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Not What She Planned 2

Not quite what she planned Part 2
©2004, by patty

By late afternoon, Gabby was dozing with an old romance novel she dug up from one of the back bedrooms.

The day seemed to drag when she stayed out on the beach. After the pilot failed to see her and the engine on the boat again disappointed her, she made her way back up to the cabin. There she heated up a tin of chicken noodle soup, and kneaded up some quick baking soda biscuits. After eating, she settled with the stash of reading materials she’d scavenged up, and began reading.

Gabby was amazed by what she was able to round up the day before when she set out looking for things to occupy her. Under the mattresses in the bedrooms she found a penthouse and a playboy magazine from 1972, two 1978 Seventeen magazines, a couple of more recent John Grisham and Tom Clancy novels a whole stack of old 60’s and 70’s romance novels and a very tattered copy of Nancy Friday’s “My Secret Garden.”

That latter kept her occupied most of Wednesday afternoon and well into the evening. The time alone let her delve fully into the fantasies that most appealed to her. The chapter with the spanking and discipline fantasies stopped her heart in its tracks. One was too extreme, and spoke of a woman who had tried to live her fantasy with a man who took it too far. He turned her desire to be spanked into a cruel parody of itself, filled with physical and emotional brutality and humiliation. A few were too flighty, but some were right up her alley.

“What would Rick say if he knew it turned me on thinking about the spankings he gives me?” she’d wondered out loud.

Geez woman! Can’t you think of something else right now? There’s a real doozy of one in your future over this stunt you pulled, how on earth can you be swooning over it right now?” she bickered back.

“I know! But I can’t help it. I’m scared and really don’t want a spanking like the one he’ll give me, but at the same time, if he decided not to spank me I’d be crushed.”

“You’re a schizophrenic weirdo is what you are.”

The little bickering match she had with herself was easily lost to the book and the effect it had on her. Gabby lost count of the number of times her hands put the book down and wandered over her body so that she brought herself to orgasm. She thoroughly enjoyed reading and internalizing the fantasies the women in the book so kindly shared with her.

When Rick’s boots thumped up the stairs, Gabby was floating in a dream fueled by the hero from the novel she was reading and the sexy spanking fantasies she’d indulged the day before. The sounds from outside startled her awake with a surge of guilty anxiety.


Rick’s voice from the other side of the door sent the spasm of anxiety over the edge. Relief, guilt, fear, anger, love, excitement, surprise and many other emotions churned up and escaped in a scream. It could have been a scream of terror. In fact, that’s what Rick took it for when he burst through the door.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s only me!” he moved quickly to her as she struggled to keep from falling in the effort to get up out of the chair. One of her feet tore through the bib that covered the springs and connected the footrest to the recliner. If Rick hadn’t reached her when he did, she may well have broken her leg just above the ankle.

Gabby clutched him tightly, and turned his rescue embrace into a desperate hug. “I’m so sorry Rick! I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too,” Rick took in a deep breath and let himself appreciate her smell and the feel of her next to him. Nothing else mattered but that Gabby was safe, at least for the next minute or so, and then the fears and stress of the previous days crept back in. It made him break their embrace, and push her torso to arms length. He held her there where she had to work to avoid eye contact with him.

“What were you thinking Gab?” he asked after studying her face gave him no answers.

Gabby shrugged. She was overwhelmed by everything. Her own stupidity, the awful complication of the boat breaking down, knowing she’d caused unknowable hurt, missing him and relief that that part was over, as well as trepidation about what was coming in the short term. Would he forgive her, would her parents and family and friends hate her, how hard was he going to spank her, how long would it take to make it right again, could she ever make it right, had she ruined everything? All of it swirled and conspired to keep her mute. The only answer that came immediately was tears.

“Do you know what trouble you caused? How upset you made everyone? Christ Gab I had to call the RCMP!” Rick’s expression looked more bewildered than angry, and that pulled at Gabby’s heart.

She nodded, closed her eyes and dropped her forehead onto his chest. “I’m sorry.”

Rick felt her muscle tone soften in defeat, and responded from his protective instinct. Gabby’s body told him exactly what he’d already figured out. The whole thing got away from her. It was just supposed to be a small petulant gesture intended to push his buttons.

“See what happens when you do these things Gab?” Rick sighed and pulled her back into him.

“Yes” came the small voice burred in his chest. “I’ll make it up to you Rick, I promise. I’ll make it up to everyone! This wasn’t supposed to happen.” As soon as she felt Rick’s reassuring arms wrap her into him, Gabby was able to let go of some of her fears.

“But it did Gab,” Rick looked down into her eyes which were now turned up to him. His expression was stern and serious.

Gabby felt the familiar twinge of apprehension pulse through her. “I know?” she dropped her head again, shrugged and tightened her hug.

Rick took her chin in his hand and lifted her face back up to his. She’d put on her “I’m a very sorry girl pout.” The tears glistening in her eyes, and the overwhelming relief he felt holding her again was almost his undoing. He kissed her, and then lifted her away from the chair she was tangled in.

“Well young lady, you got your weekend away after all. But the activities I have planned are not the kind you’ll enjoy at any resort. Get over there in that corner and pull your jeans and panties down. So help me Gabrielle Elizabeth Walker, I am going to blister your backside so well you’ll never forget it.”

“Right now? But Rick can’t we just…” Gabby tried to argue, but Rick waved his hand to stop her.

“No buts. Get your butt over there now, and you get those jeans down now. Better still, take them off.”

“Can’t we just …” Gabby shrugged her whole body in a gesture that begged for more time.

“If I have to tell you again Gabs you’re going to be very sorry,” Rick had regained all of his resolve.

Gabby gave him one last pleading look, and then gave it up. She turned and moved to the only corner that wasn’t occupied by furniture. As she pushed her jeans and panties down off her bottom, and shuffled from one foot to the other stepping out of the legs Gabby looked out over the clearing and the expanse of beach beyond it, and said a small thank-you to the season. The corner she was sent to stew in was the junction of two large picture windows. One took in the tall pinewoods to the north, and the other let in all the eastern light from beach, the shipping channel and the mainland.

“Lift your sweater so I can see that white butt,” Rick’s order interrupted her introspection.

Gabby blushed hot crimson. The windowsills met just below her knees, and she was backlit by the kerosene lamps. With dusk advancing into night, had there been people out on the beach, she would have been exposed to them.

Venus and Mars were just visible. It would be dark soon, and the sky would be a wash with the brilliance of the Milky Way. Close to 100 miles of open water and uninhabited islands separated them from the rest of humanity. Gabby smiled secretly. Rick was right, she had gotten her weekend, and just maybe, even with the spanking it was going to be an even better weekend than one they might have taken on shore.

Apprehension about what was coming didn’t completely leave her, but a sense of comfort and security joined it. They took the brittle edge off.

Another man wouldn’t have let her off so easily on an emotional level. Gabby knew she was lucky with Rick. He never stayed mad, and as long as she took the spanking he felt she should have when she screwed up, he seemed perfectly satisfied and willing to accept her as she was. There was a lot to be said for the simplicity of the way they worked things. From the first time yanked her over his knee and he pulled her pants down, it felt right. That it had been one of her sexiest fantasies from the time she began to think about men was definitely a plus, even if the real spankings weren’t particularly sexy until they were over.

For his part, Rick marveled at the ease with which Gabby accepted his brand of problem solving. Sometimes she would talk a thing to death, but most times she was as eager as he was to put problems away and move on.

“If only she knew just how sexy she is pouting in that corner, and how complete she makes me feel,” he told himself silently.

Rick settled on the long chesterfield sofa and watched the sky beyond his wife go from gray-blue to crimson, and then to cobalt and last to black. Gabby could see Rick’s reflection in the windowpane to her right, as the night turned the glass into mirrors. The darkness let the cold in, and she couldn’t help shiver when her bare thigh brushed the cold glass. Rick felt the cold too, and got up to add wood to the stove. Next he laid a bed of kindling on the hearth on the other side of the room and topped it with three logs. When he was sure the fire would catch, he stood and returned his attention to his wife.

Gabby had been in the corner for close to an hour.

“Alright Gabs, it’s time. Come here now,” Rick sat back down on the sofa, and gave Gabby a very firm resolved look as she turned to obey him.

“This is the worst and most stressful thing you’ve ever done to us Gabby,” he warned her.

“I didn’t mean it to get so out of hand Rick, you know that,” she started to plead. Her heart was pounding with the reality that they had nothing to base this on. Just how bad was a spanking for this kind of mess going to have to be to be right?

“None of it would have happened if you’d just told me you were upset though, would it?” he pointed out.

“No, but?” Gabby struggled for something to say.

“No buts Gab. What if the engine died while you were out in open water? What if no one noticed your car for another two or three weeks? And what about how worried everyone was, and all the grief they felt thinking something bad happened to you?”

There was no excuse to equal what he’d just described. “I know Rick. It’ll never happen again, I promise you with all my heart.”

“You’re right Gabs it isn’t going to happen again. I know that. And you better count your blessings that this spanking is the only serious consequence you’ll be made to face for it too.” The tenor in Rick’s voice was deadly serious, and Gabby trembled with it. “Down you come now this will be round one.”

Gabby eased herself down across Rick’s thighs. “Round one?” she asked when she realized the implications of what he said.

“That’s right Gabrielle. You put me through three nights of worry and heart ache, you’re going to punished long and hard for three nights. That should just about make things even.”

Ow! Oh Rick!” Gabby gasped when Rick’s hard hand scalded her bare right cheek emphasizing that last word he said.

“You’re going to think about this next time you feel like being a stubborn spoiled brat aren’t you Gabrielle?” he spanked hard as he spoke.

Ow, yes!” Gabby nodded. She drummed her feet on the sofa cushions, trying hard to adapt to the sting. By the time he’d been spanking her for a full two minutes, Gabby gave up trying to adapt and gave in to the urge to get away. “Oh please Rick it hurts too much! Please let me go. Please!”

“Do you think it hurts enough Gab? Enough to equal the worry you caused?”

“Oh, ow! Please!” Gabby couldn’t be truthful in the face of more misery.

“Answer me Gab, or I’ll spank you until you do, and then start your punishment all over from the start,” Rick was firm.

“It doesn’t matter what I think Rick,” Gabby wailed, kicking the sofa cushion. “You’re not going to stop I know you aren’t!”

“You’re right, I’m not, but tell me anyway.” He branded her bottom with several searing hard spanks to emphasize the order.

Iye!Ow!” Gabby screeched. “No! It doesn’t hurt enough to make up for it!”

“I didn’t think so,” Rick resumed the spanking rhythm he’d set up, and Gabby dissolved into tears.

He spanked her for what felt like eternity. It was the longest single session she’d ever had over his knee, and when he finally slowed, and delivered the last twenty smacks to the tops of her thighs, Gabby was sure her bottom must be bleeding it stung and burned so badly.

She lay there across his thighs for several more minutes, crying quietly into the pillow she’d been squeezing and clinging to for dear life.

“Up Gab, back to the corner and rest before we start again,” Rick gave her a little nudge.

“Oh Rick, please, no more, no more” Gabby wilted with a mournful whine.

“Feels pretty bad when the ache won’t stop doesn’t it baby?” Rick soothed, but he didn’t drop his resolve.

“Oh please Rick,” Gabby shook her head and turned up to look at him. She knew when she saw his face that she wasn’t going to move him, but she also gained strength from the love and concern she saw in his eyes.

“Do you know how many times I said ‘Oh Please’ in the last few days, Gab? Oh please let her be safe, Please let her be alive?” he nudged her to get up again, and gently helped her slip off his lap.

In a few seconds, Gabby was back in her mirrored corner; her bottom on fire, and her face wet and hot with tears. While Gabby leaned into the cold glass and recovered, Rick moved over to the kitchen area, and rummaged for something that would do for their supper.

A large can of Dinty Moore’s Beef stew appealed to him immediately when he saw the nearly two-dozen biscuits left over from the batch Gabby made for lunch. After putting the stew in a pot to simmer, he put water on for Cocoa.

There wasn’t enough time to finish the spanking while they waited for supper to cook, that was going to take considerably longer than ten or fifteen minutes.

“Gab?” he spoke softly.

“Yes?” she turned out from her corner to answer.

“I love you,” he stretched his arms out to invite her to him. She came to him immediately, answering his invitation with a kiss as soon as she reached him.

“I love you so much Rick! I was afraid you’d hate me for what I did,” she sobbed. Rick kissed her tasting the salty tears, and then kissed her face, suckling the last of them away.

“God I missed you! I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you,” Rick took her mouth again as hungrily as if he thought swallowing her would keep her close forever.

In less than three seconds, he had her sweater and bra off along with his own. He needed to be inside her with a fierceness that was frightening. Gabby sensed his need, and shared it.

“Now honey please,” she whispered. Rick lifted her and moved them both over to the kitchen table. Gabby leaned forward down over it, and gasped with a sharp intake of breath as Rick pulled himself from his jeans and plunged into her. Her groin contracted around him as his first thrust placed him inside her to the hilt. The rough hairs of his lower abdomen abraded her punished bottom, but her need completely erased all pain.

Rick nuzzled and kissed her shoulder and neck, his hips thrusting more gently now. “Ahhhhhhhh, oh baby!” he gasped.

Gabby stretched her arms out and caressed the cold slick surface of the table, reveling in the blissful pleasure of sensations. She tried to hold back her orgasm, anxious to hold on to the delicious tension until its explosion was more than she could bear. Rick pushed her to it by slipping his hands under her belly and down between her legs. His fingers stroked and worked the slick liquid her sex made and his drew from her.

“Oh God! Don’t! Don’t!” she pleaded with him. She was both desperate for what was coming and being pushed over its edge too quickly. But just as with the spanking, he would do it his way, and in seconds he forced the explosion from her. Her contractions were hard, her release among the most intense she’d ever known. Rick picked up the tempo of his thrusts, and soon was lost to the animalistic need that grew inside him. Another two or three minutes of almost brutal thrusting took Rick over the edge too.

“You are incredible,” he whispered as he shifted his torso to the side and lay with her on the cool tabletop, their hips still joined and gently grinding and riding the last of their spasms.

Mmmmm, you too,” Gabby smiled softly and gazed into his face and eyes. Rick pulled out, and lifted her up to him for a kiss.

“Back to he corner with you now missy. We’ll have supper in a minute and then you go back over my knee.”

Gabby nodded and did what she was told. She was nude now, and oblivious to her exposure and any chance that the world beyond the windows could see her.

Rick was ravenous, and Gabby was content. The after glow of sex masked the anxiety she felt that there was more spanking to come, but as Rick wiped the last of the gravy out of his bowl with a wad of biscuit, the immediacy of more pain snuck back in.

“You going to finish that?” he asked her.

“Maybe after,” Gabby shrugged, blushing when he nodded and smiled.

“Go in my duffle and bring me the bath brush and the strop then,” he sighed.

Ohhhhhhhhh!” Gabby grimaced.

“No arguing Gabby. You’ve been good and taken what you deserve until now,” Rick tried to be encouraging. The rest is going to be hard, but you’ll do it because you know you need it.”

Tears surfaced again. He was right. She did need it. She needed him to do this instead of pushing her away, and she needed this to complete something inside her. That realization was all Gabby needed to steal herself for what was next. She obeyed, and found the implements he requested on the top of everything he’d packed.

“Over my knee,” he coaxed, when she brought them to him settled back on the sofa.

The cold back of the brush stroked her still hot and tingling bottom, and then branded her with searing pain. The first few strokes were full force, bring screams with them as they landed, and then Rick settled into a punishing rhythm of scalding wristy smacks. After a minute the pain built back up so that Gabby was desperate to get away. Her struggles made Rick stop and trap her between his thighs. When he accomplished that, he resumed the spanking.

He made good on his promise to make it count. When he finally stopped, Gabby was crying with sobs that wrenched her whole body.

“You know how you feel right now honey. Crying like this. Sobbing from deep down in your soul?” Rick lifted her torso and hugged her to his chest.

Gabby looked up into his eyes and nodded.

“Your mother and your sister and I were all feeling like that the other day when we feared the worst.” He hugged tighter, and tears welled up in his eyes too.

“I’m so sorry Rick,” Gabby pushed her face into his chest. “I didn’t mean for it to be like that.”

“I know baby. Everyone knows. And together this weekend we’re going to make a permanent change in the way you approach being frustrated. You are never going to be that selfish just for spite again are you?” Rick nuzzled her hair and helped her settle her thighs on his lap so that none of her weight was on parts that were spanked.

“I promise,” she shook her head no to answer him.

The fire on the hearth was beginning to die out, and Gabby started to feel the cold. Even though it was early May, the nighttime temperatures dropped close to freezing. When she started to shiver, Rick decided to wrap things up for the night.

“Gab?” he whispered.


“Let’s finish up now baby. Thirty with the strop, and then we’ll go curl up by the fire.”

“OK,” Gabby nodded. Her voice was weak. Everything in her wanted to buck the idea of more punishment, but she didn’t have much fight left. She stood and moved with him to the end of the sofa. Once there, she leaned down over the arm.

The strop seared into her flesh. Rick administered the first ten hard and deliberately, and then followed with the last twenty as fast as his arm could swing.

“Put some sweats on baby girl,” he instructed when he saw the tension leave her muscles and she realized it was over for now.

When she stood and started to walk stiffly to the bedroom where she’d stowed her things, Rick reached for her chin and held her.

“You OK?” he sounded worried.

“Yes,” she nodded. Her eyes told him she was tired, and that she was just fine.

“I love you,” he added, letting her go on to the bedroom.

“I love you too.”

Gabby finished her stew curled up against Rick on the floor by the fireplace. Her bottom throbbed and ached like it had never done before, but she also felt a sense of calm that was just as new to her.

They made love again when they finally climbed into bed, and then slept until well into the next morning. It was nearly noon when Gabby woke Rick with a kiss and gentle suckling of his nipples while her hand caressed him lower down.

“Morning,” she smiled when he roused.

“Hey,” he smiled back.

Gabby didn’t waste time, but climbed onto his erection and slowly rocked. Rick responded eagerly, pushing his hips up and grinding into her. His hands slid up to cup and knead her breasts. Gabby grimaced with bliss when he pinched and tugged her erect nipples.

“Slow down OK?” she gasped.

“Sure honey,” Rick grinned, and he closed his eyes and let her take the lead. He loved it when she took her pleasure the way she wanted it. The feel of her body and the rhythm of her hips was as sexy as the look of her as she neared her climax.

Gabby’s ride was slow and sensual walk for several minutes, but soon she upped her pace to a canter. Her pelvis rocked and rubbed against his with a progressively more aggressive undulation of her hips. She held back her climax for as long as she could, until she finally had to push all the way for it with a frantic hard grinding ride. When she came, she gasped and stroked herself against him as the spasms peaked and then passed. It wasn’t enough though. When Rick started to move under her to turn them so that he could thrust to his finish, Gabby gasped again.

“No wait, I need to go again.” Rick smiled up into her bliss clouded eyes, and then watched her fuck him even harder and faster until she climaxed again. When she did, he didn’t give her time to stop him. In a rapid surging maneuver, she was on her back, and it was Rick’s turn to pump and thrust to climax.

“It’s been a lot of years since we’ve done that,” he gasped and panted when they broke apart and sprawled spent on the mattress.


“Had sex three times in less than a day,” he smiled.

“Let’s go for a record OK?” Gabby giggled.

“I’m game,” Rick laughed and turned Gabby on her stomach. He spanked her twice. “But you will be punished this afternoon and tomorrow.”

“I know,” Gabby blushed. She cuddled up against him.

“Can I tell you something?” she asked him when she found a comfortable place for her face on his chest.

“Um Hm,” he answered, she could feel him nod.

“If I told you I like being spanked and punished would you think I’m weird?” she fingered his chest hair.

“No. I guess I’d be surprised though.”

“I mean it hurts a whole lot, and I don’t like it when it happens, but I like that it happens,” she tried to explain.

“Tell me,” Rick wanted her to explain.

“It feels right, and I feel better after, and it’s like you can’t hate me because you get all the bad stuff out of our systems by spanking me. Does that sound stupid?”

“Nope. Sounds about right to me.

“Does it turn you on to spank me?” Gabby tipped her face up so her chin rested where she could see Rick’s eyes.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Rick smiled.

“Good,” she smiled back, and then rested her face back on his chest.

The next few minutes passed in silence.

“That’s it?” Rick asked.

“I masturbate when I think about it you know?” Gabby confessed.

“What spanking?”

“Yes. You spanking me. I think about you being all stern and strict, and I get wet, and then I lie down and think about how scared I was, and how firm you were and how much it hurt and you still did it any way. Thinking about the real ones is best.”

“Well I’ll be,” Rick chuckled. “What if I spanked you sometime just to turn you on? Do you think you’d like that?”

“Would you please?” Gabby smiled and closed her eyes.

“In a heart beat,” Rick stroked her hair.


“Not his weekend though. This weekend we’ll have all the sex you want but your spankings are going to hurt badly. They’re for real.”

“That’s OK. I need them to.”

Rick kept his word. By the time they were collected after noon on Sunday Gabby’s bottom was bruised and swollen from tailbone to mid thigh. She spent the next three weeks planning their next weekend away together. This time they were going back out to Tall Pines alone, and she was going to be spanked again as often as she could stand it. But this time Rick was going to see if he could spank Gabby until she climaxed.


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