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Lindy's Choice

Lindy’s Choice

Part 1

copyright 2005, by patty

Lindy woke with a start. “It’s today!” She looked over at the clock a surge of panic shot daggers of pins and needles through her body. Fear that she had somehow overslept was short lived although powerful enough to make sure she didn’t even consider rolling over for another ten minutes of sleep.

The events of the last week raced through her mind. “Gawd” she thought, as her trembling hands lifted her coffee mug from under the trendy single cup dispenser on her counter. “It’s only been a week!”

In fact it was almost a full 7 days, and by the time she kept her 1st appointment today it would be exactly 7 days … seven fateful days.

She had almost two hours before she was due to report; more than enough if she didn’t dawdle in thought or let herself get distracted by something. Not that she could really, this first appointment and all the ones that would follow it had been the only thing on her mind all weekend; ever since the judge confirmed her agreement and his gavel hit the bench and made it his decree.

Six months supervised probation.

That is what she chose. Better than the alternative, two years in county jail, even if the conditions of her supervision were on the unorthodox side. She could keep her job at least, even if she did have to keep to a nightly curfew, and weekend activity restrictions. The part of the sentence she’d had to think most about was the part where she had to surrender her driver’s license and use public transportation for the duration. Her car was a point of pride for her; too much pride if she was honest with herself; pride that made her do irrational things.

The thought of her perfect silver blue beamer and her vain attachment to it, took her mind back to what started this whole mess. There she lingered reliving the whole horrible week.


“Asshole!” she growled remembering the fat pig of a commuter who’d side swiped her when she’d gunned it to get around him into the flow of freeway traffic from the on-ramp. If he hadn’t been so irate and tried to blame the whole thing on her, she would never have thrown the brick that hit him and broke his nose. She’d aimed for his car anyway, not him. “Christ he was an ass!” Lindy hissed. The way he’d blubbered and carried on when the cops got there, and then the officiously snotty way the cops treated her. The whole experience still made her boiling mad.

She lost the whole work day what with being arraigned on reckless endangerment and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon; one for her maneuver in traffic (how could they blame that on her) and the other for throwing the brick. The officers threatened to charge her with resisting arrest and failure to follow the lawful instructions of a peace officer too. The whole thing was just so over the top.

The first judge agreed to set bail, but she’d still had to sit in the filthy holding cell until her boss came down to post it for her. “Bless you Steven,” Lindy smiled quietly to herself, as she slipped on her favorite wool gabardine slacks. In her mind, her boss was a saint, even if he was a bit heavy on the paternal side. At least he listened to her side of the story. Not only did he listen to her woes, he’d promised to see what he could do to help her, and he came through. He pulled a few strings, made a few calls and managed to get a judge who was an old college friend to request her case on his docket.

The intervening days between her arrest and her appearance in court had been frustrating to say the least. Her car insurance fees tripled, the body shop could not match the paint, and insurance would not cover the refinish of anything but the side panel that was damaged. The combined cost was going to take all of her Mazatlan money. Unless she could sweet talk her father to supplement her trust again, she wasn’t going to be able to join her friends on what had become their annual party break this winter. Maybe Steve would see his way clear to giving her a bonus if she used the next six months to buckle down at work? She would have to tone down her attitude if she hoped to make that sales pitch. Not one to tolerate frustration well, Lindy had taken out most of it in verbal tirades at coworkers and physical demonstrations on a number of fragile inanimate objects. Steve had had little choice but to call her in and issue a warning.

By the time the bailiff called out “All rise,” she’d reached the end of her rope. The fat commuter went first, then the two police officers that’d responded to the scene. It was all Lindy could do to hold in the sarcastic retorts and snide remarks that simmered just behind her tongue. The whole thing was a farce. All she’d done was pull out to pass the idiot who was putzing up the on ramp at a ridiculously slow pace that was going to make her have to brake and end up late for work. If he hadn’t been such a putz there’d be no way she’d have even thought of picking up the brick. She lost herself in that line of thought during the second officer’s testimony, so it startled her when the judge slammed his gavel.

“Young lady!” his voice boomed into her awareness on the heels of the echoing crack of his gavel.

At least she’d been allowed to give a full accounting of her side of things without being interrupted, and she’d been able to answer some of the accusations made against her with a version that at least explained the actions that on their face sounded much more immature and shrewish than they really were. It felt good to finally be heard, and for a few moments at lest, Lindy felt hope that things weren’t going to go any further south for her than they already had. When she finished the judge leaned back in his chair and looked down at her with an inscrutable expression, for what felt like an hour.

When he finally spoke, that momentary hope that it was over wilted away immediately.

“Two years in jail, a $10,000 dollar fine and nine months of community service.”

Lindy burst into tears.

Steve stood up and asked permission to speak. The judge granted it. What followed still echoed in Lindy’s mind. Her boss, her victim and the judge talked about her as if she wasn’t there. Words like willful, saucy, incorrigible, in need of discipline, spoiled, hot tempered and many others were bandied about in a discussion that pretty much sounded like they were negotiating the punishment of a twelve year old who’d misbehaved on the school yard instead of a twenty four year old who’d broken a man’s nose on the freeway. By the time the discussion concluded the judge had an alternative to offer Lindy.

Bewildered, she listened.

“I’m prepared to offer you an alternative to jail young lady, but the conditions I’m going to offer you must be met without fail. Do you want to consider it?”

Lindy sniffled and nodded.

“A minimum of six months supervised probation during which time you will participate in a daily discipline program. If you are successful completing this program at the end of six months you will be released pending completion of your community service. If your probation officer and your employer deem you have not been successful, the program will continue until such time as they deem you fit for release up to but not exceeding the original two year term. You will report to the officer I assign to your case according to a schedule that your employer and the officer determine suites your needs and those of your employer. You are denied use of your car and will use only public transportation to and from work for the duration of your probation, you will engage in no social or recreational activities in the evening or on weekends, and you will obey a 9PM curfew. The fine and community service stand as ordered.”

“No jail?” Lindy was surprised by the smallness of the sound of her own voice. It was not at all like her to sound so meek.

“No jail,” the stern man nodded, and then he lifted his hand and pointed his index finger down at her. “Unless you violate the terms of your probation. Let me tell you this young lady. If you agree to this and then fail to keep your bargain you will be back before me so fast your head will spin. If that happens you will be one very sorry young woman. Make no mistake.”

Lindy cringed. No car? How would she manage? What if the buses didn’t go where she needed to go? What about groceries and shopping? Ten thousand dollars! Her father was going to hit the roof. Now she’d never get him to give her an advance on her trust for the year. He’d probably cut her off for next year too, and that would leave her with only the money she made at work. She could manage, but how would she have any fun? She needed a new wardrobe too. How would she pay for it now?

“But sir, if I just use my car for going to work?” she tried to bargain.

“No buts. No car.”

Lindy’s knees buckled under the dark weight of his scowl. She swallowed hard trying to maintain some dignity, but finally sighed with defeat. She positively hated the word no, worse than that she despised the sinking feeling that came with knowing that there was no point in trying to bargain. It was only the second time in her life she’d encountered it, and she didn’t want to think about that time. Finally, after worrying it over for several minutes, she let it go. Humiliation shivered through her on a wave of self-conscious goose flesh. A room full of men were watching her as she swallowed her pride and accepted what seemed like the lesser of two evils.

“OK, I’ll do the probation,” she whispered.

“Speak up!” came the judge’s booming command.

“I said I’d do the probation!” Defiance bubbled up, but Lindy recognized it was not going to fly and quickly added a salutary “Sir,” to her utterance.

“So ruled!” The impossibly loud sound of the gavel brought it home.

Papers were signed and then Lindy was processed to another holding cell. Four hours passed before a woman came to retrieve her.

“It’s about time!” Lindy hissed. “I wasn’t sentenced to jail you know.”

The woman took her to an interview room and indicated she would be allowed to go home as soon as she met with her case officer and made arrangements for follow-up. The door closed and Lindy was again left to wait.

“This is shit!” she pounded the desk with her fists and lifted her knees up to slam it from below.

Another fifty minutes passed. Lindy’s temper boiled.

“••••! I want to get out of here!” she finally couldn’t contain it. A second later and the door opened to admit a very tall and devastatingly good-looking man.


“Yes!” she hissed and stood up.

“Take a seat. I’m Brian, your probation and discipline officer.”

“That’s nice. But I don’t want to take a seat, I want out of here. This has been the second shittiest day of my life and I want it to be over.”

“Sit down please,” the man acknowledged her frustration with a nod, but gave it no weight on his agenda. “We have a disciplinary plan to lay out and some conditions to make clear. When we get that out of the way I understand that your boss will be by to pick you up and take you home.”

“Steve’s still here?”

“No. He said I was to call him when we’re through and he would collect you.”

“Oh,” Lindy dropped her eyes to her hands. At least Steven hadn’t wasted the whole day the way she had. A small waive of guilt passed through her mind. Her boss really was a great guy, and he doted on her. Why she’d never know except he had said she reminded him of the daughter he’d wished he had. They’d formed a bond from the very start, even if he did have a penchant for scolding and yelling at her now and then.

“Sit down Lindy,” the tall man’s tone of voice became firm.

Lindy responded by glaring at him. The daggers her eyes shot at him bounced off completely, if anything they tickled his funny none. His eyebrow raised and his head cocked as he waved his hand reinforcing his instruction for her to sit.

“Make it fast!” Lindy snapped and then slumped down in the still warm seat she’d occupied for almost an hour.

“By all means.”

With that Brian lifted his brief case, laid it carefully on the table, centered it methodically in front of him, opened it and took out a pressboard folder that already had Lindy’s full name, social security number, date of birth and what she assumed was a case number boldly labeled across it. There were several pages and forms organized between the tabs inside it. He lifted metal fasteners and lifted two pages out and turned them so Lindy could read them more easily.

“What’s that?” Lindy regarded a calendar that was already busily populated with shaded areas and marks. Every single day had at least one shaded area, most had more than one, and every Monday and Thursday had three.

“Your schedule for the coming month.”

“My schedule?”

“Yes, our schedule actually, since I will administer your discipline program, these are our appointments,” he pointed out all the blue shaded areas.

“Discipline program?” For the first time something registered for Lindy. The probation she agreed to was ‘supervised’ and included a ‘program’ she needed to adhere to. It seemed to her now that she hadn’t really listed very carefully to that part, nor had she asked any questions to really find out what it was going to be about. “OK, so? What is it we’re going to do in this program with all these appointments?”

“Well, for one thing, you’re going to get your backside blistered but good each and every time we meet, and we’re going to put together some expectations and goals that should help you avoid throwing bricks at strangers, and other wise creating problems for yourself and others.”

Lindy didn’t hear a word beyond the part about ‘blistered backside.’ Her eyes went wide and her chin dropped. She would have said or done something more demonstrative, but the gut punch the announcement dealt her paralyzed her. “Spanking!? He means spanking!” her mind whirled around the certain knowledge that she could not believe had eluded her until that moment. Panicked and still speechless she looked down at the calendar. “Every day!” Her mind raced, and deep inside, her groin began to pulse with the escalating beat of her heart. Her mouth went dry. “No way!” her mind screamed silently, but her face could only generate a confused expression.

Brian couldn’t help but smile. Judge Bradley had done this before, so he knew the woman in front of him was experiencing genuine surprise. “You have the option to decline the agreement Miss Goodison. Your original sentence still stands and won’t be extended.”

“But that’s jail! I can’t! I mean, … I just can’t!”

“Then let’s get some things straight and you won’t have to, alright?”

Lindy looked up into the man’s face. He wasn’t embarrassed or even the least bit phased by this. “You act like this is perfectly normal?” she gasped.

Brian only shrugged. It wasn’t an every day sentence, that was true, but for Judge Bradley it was a lot more commonplace and imminently successful than most of the other judicial alternative programs that had been conceived.

“But what you said … the part about spanking me? That’s just to get a rise out of me right?”

“No Lindy, I assure you that part is deadly serious. You will get spanked every day for at least the next six months. Every Monday and Thursday you will be spanked three times and every Saturday you will be spanked twice. It is completely up to you whether that schedule changes or not. You can earn more, and after thirty days, you can earn some reprieve depending on your behavior and how well you meet your goals.”

Lindy’s mouth gapped open again as her mind skittered over the impossible proposal that had just been presented to her. “But this can’t be legal?”

“It is quite legal. Judge Bradley is a stickler for keeping things above board. He’s researched the law very carefully. That’s one of the reasons that you will always keep the option to revert to your original sentence less time served. The option to go this route is completely yours. The original sentence is fair, actually much less than another judge might have imposed given the circumstances. The structure of the program gives it plenty of strength, and the number of successful cases gives it credence should you choose to bring a challenge. Take your pick Lindy. 6 months participating productively in your life and a proven discipline program, or two years removed from your life where you waste away in a jail sewing uniforms for prisoners & guards.”

Lindy could not believe how calm and circumspect this man was acting. Didn’t anything about this phase him? “It’s crazy! I’ve gone insane and this is a dream!”

“With that, Brian became firm. Something Lindy was going to find was a very bad omen for hr backside. “I don’t have all day. Get your mind focused here now, or we’ll close up this book and both move on.”

“But it’s not right!” Lindy pressed.

“It is. Now, accept it and live with it or accept the alternative.”

“•••• you! You’re a pervert!”

“Fine,” Brian reached his hand out to shake hers. “It was nice meeting you Lindy. Good luck to you.” He stood up and folded the file back into his brief case.

“You could at least talk to me about this!” Lindy recognized that the clock was quickly ticking down on her.

“About the program and your goals, yes, I could. About your choices? No! Those are yours to make. If you want I will give you another half hour to think it over.”

Lindy felt the same helplessness she’d felt in the courtroom earlier when “No” finally meant “no” again. Her mind was spinning out of control. Humiliation, guilt, shame, anger, frustration, petulance, confusion, relief, fear, and an incredibly disorienting sexual heat all conspired to steal her sense of reality.

“No, please, just show me what’s in the file.”

“That’s my girl.”

The tall man’s acknowledgement was gentle, intended only to reassure her, but some how it meant more. “My girl.”

It was what Lindy needed to find her center in that moment anyway. She nearly lost it a few more times in the next hour, but didn’t. Brian made her sign another agreement when they finished reviewing the basics of her ‘plan.’ Lindy wasn’t quite prepared to set goals for herself when it came to self-discipline. Brian made her focus by promising that they were not written in stone and could be re-negotiated at almost any point along the way. When the tall man stood and put her file away, Lindy was wilted. Monday morning 7:30 sharp, they would meet in his office and Lindy would get her first taste of her punishment.

When Steven finally picked her up, Lindy was trembling. Tears trickled down her cheeks as soon as she saw his car pull up, sobs heaved from her chest before she pulled the passenger side door closed.

“Seat belt,” her boss admonished. Lindy turned to comply, blinded by tears and made almost helpless by nervous energy. She fumbled for too long. Steve reached over and pulled the belt down across her lap pushing the metal end into the buckle until it clicked. Lindy lifted her useless hands out of the way and let him.

“You can do it Lindy. You’ll see. It will be good for you.”

Lindy nodded and said nothing. She was numb and exhausted. Nothing could register in her mind for the moment.

Later though, when she was home and alone, Lindy realized that Steve had known about the ‘plan’ when he’d said ‘she could do it.’ He’d helped her get a sympathetic judge, he’d argued for her with that judge. The judge was his friend since college. He knew! He knew the whole thing! Her boss’s role ultimately made no real difference now that things were final, and the probability was that he had influenced things in her favor. Even so, Lindy resolved to give him a piece of her mind. That thought clicked and found its place on her list for the day as she turned the lock securing her front door and turned to make her way to the bus stop.

It was 6:44 AM.


The bus schedule was disgustingly efficient. Who the hell would have guessed? Of course it was going to mean that Lindy had to actually plan beyond getting up and ball parking her departure for somewhere within the half hour before work started. She had a 7:30 appointment to make and that meant she had to catch the 6:50 bus or be late. She’d been warned that late would not be tolerated, so for now at least, she elected to be on time. She was spooked enough by the prospect of what she was already in for this first visit that she didn’t want to think about making it worse.

It was a miracle she woke up on time as it was. She hadn’t slept more than an hour at a time since she got home from court Friday afternoon. The whole weekend had become a total loss; consumed by pre-occupation with the ‘plan’ that was to go into effect first thing Monday morning. Nothing she did could take her mind off of it, or the disquieting tingle he prospect ignited deep in her groin and the pit of her stomach.

Damned if it wasn’t an altogether unpleasant sensation, and damned if the associated thoughts and feelings didn’t make it even harder for Lindy to find respite from the anxiety she felt.

The bus ride downtown to the probation office wasn’t long enough, and yet it was too long. At least three times Lindy fought the urge to beg the driver to stop so she could throw up out the window or escape desperately out onto the street. The other riders seemed oblivious to her dilemma, and not a one of them seemed to notice or care that she didn’t belong among them, that she was a BMW owner and had only ever ridden a bus back when she and some college friends went to Toronto for a week. It had been a lark back then, now it was a necessity. A necessity that was not as humiliating as she’d thought it might be. Even so, Lindy felt watched and self-conscious. She was on her way to get spanked. Punished. Spanked and punished by a tall sexy man. When that ordeal was over, she was going to have to go to work and act like everything was perfectly normal, and then at lunchtime go back and get spanked again! It didn’t matter that she’d never once in her life even felt a single smack of a hand on her body, or that from the time she was six or seven she’d had disquieting thoughts about getting a spanking, thoughts that had become progressively more persistent as she got older … thoughts that compelled her to masturbate no less than twelve times in the past two days.

When Lindy stepped down off the bus just thirty feet from the glass front office that was her initial destination for the day, she was a trembling basket case.

“I can’t!” she shivered, and if the bus driver had been slower on the lever, she might have gotten back on and ridden to the end of the line. While that was a tactic she would recklessly choose in the future, this time, she was too slow to make it viable.

“Why aren’t there any coffee shops or café’s around here?” she scanned the landscape critically. It was 7:23. She had time to kill. She needed a bathroom more than a cup of coffee, but neither was available.

“Fine! Just •••• it!” Feeling suddenly bolstered by haughty aggravation and deciding that Mr. case worker Brian would get a solid piece of her mind about amenities and courtesy, Lindy took in a deep breath and stomped to his office door.

It opened easily, a bell jingling to announce her arrival. Lindy’s ire melted with the friendly silence inside. Coffee was brewed, its aroma blended with that of fresh cinnamon buns.

“Hi!” A perky voice came from her right. Lindy turned to locate its owner. “Are you Lindy?”


“Hi, I’m Amanda. Mr. Locher is on the phone with Judge Bradley, but he’ll be with you as soon as he’s through. Can I get you some coffee or a sticky bun?”

“Could I have some coffee?” Lindy let herself relax in response to the completely normal if exuberant greeting she’d been offered, and shrugged out of her coat.

“Sure.” Amanda smiled.

Did she know? Lindy wondered. She didn’t have to wonder long.

“Hey, he’s firm but fair,” the warm cup was pressed into her hands and a friendly knowing pat and squeeze offered to help steady her trembling grip on the cup. Lindy looked up and saw understanding in the receptionist’s eyes. “Yeah it’ll hurt, but you’ll be fine. I was.”

“Shit!” Lindy thought. Nothing else was said. Amanda seemed to instinctively know that Lindy needed quiet, or at least only whatever conversation she initiated on her own.

For her part, Lindy was hardly able to contain the million questions that whirled around in her mind, but before she could find a cogent word for even one of them, the tall amazingly handsome man who was to spank her everyday for the next six months stepped out into the immaculate waiting room and smiled.

“On time. Good start.”

Lindy startled and spilled some of the coffee in the mug she held to her lips.

“That’s OK, you have a couple minutes before we start. Finish up.” He turned his attention to Amanda. “Do we have Miss Goodison’s profile started Am?”

The receptionist smiled and reached down into the drawer by her right hand. “You know it boss, now you wise up and get her on in there. And don’t you forget on time deserves credits against a foul.”

The tall man laughed. “Yes Am. That’s true, but only for the well behaved.” He turned and reached out his hand to Lindy. “All right young lady, I guess it’s time we got down to business. Come on in here.”

“But?” Lindy balked, suddenly afraid. Her hands and eyes focused on the coffee cup she held.

Amanda quickly moved to help her. “It’ll taste much better after. I promise. It gets easier after a while too OK?”

Lindy did her best to swallow her fear and humiliation. She gave the coffee cup over to the woman who apparently had been where she was now, at some point in the past and stood on rebellious wooden legs. It was time now. It was going to happen.

Lindy followed the path Brian indicated with the wave of his hands.

First stop was his office where he didn’t detain her this time. After closing and locking the door behind him, he moved through the room to open another doorway that opened to another room. Initially it seemed even more inviting and comfortable than his office was, but quickly Lindy saw the display of straps and paddles on the wall near the sofa. She scanned them and then closed her eyes tightly. Then she succumbed to morbid curiosity and forced herself to survey the rest of the room; three different footstools, a thick, deep seated plush armed sofa, a solid straight-backed chair. If the stories she’d been reading for years held any credibility at all this room was made for spanking.

Once she was inside it, and that door also closed and locked, her case officer wasted no time getting down to business.

“Alright Lindy, let’s do as Amanda says and get right to it. This is number one of many appointments we’ll keep over the coming months. If all goes well you’ll get to where you appreciate the outcome of each one, but let’s not fool our selves. Neither of us is going to want the part that’s about to transpire. You’ve heard the silly comments ‘this will hurt me more than it hurts you.’ I think we both know that’s crap. It will hurt you more than it will me, though you’d best believe I will feel for you each and every time. Strip out of those trousers and pull your panties down.”

Anger and disgust set in. “That was one heck of a speech,” Lindy marveled silently. “Did he use it on all the victims & petty criminals he trapped in this lair under the guise of judicial order?” She balked and stepped back.

“No! We have to talk first. You just can’t do this!”

Brian leaned back against the door he’d just locked. “Nope, that’s a fact. I can’t. You accept it or I don’t do it. Your choice.” He’d been through this enough times now that he had no problems with it. Only one of his cases had failed and gone on to finish the sentence originally proscribed by law. The other 13 had all stuck it out and made good on their lives with just a bit more discipline in their life model. Something about this case felt different, but from a purely mechanical standpoint, all the established rules applied.

“Shall we talk to the judge Lindy?” he offered and pointed to the phone on the small desk that seemed like an after thought in the room.

“Yes please!” she grasped at reprieve.

Brian smiled. “Drop those pants. If he finds out I’ve told you that already and you haven’t complied he’ll demand I go harder.”

Lindy remembered the judge’s countenance all through her hearing. She knew immediately Brian was telling the truth. Suddenly the legal fixture that he was did not seem quite the potential rescuer he had a few moments before. Speed dial had already pre-empted any stop she could have put to the call, but by the time the old man answered, Lindy’s bottom was bare.

‘What is it boy? Don’t tell me she’s bolted already?”

“No judge, she’s here. Just in need of some reassurance from you.”

The judge ‘eh hemmed, coughed and then spoke to Lindy. “Lindsay Michelle Goodison, are you listening?”

Lindy cringed and nodded, and then after he growled and grumbled, realizing he couldn’t see that, answered weakly, “yes sir.”

“Your word is the only thing at stake here now young lady. You’ve given it, now you live up to it. If you fail that you’ll show cowardice that you’ll always regret. Is that clear?”

“I’m no coward you creeping slimy ass pervert!” Lindy snapped. “You’re the one who snuck this bull shit into a deal I thought was on the up and up!”

The cagey judge just laughed. Everything he’d offered was on the up and up. No doubt a few selective details escaped her until she found herself confronted by them, but the man was not a secret keeper.

“Brian, you know the drill, spank her or remand her to custody.” At first the older man’s edict seemed final, and then he shifted his attention. “Lindy, you hear me out. You have a golden opportunity in front of you. You let Brian show you where your approach has been flawed and let him show you an alternative approach and you won’t regret it. We all know it won’t be easy for you. You’ll have some ideas of your own. When you’ve earned it, your ideas will be heard. For now you take your licks, earn your place and keep silent until asked. Is that clear?”

Lindy didn’t answer. Just the idea of saying yes to that made her want to choke.

“Her ass is bare boss,” Brian spoke for her. “She’ll take an extra 50 for defiance.

“I will hear it from her myself.”

Brian caught Lindy’s chin in his hand and his eyes did their best to silently impress upon
Her just how deadly serious the game was. She bucked and tried to shake her face away, but the fact of all of the panic of the last few days was not far enough away from her awareness. She knew there was no choice left.

“It’s clear sir.” She spoke to the emptiness that was the judge’s presence in the room.

“Good. Brian, as I said, you know the drill. I leave her in your capable hands. Make an impression young man, or you’ll answer to me.”

The phone call ended and Lindy was left isolated, alone with a man who was going to do his duty and spank the living daylights out of her.

“You heard the man,” Brian stepped forward taking Lindy’s shoulders and guiding her toward the sofa. Lindy shuffled, hobbled by her pants around her knees. She balked briefly, but allowed herself to be pushed into position facing the long end of the sofa.

“Normally during these sessions we’ll start out with a sit down and have a discussion about the day to come and any issues that have come up since our last meeting before we get to this part. This time we’ll get the spanking out of the way so you can settle down some. Bend over here and grab on to that cushion. Keep you hands out of the way understood?”

Lindy whimpered, her reluctance obvious, though she compliantly obeyed the firm hand pushing between her shoulder blades. The whole thing was suddenly surreal. There she was in a small downtown office with her backside bared to a strange man who was about to spank it. She was barely aware of the embarrassment she should feel with the exposure that had just become even more intimate as she folded herself down across the padded arm of the sofa. Her groin throbbed and her butt skin prickled with cold gooseflesh. She suddenly needed to pee, and nervously clenched her pussy against it.

Brian’s warm hands came in contact with her bare backside for the first time when he carefully folded her blouse up out of the way fully exposing both round white cheeks. He couldn’t help smiling when her flesh quivered nervously with the contact.

“Well Lindy my girl,” he spoke with a firm no nonsense timber. “Looks like it’s time for you to face some of your habits and turn them around in a more productive direction, and it’s my job to make sure you do it.” He rolled his sleeves up as he spoke, aware of the nervous energy building almost out of control in his subject’s torso. “You’re going to do some serious thinking about how you approach life in the next few months, and if we do this right, you’ll come away with some skills that will help you avoid this kind of outcome in the future.” He lifted the twelve-inch reformatory strap. One of his favorites for delivering a sound punishment, it was just sturdy enough to impart maximum sting and burn and do very little deep damage. In a few hours the worst of the burn would be just starting to ease up, just on time for her noon appointment over his lap. He moved close again, and tapped her bare backside with the leather.

Lindy startled.

“It’s going to be a good long time before this part of your anatomy gets a chance to cool down after this Lindy. This one is going to hurt a bit more than most, but not as bad as some. Ready?”

The question was rhetorical, but Lindy answered it anyway with a panicked nod of her head.

In the next second the mystery of what a real spanking was going to feel like was literally behind her. The intense sting and burn was something she never could have imagined. She couldn’t help the howls of pain that escaped her.

Brian leaned in against the arm of the sofa pressing firmly down on the small of her back keeping her in position while he lay in hard with flaming strokes of the leather paddle. She didn’t buck and struggle as much as he anticipated but she did try to stand up and twist away a few times during the initial few minutes of round one.

“Hands out of the way Lindy,” Brian warned when her struggles picked up urgency after several minutes.

“You’re killing me!” finally something other than howls managed to come out of her pain addled mind.

“Not killing you Lindy, just a little of your bad attitude. Put your hand back one more time and you’ll get this strap again this evening instead of my hand.”

“Oh God!” Lindy’s howl became a wail. She’d completely forgotten that this was one of three spankings she was going to get that day. “I can’t! I can’t do this. Please! It hurts! It hurts! Ow, Ow! Ow, ow, ow! Please. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t!”

“I bet it does.” Brian kept to his purpose. Three hundred licks remained to be dispensed, and then there was the matter of the extra fifty promised for defiance. If she held on without too much fight this first round, he might set those aside and dispense them later in the day.

By the time Brian pulled back and let her have the last lick of the strap full swing, Lindy was sure her bottom must be a quivering mass of bleeding battered flesh. It was a surprise when he finally let her go and stepped away and her hands were allowed back to survey the damage. Her scalded skin was intact, hot and puffy, but all there.

“All done for now, pull up your pants and get over here, time to sit down and have a discussion about the rest of the day.”

Lindy dawdled squeezing and rubbing her scalded bottom.

“Do you want more?” Brian’s tone of voice was cold.


“Then do as I said. Pull your pants up and get over here and sit down,” he pointed to the straight back chair in the center of the room.

Lindy winched when her panties and slacks slipped up over her bottom, and then again when she eased down to sit on the wooden seat. She half expected sitting to be even more painful than the spanking had been, and was mildly pleased to find it wasn’t.

“Never been spanked before have you?” Brian spoke.

“I have now,” Lindy shook her head no with rueful humor.

“Yes you have.”

Brian gave her a minute or so to collect herself mentally, and then he began the first lecture about attitude. Lindy’s instinctive reaction was defiance, so they sparred vigorously for the next half hour. When Brian called a halt he enjoyed playing the trump card he would always hold.

“Time for you to get to work. You’ll be back here at 12:30 PM understood? Be on time or you’ll pay for it with an extra spanking tomorrow. Amanda will have lunch for you after you get introduced to the feel of my hand on your bare backside. This little discussion did not go well Lindy. Remember it’s your attitude we’re working on with this program. In the future if you sass me back during a session like you did just now your pants come back down and you go over my knee for more. Your assignment this morning is to be pleasant to your coworkers and refrain from showing that famous attitude even once. I’ll be in touch with your boss just before you get back here this afternoon. I’ll know if you’ve been able to comply or not.”

Lindy almost tested that last piece of information with a retort, but she thought better of it. Her bottom was not ready for more, and she really needed to be alone for a while so she could think straight. It was barely 8AM and it already felt like she’d lived through an entire day. How could time feel like it was flying and crawling at the same time? Her first spanking was over and done with in what felt like the blink of an eye, and yet when it was happening it felt like it was taking forever and would never stop.

She was grateful when Brian stood and guided her out of the spanking room into his office, and then out into the glass front waiting area, where Amanda had coffee ready for her in a “to go” cup.

“Take a sticky bun too OK,” the friendly girl offered. Lindy smiled and accepted the cup and the food. “Hey Lindy?” Amanda spoke just as Lindy got to the door to leave.


“That first one is supposed to be bad OK. Sort of starts things off making you know it’s for real. They won’t all be like that OK?”

Lindy crinkled her face with the confusion she felt. This was the strangest day she’d ever lived, and it was hardly started yet

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