Satin and Leather

Creative writing around the themes of spanking, domination and submission

Started at Wallmat

It Started at the Walmart

copyright 2003, by patty

“Man O Man!” Kira sighed. She just couldn’t get her mind off the events of the day. They pushed every hot button she had.


At first the sounds of voices in the next isle didn’t register as particularly out of the ordinary. A couple seemed to be having a small tiff. There was a strain between the voices though, and Kira quickly picked out that the man was more than annoyed.

“You’d better watch your step little girl,” a male voice warned. “You’re this close to getting your ass whipped.”

Kira stopped dead in her tracks when those words were uttered. The pulse of arousal that surged through her was almost paralyzing.

“Oh go to hell!” came the answer from the female voice on the other side of the shelves.

There was no other sound for a moment, and then came shuffling and a whimper. “Let’s go, you asked for it,” the male voice said.

“No! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Give me another change ok? Please?” came a subdued complaint, and then the sound of footsteps. The couple came out of the isle and crossed the end of the one Kira occupied. The female’s arm was locked in the vice grip of her partner’s hand. “A woman almost my own age!” she thought as she watched the other woman being led out of the store by a very determined man.

She couldn’t help it. Keeping a respectful distance between her self and the couple, Kira followed them. They left the front of the store, crossed the parking lot to its farthest edge, and moved behind an SUV. Kira could hear the plaintive sounds of the female voice objecting to whatever was happening, and then she heard the unmistakable sound of a hand smacking bare flesh.

“No way!” she thought, and then she found herself moving quickly so she could see without being seen. It was for real! “A real live man was spanking a real live adult woman right there in the Walmart parking lot! Bare assed and everything!” There they were crouched down on the asphalt. The girl was bent over the man’s flexed up left leg with her jeans and panties puddled down around her knees. The man was spanking for all he was worth.

Dumbfounded and aroused beyond sense, the lady watched the whole scene play out. Amazingly no one else seemed to notice, and the couple was able to take care of business completely undisturbed. The spanking was quite long and looked to be damned hard too. Kira wondered how the other woman could take it with hardly more than what sounded like gasps and whimpers.

When it ended, Kira watched as the man helped his partner stand and pull up her pants. He hugged her tightly and said some things that couldn’t be heard. His partner eventually broke the embrace, and reached up to kiss her spanker. They both hugged again, and then as if nothing at all had happened, they went back inside the store.

Kira gave up on her own shopping plans. An intense throb had developed between her legs, and she felt weak at the knees. She found her car, and sat inside it behind the wheel for several minutes collecting her thoughts. Almost every fantasy she’d ever had in her life had just played out in front of her, with one major exception. It was not her bare bottom on the receiving end of that spanking, and it was not her partner annoyed and stern administering that spanking.

Her mind reeled. “If only! Why couldn’t it be me?”

Starting up her car, she negotiated her way out of the parking lot and out along the frontage road to the exit ramp. Kira had a forty-minute drive to manage before she would be able to get home and relieve the tension between her legs.

The distraction of the images that kept replaying in her mind became unsafe, when she realized that her speedometer had crept up to 80 twice in only few miles. “I need to get off before I hurt myself,” she thought, giggling to herself with the dual meaning of her thought. “Get off I will.”

The roadside stop ahead was perfect. There were several wooded pullouts with picnic tables, where she could find some privacy and relief. Her car kicked up some gravel as she barely made the turnout, then made her way past some pylons and construction barriers to the picnic spot furthest back from the road.

Once stopped, she leaned back and sighed. Sliding her seat back from the steering column and reclining the back to a comfortable position she shifted her bottom forward lifting her pelvis as she released the zipper and snaps of her jeans. In her mind, she was pulling her pants down under the stern lecturing admonitions of her husband. As her hand slid down into the throbbing cleft between her thighs, her day-dream jeans and panties were down and she was laying down across his knees. The first spank impacted her daydream bottom with a thud that shook her car.

She let out a squeak and sat bolt upright, when the thud became a tap against the window glass. A police officer loomed huge and menacing next to her car.

“Yes Officer?” even though her heart literally wanted to leap out of her chest, she turned a sweet smile up as her window powered down. The glare she got in return instantly reversed her smile.

“You’re parked in an illegal zone Miss, you peeled rubber getting in here off the highway, and I clocked you at 84 miles an hour at the mile 10 marker.” The announcement was stern and coldly authoritative.

“As far as I know peeling rubber’s not illegal, I don’t see any signs here saying no parking, and I was not going 84!” If coy and sweet wasn’t going to work, then cocky it would be.

“I’ll be the judge of what’s legal and what isn’t,” the officer bristled with Kira’s defiance.

“So write me a ticket and get on with it. I have things to do,” she pushed the saucy line further.

“Step out of the car please ma’am,” the officer stepped back to permit her to open the door.

“What for?” the officer’s manner made her nervous, but not half as nervous as the prospect of getting out of her car with her jeans in the state they were in at that moment.

“Step out of the car ma’am,” the officer did not answer her question.

“Damn it all! You need a reason for this kind of harassment!” she objected.

“I could cite you for refusing to comply with the lawful instructions of a peace officer on top of everything else ma’am?” the officer warned.

“Just let me finish fixing my pants! I was fixing my zipper. It’s chaffing me!” she tried to make some excuse that might be believed.

“Keep your hands up where I can see them, leave your pants the way they are. Step out of the car!”

“I just want to fix my zipper!”

“Out of the car now ma’am, or I will cite you!” The officer restated in a tone of voice that made Kira’s stomach lurch.

“But my pants?” she objected again.

“Out of the car ma’am.”

“This is just not fair! I’m going to report you for this! You have no right!” she tried the bully tack.

“My Badge number will be on your citation ma’am, be sure and spell my name right in your complaint. Out of the car now. I will not tell you again.” The officer’s tone took on the same smirk as his expression did.

Kira stamped her feet hard on the floorboard of her car, but did shift and get out of the car as she was instructed. When she stood, her hands fell to cover her open fly.

“May I fix my pants now?” Irritation and disdain seethed from her.

“Hands up on the back of your head ma’am. Turn around and face your car.” The officer ignored the question and issued a directive.

“God Damn you!” Kira refused to comply, and out of anger moved her hands to her zipper and started to pull it up. The officer responded quickly, catching her by the upper arm and turning her bodily to face the car. He had her left arm twisted up followed by her right so her hands were planted firmly at the back of her head within a matter of seconds. “What the…. Hey! What the hell are you doing?”

“Stand still!” the command was gruff, and communicated clearly that failure to comply would be met with force. The tightening of his grip on her arm reinforced the message.

Ow! You’re hurting me!” she complained.

“That is entirely within your control ma’am. Do as you’re told and pain will not be necessary.”

“You’re an arrogant son of a …. Aren’t you?” she huffed, twisting and pulling her arm from his grip, but maintaining the stance he’d proscribed for her.

The officer didn’t answer. Instead, he patted her down as if in a search for weapons or other contraband. His actions made her blood boil with anger.

“I am not some common criminal to be treated like this!” she hissed.

“No ma’am,” came the curt matter of fact answer. “You can put your hands down at your sides now ma’am. Leave your pants alone.”


“Because I said so, now be quiet.”

“You mother fu….” she was interrupted by his firm hand on her shoulder.

“I wouldn’t finish that thought if I were you. Foul language along with indecent exposure in a public place would compound the charges. Doubt you want a lewd and lascivious conduct or public indecency charge on your record,” he warned.

“What the hell are you talking about?” her jaw dropped.

“Ma’am, I don’t think you need me to draw you a diagram about just what it is you were really doing with your pants undone now do you?” There was an edge of humor in his tone of voice, but instead of being funny, it compounded the humiliation and seething anger she felt.

“You bastard!” she almost screamed the response.

“Ma’am you were warned once. You’ve given me no choice now but to arrest you and bring you down to the station.”

“No way! You can’t do that!”

“I can and I will.
Put your hands behind your back.” He tugged his cuffs from their wallet on his belt.

Kira couldn’t believe what was happening. She only wanted to relieve some tension so she’d be safe to drive home, and here she was under arrest for indecency and who knows what else! “Please! You can’t! I’ll do anything! Just give me the maximum ticket for speeding or whatever! You can’t arrest me! My husband will never understand!”

“Should have thought of that in the first place don’t you think?” the officer’s voice betrayed the smile she couldn’t see.

“How could I have known this would happen?!”

“Ma’am, controlling your speed on the highway is completely within your control. Most folks wait to get home to take care of private things. As for controlling your language and obeying me, ma’am, you were warned.” She could tell he was enjoying her discomfort.

“Please! You can’t tell me you really think I was being indecent! I was off the road, no one was here! No one would have seen!” Desperation was beginning to settle in. Public indecency! Her husband would just never understand!

“I saw you,” the officer pointed out. She turned to look at him. Her near panic showed on her face.

“Please! I’ll do anything!” she begged. “My husband can’t find out!”

“Ma’am, with all due respect, he should find out, and he should deal with you properly. If you were my wife, you’d have your pants around your ankles and your bare fanny glowing red from the spanking of your life!” The officer’s expression didn’t break or even flicker.

Kira couldn’t believe it. Twice in one day the subject of spanking came up in very real contexts. This time it actually involved her needing one. “If only this buffoon know just how badly she did need a spanking!” she thought, and then it came to her.

“Maybe that’s what I need.” she said as she swallowed and closed her eyes.

“Yes ma’am you do,” he agreed.

“If I take a spanking from you for the rude behavior and the other stuff would you just ticket me for speeding and let it go at that?” she whispered. Hoping against hope that he might agree, and terrified that he might.

“Ma’am?” the officer wasn’t sure he’d heard her correctly.

“Sir? This is hard enough for me. I think you heard me. Please?” Her voice cracked with nervousness.

“You want me to spank you, instead of taking you in?” he confirmed.

“Yes,” her voice was a whisper.

“This is not the way things are done ma’am,” he explained.

“Is there a rule that says you can’t? Can’t you use discretion? I think you had lots to begin with when you decided to make this so serious!” Her attempt to rationalize, were impaired by the intense anxiety she felt.

“You’re the one whose choices made things serious ma’am,” he corrected.

“OK! OK! It’s my fault! You said I should be spanked. My husband would never do that. If you do it, you get the satisfaction of knowing it happened, and I get what you think I deserve. Isn’t that better than putting me in jail or charging me for something that is pretty much between the two of us in the first place?” she felt a sinking feeling that it wouldn’t matter what she said. This man was a hard nose who wasn’t going to do anything but what he wanted to do.

“Alright.” The officer surprised her with the matter of fact agreement he’d just issued.

“Alright?” she clarified.

“Alright, I’ll spank you. But I warn you. You will not like it. It’s what you deserve, and that is going to be a mighty sound spanking.”

She couldn’t believe it. First she saw a real life spanking, and now, because of the effect that had on her libido and everything that followed, she was going to get a spanking. “You’re serious? You will do that instead of arrest me?”

“On one condition,” the officer held up his hand.

“Condition?” she felt the sinking sensation return.

“You tell your husband what you did, and you tell him how you got out of it.”

“But I can’t! He won’t understand,” she objected.

“Then I’ll take you downtown and you can tell him when he bails you out of jail.”

“No! OK! OK! I promise I’ll tell him,” she dropped her eyes, and wrung her hands. “He’ll never understand, but I’ll tell him.”

She didn’t cross her fingers, but she reasoned privately that this man would never know whether she did or didn’t tell anyway. So she’d get a real spanking, and she’d get off with only a speeding ticket and still avoid all the unpleasantness of dealing with a frustrated husband.

The officer waited for her to look back up at him. When she did, he nodded, and pointed over to the picnic table. “Go stand over there. I’ll be right back.” With that he spun toward his cruiser and moved to the trunk.

He came back to her with a flat plastic and cardboard wrapped package in his hands, and he was peeling away the wrap. Stopping at the large trashcan, he discarded the packaging, and pulled something away from the surface of the object and pocketed it. When he walked toward her, Kira saw he had one of the sturdy Cracker Barrel stores Classic Paddle ball game paddles in his hand. The ball and rubber band were what he’d tucked away in his pocket.

When he returned to her side, and took up a position seated on the picnic table bench, Kira couldn’t help asking, “You carry paddles in your trunk?”

He nodded. “Bought this last week after a discussion with my wife. Seems you’ll be the one to break it in instead of her.”

“Oh,” she blushed.

“This is how it’ll be. No arguments or the deal is off. You get 50 for speeding. Another 50 for the reckless exit from the freeway and parking in a restricted area, and 100 for your foul mouth and the indecent activity,” he laid out the plan.

“200? That’s a lot!” she whispered, suddenly not sure she’d made a good bargain.

“No argument,” he warned.

“No, no argument. I’m just a little scared is all,” she answered, looking down at his lap feeling nervous and insecure.

“You should be feeling sorry, is what you should be. Down you go. Assume the position,” he tapped his lap with the paddle.

Kira blushed and looked around nervously. There wasn’t another soul anywhere to be seen. With that small assurance, she eased herself down across the officer’s lap. “Oh, this is a very awkward position,” she thought. The officer made it even more awkward by shifting her weight forward so that her bottom was higher over his lap and her face lower and closer to the ground.

“You ready?” he asked.

“I guess so?” she answered, as a surge of sexy energy pulsed through her. She was really going to get a spanking! And then he brought that reality home for her hard.

“Oh God!” she screamed, after the first five spanks blistered her jeans. “Oh! That hurts!”

“Yes ma’am, it’s supposed to hurt.
I expect it’ll hurt a whole lot more here shortly too.” The officer seemed to almost be chuckling, but the spanking he was administering was not funny.

All the sexy thoughts she’d ever had about getting punished by a strong determined man were suddenly lost to her. This just plain hurt, and it wasn’t even a little bit sexy! “Oh please stop!” she cried after the first 25 spanks found their mark.

He didn’t seem to hear, or if he did, he didn’t seem to get it that she’d had enough. To protect herself from any more spanks, she struggled and managed to get her hands up to cover her bottom.

“Move your hands ma’am,” he stopped and waited for her to comply.

“No! I can’t. You’re killing me!” she whimpered.

“You’d rather jail then ma’am?” he asked.

Noooooooooooooo!” she wailed. “But I can’t take it! This is enough! I promise! I’ve learned my lesson!”

“Move your hands ma’am. We finish what we started, or we stop and I take you in. The choice is yours.”

“Oh please, oh please!” she whimpered taking her hands out of the way. “Finish. We’ll finish.”

“Keep your hands out of the way. I don’t want to have to tell you again. Understood?”

“Yes,” she sobbed, and the spanking continued.

The officer was determined, and the first 50 left Kira’s bottom throbbing. When that part was done, he told her to stand up. She did so willingly and gratefully. Her hands immediately went to her sore cheeks and kneaded through the fabric.

“Jeans down to your knees now ma’am. Leave your panties up. Then back down you come.” The directive was curt and simple.

“No! You can’t!” she objected, her jaw dropping in disbelief.

“You prefer jail?” he warned.

“No! But! Oh please! Oh please!” her hands were obeying his directive even as she complained against it.

With the protection of her jeans gone, she didn’t even want to contemplate what the rest of the spanking would be like. How had that woman at Walmart been so stoic? She wondered. The next searing impact of the paddle confirmed the worst of her fears. It was worse than fire. “Just let me survive this!” she begged the powers around her. “I’ll never wish for a spanking again!”

After the next 10, she couldn’t help herself. Struggling was all her mind could manage. Getting away from the horrible burning pain of the spanking was the only objective she had. Inevitably after only a few more licks, her hands were back covering her bottom.

“Move your hands ma’am,” the officer demanded. The warning tone of his voice was unmistakable.

“Oh please I can’t! I can’t!” she pleaded.

“Move them now! Put them back and we start over,” his warning was clear, firm and non-negotiable.

“Oh no please! No!” her hands came away and forward. To keep them out of the way she clutched onto the seat of the picnic table and clenched her teeth, fighting her sobs and the urge to scream every curse she’d ever heard or known in her life.

The officer delivered the last of the next 50 harder and faster than all he’d given so far, and the instructed her to stand again.

“Halfway through,” he announced as if he were stating the time of day.

“Oh please I’ve learned my lesson I promise!” she complained.

“Rub your backside and be quiet,” he instructed.

She willingly did as he told her. How could she not? Her bottom stung so badly she felt like her skin might be broken.

After several minutes, he interrupted.

“Panties to your knees and back down you go,” he instructed.

“What!” her jaw dropped again. “No effing way!”

“Shame to get half way though and then end up in jail after all, don’t you think?” his smile was inscrutable.

“But! It’s not decent!” she complained.

“Is that right?” he nodded toward her car reminding her with his gesture just what she was doing when he happened by.

“Oh god!” she blushed again, and felt panic seize her. “I won’t be able to take it bare! I know I won’t!”

“You can and you will,” he affirmed.

Kira pushed her panties down to the hobble that was her jeans, and quickly placed herself back down across the man’s lap.

“Aren’t you a bad girl now? Getting a bare bottom spanking at your age?” he admonished.

Kira cringed. This was not the way her fantasies went at all! All she could do was close her eyes on the reality that her scalded and throbbing bare bottom was being cooled by the cold breeze of an early November afternoon as it quivered up over the lap of a hard as nails stranger. The scene looked exactly like a fantasy, but the reality was so far from it that there was just no connecting the two.

The first flaming impact of the paddle to bare flesh erased everything she thought she knew about pain. With it came a plaintive wail and a furious struggle for her life. The struggle ended with her legs trapped between his and her hands pinned up on her back. The remainder of the spanking seemed to go on and on and on and on. She knew she was going to die before he ever finished. And then she knew she would never be so lucky.

It did end though. The officer stood her up, and helped her right her pants.

“There now. All that’s left is for you to live up to your end of the bargain and tell your husband,” he spoke while she recovered. “You keep your lead foot light on the drive home, and don’t let me ever catch you speeding through this way again.”

Kira only sobbed and nodded. “Thank you officer, I won’t.”

She winced as she got into her car. She was bewildered and completely exhausted. Sitting didn’t hurt nearly as much as she thought it would in her daydreams. It burned a little, but really, it was more a reassuring puffy kind of hot feeling than pain.

“So that’s a real spanking?” she told the rear view mirror as she watched the officer pull his cruiser out onto the highway. He’d left here there alone.

She took several minutes to compose herself, and finally managed to organize her thoughts enough to start the car and construct a plan to get home.

Sneaky minds being what they are, by the time she pulled up into her garage, the spanking experiences she’d had that day had both combined to make her more sexually aroused than she had been when she pulled off the road.

“Thank goodness he’s home!” she grinned to herself, stroking her hand over the cool surface of her husband’s car as she moved toward the house.

She had her blouse undone and her bra unsnapped before she even found him in the family room. He was surprised by her aggressive embrace, but instantly receptive to what she wanted.

“I need you, come to bed,” she demanded, biting his lower lip and pulling him along with it.

“What’s this about?” he asked, smiling wickedly with her.

“Can’t a gal want her husband?” she purred.

“Everyday and twice on Sunday,” her husband smiled and spanked her bottom as she ran away ahead of him to the bedroom. He didn’t see her wince, nor could he tell that the impact on her already tenderized backside had nearly pushed her over the edge to climax.

Kira stripped her willing husband, and he did her. A few minutes of kissing and fondling raised him to a state to match her arousal, and when that was accomplished, Kiralay back on the mattress and spread her legs for her husband.

“Please take me! I need you!” she whimpered.

He plunged into her, responding to the animal lust she exuded. Her nails clutched and raked his back, and her legs wrapped around him pulling him into her harder with every thrust of his pelvis.

Her orgasm exploded within minutes, and was quickly followed by another. Her husband marveled in her need, and increased his tempo to catch up to her. As she climbed again to the heights of arousal, she began to gasp. Her mind lost in the fantasy that was what her mind had made of the day. She chanted with every stroke of him into her.

“Spank me!”

“Spank me!”

“Spank me!”

His thrusts became brutal with her chants, and when she exploded again, so did he.

Completely spent, he rolled off of his wife, and laid back to examine her. Her skin glistened with the total body dew of sex, and her chest heaved with the exertion. The smile on her face was serene and infused with what could only be described as bliss.

“What was that all about?” he asked her as she began to recover.

“I love you,” she answered, as if that was all the explanation necessary.

“I love you too, but that’s not what I mean. Do you know what you said in the middle of that?” he marveled.

“No? What?” she answered honestly.

“Spank me. Spank me. Spank me?” he answered.

“Really?” she blushed. “Did I? I don’t know why?” she lied.

“Are you serious? You don’t know what you were thinking?” he half believed her.

“Seriously, no I don’t have a clue.” The next lie was easier.

“Well what ever it is it’s ok with me if you want to do it again,” he smiled and rolled onto his back. “Maybe in a few hours though.”

They both laughed, and then the phone rang.

Kira rolled toward the phone and picked it up to answer it. She’d forgotten that her paddled bottom was uncovered. But the voice on the other end of the call reminded her instantly. It was too late. Her husband’s hand had cupped her flaming bottom and was tracing the welts left by the paddle edges, just as the officer was asking if she’d told him about her crimes.

“Yes I told him,” she lied again.

“May I speak to him to confirm that please?” the officer’s clipped tone sent a surge of fear through her.

“No! He’s not here right now!” she lied again, only this time her husband caught on.

“Who’s that?” he demanded to know. “Is it for me?”

“Lying is a spankable offense young lady,” the officer announced. “Let me speak to your husband.

Kira moaned, and rolled back to pass the phone to her now annoyed looking husband. He took it, and covered the mouthpiece with his hand before acknowledging the caller. “We’re going to talk about that in a minute!” he pointed to her now safely covered backside.

Kira moaned. She knew for a fact they’d be talking about that. It was down right possible that officer nasty paddle just might be showing up for another go round too, she thought ruefully. She closed her eyes and half listened to the conversation her husband was having with the man who’d spanked her that afternoon. “What a day!”

In about four minutes her husband leaned over her to hang up the phone.

“You have something to tell me?” he sat back his expression telling her nothing about what he was thinking.

“I guess? What did he tell you?” she wasn’t going to commit to more than she had to.

“Just that you would explain why your backside was as red as a red delicious apple. Not much else,” he answered, one eyebrow raising in and expectant pose just above a frown.

“He made it that color that’s why. With a paddle too,” she pouted, hoping that would be enough.

“Why on earth would a police officer do that to you?”

“Because? I don’t know? He did it instead of giving me a ticket is all,” she shrugged. The skeptical look on her husband’s face suddenly made her nervous.

“He spanked you instead of giving you a ticket? What kind of a ticket did you have coming that made that a reasonable exchange?” he knew more than he was letting on, she just knew it.

“I didn’t get a ticket, it’s taken care of, there’s nothing to tell,” she winced and shrugged under his gaze.

“Not going to fly honey. Just what did you do? Tell me, or maybe I’ll spank it out of you.” The statement was a warning.

“Aw! I don’t want to tell you!” she waffled.

“Out with it or else!”

“Tony!!!!!!!!” the objection was a petulant whine.



“One!” his eyebrow dropped.

She cringed and closed her eyes.

“Two,” she opened her eyes to see his eyebrows pull together in the middle. She sighed and shook her head no.

“If I get to three you’ll be sorry!”

“No honey! It’s not important!”

Her husband’s frown darkened and he moved into action. In an instant Kira found herself across his thighs, and felt his open palm sting into her still burning bottom.

“Oh! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” she yelped as he peppered her flesh with rapid-fire spanks. “Stop! Stop! I’ll tell you!”

He stopped, but held her down across his lap. “Out with it.”

“Let me up,” she pushed to get up.

“Nope not till you spill the beans.”

“No Tony!” she complained. He answered with another stinging flurry of spanks.

“Man o Man! This is the weirdest day ever! He spanked me for speeding, and then I pulled off the road and raised some dust when I did, and I parked illegally according to him, and when he wouldn’t let me do up my jeans before getting out of the car I got mad and rude and so he spanked me instead of bringing me down to the station to charge me.” The confession left out a small detail, but covered most of the bases.

“What were you doing off the road in your car with your jeans undone?” he asked.

“Honey!” she complained. He spanked her again, and this time really drove home the point that she’d better be honest. She felt his erection grow into her side, and realized that she too was finding this whole bad girl interlude to be very stimulating even if they had just satisfied themselves fully.

Ow! OK! I was going to get off so I didn’t have an accident. I was horney OK?!”

“What?” Her husband was surprised, to say the least.

“I saw something earlier and it turned me on so much, I couldn’t control myself. I was so anxious to get home and do it, I found myself speeding and thought I better get off the road or I’ll get hurt. So I did! You can understand that can’t you?” she hoped that would be enough.

“What did you see that turned you on so much you couldn’t wait to get home?” he was curious and interested.

“Aw! I can’t tell you that! I just can’t!”

“OK then,” with that he resumed spanking, only this time harder than before. Kira found it both painful and spicy. Her inhibitions were dropping, and knowing that this was turning her husband on as much as it was her, helped to further loosen her hold on her secrets.

Ow!” she whined, bucking and wiggling her hips so her pubis ground down onto his thigh. “Honey?” she complained, and then she confessed. “I saw a woman get a real spanking in the Walmart parking lot today. I mean a real one, you know. Not a play one. She mouthed of to the guy she was with, he got mad, took her out and whacked the heck out of her!”

“And that made you hot?” he sounded more interested than surprised, and his hands kneaded her tingling bottom.

“Yeah, very hot,” she whispered.

“You like spanking?”

“Well?” she wasn’t sure she wanted to answer that question.

“You do don’t you? That’s why you were so wired when you got home. And when you were lost in the sex, you were having a fantasy about being spanked weren’t you?” He reinforced the questions with some more stinging spanks. She lifted to meet them, and moaned.

“Yes,” her answer was a husky whisper that would have sounded shy except it was infused with sexual need.

“Well, well, well, isn’t this interesting? I’ve got me a little vixen who needs a good spanking now and then do I?” her husband seemed to like that idea just fine, and he showed it by resuming the spanking he’d started.

The spanks he gave now stung too, but his hand did more than spank. He massaged and spanked and kneaded and spanked and spanked and rubbed, and then found her very hot wet center and teased it too.

Kira climaxed twice during her bad girl for lying to hubby spanking and then again during the second round of intercourse that followed her spanking.

Who knew when she decided at the last minute to pick up some things at Walmart that her day would end like this? She’d have to be spanked now for abandoning her errands too.

“Man o Man!” she exclaimed as she smiled and cuddled next to her well sated husband, kissing his sore spanking hand.


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