips, and then over the hot swollen bud. The sensations were electric and she felt her arousal built to an intensity she’d never managed on her own. When his mouth and tongue repeated the actions of his fingers, Patty began to tremble. Her hips undulated involuntarily and a soft moan escaped her.

Cliff worked her, alternately nibbling her labia and bud, and then stroking with his tongue. Patty knew her crisis was too close. She wanted him inside her when it came.

“Please! I want you inside me! Please!” She gasped.

Cliff smiled, and moved up. His mouth captured hers, and he shared her taste with her. Patty was surprised by the sweetness of it. That awareness was brief though as he planted himself between her legs, and pressed himself against her opening. His entry was made easy by the slick silky lubricant her body made for him. But, his way was not completely clear though.

Patty gasped as she felt the sharp tearing as her virginity gave way to him. Cliff was fully seated inside her before he realized what had just happened.

“You are a virgin!” It was his turn to gasp.

“Please don’t stop,” Patty answered him. “I love you! Please? I want this.”

“I love you too.” Cliff answered, and he began to gently pump within her. “Does it hurt?” he asked.

“No, it’s wonderful,” Patty whispered as her hips matched his movements. “Please do it harder.”

He did as she asked, and was rewarded in only a few strokes by the rhythmic milking spasms of her orgasm. He was far from spent though. His strokes continued for many more minutes. Patty matched him, and after her first climax eased, she felt herself building again to another. When it came, it was accompanied by a soft cry. This time the spasms were even more intense. Cliff felt them, and pumped harder.

He wasn’t ready to let go yet, and his arousal was building almost painfully. He trembled with the effort, and pumped harder. Patty’s arousal began to peak again. It was so intense this time that she began to moan softly with each stroke of him within her.

When she climaxed again, she cried out, “Oh Please!” Cliff could not control his arousal further. As soon as her muscles spasmed around him again, his release came. It was explosive. His thrusts slowed, but pushed harder into her as their orgasms spent together.

“Will it always be like that?” Patty asked after she had a chance to recover.

“Sure hope so baby.” Cliff answered. They nuzzled together for a while. Eventually though, hunger and their jobs pulled them out of bed.

They enjoyed a quiet supper watching the sunset together. It had been an amazing day. Full of extremes.

The night was full also. Neither seemed to be able to get enough of the other, and sleep was unnecessary, as each coupling seemed to renew and energize them. Now Patty had something else to worry about.

When the fire crews arrived, and Paul came back they would have no privacy to enjoy this new part of their relationship.

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