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Creative writing around the themes of spanking, domination and submission

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Eamon and Sheila
   coming soon

Spankings and Yearnings
  -It Started at Walmart

  -Past Lives

  -The Short cut

  -The Punishment
  -Virtual Discipline 


   -Pirate's Bride
Not what she planned

   -Scottish Holiday

A Storm Weathered    

Domination & Submission
   coming soon   
      The Spitfire

      Marital Intimacy 

No Going Back 

The First Spanking

Lindy's Choice

    - Hanging Offense

I've added a few more of my favorite fiction stories & redone the navigation just a bit....   This build your own stuff on line type interface will keep needing tweeking as I realize new sub trees are necessary.  I'll try vey hard to keep more than one access ports to any and all stories be it a navigation bar or programed link like those below

Holy mackeral ... more than 27,000 requests have been made for the stories these last two weeks, and more than 9000 unique visitors have visited this week.  How cool!  Hope you're enjoying.  

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Short Stories

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1st Chapters that have potential

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