Satin and Leather

Creative writing around the themes of spanking, domination and submission

Spitfire 2

The Spitfire Part 2

patty, ©2002

Kim let herself cry until she had no more tears. It wasn’t so much that she was sad, or even remorseful. She was embarrassed. Truth be told, she didn’t know if she could set foot outside her room again without vomiting. How could she look John in the face again? What if anyone else saw or heard? What if the brut bragged about it?

In about an hour most of her emotions had come together into one. Anger and outrage simmered. At first it was free floating. Ideas for retribution flashed through her mind. None of them were particularly realistic. Some were as humiliating and painful as what she had just been subjected too, but were so outrageous that they were not likely to find completion. Kim calmed herself by making a resolution to pay “that man” back in spades.

Still without a clear plan, Kim did begin to feel better, as that promise to herself took root, and began to take on substance.

Ohhhh!” she whined as she rolled onto her back ready to get up, fix her face and go back out into the world. “Damn! What did he do to me?”

Kim tugged her jeans and underpants down, taking care not to chaff the raw skin of her bottom. She needed to kneel up on her bed, too see the damage in the mirror above her dresser. Her backside was a uniform deep pink. “Gee whiz, it sure feels worse than it looks,” she pouted. Her hands rubbed her tender cheeks, and that made her feel something else. An electric pulse of arousal entered the pit of her stomach, and churned there with all of the other thoughts she’d pushed away so she could plot revenge.

The man took her pants down! He saw her bottom bare. He’d smacked her bare bottom only inches from her very adult sex. He’d taken her in hand so completely she had had no choice but to submit to him almost completely. Needling him had had a delicious sexy edge to it. The looks he gave her, his demeanor, his veiled threats, and this, this spanking and all of that stuff that was churning around in her mind and belly right now, was what made that sexy edge.

All of a sudden confused, Kim dropped her chest back down on the bed, and let her hips fall to her left side. The lay like that for a while, rubbing and kneading her bottom, thinking alternately about revenge and the slightly shameful sexy thrill of what had happened. She fell asleep. He dreams did nothing to ease her confusion, if anything they made it worse.

She dreamed that John spanked her again, only this time there was no pain. This time the spanking turned her on so much so that when Kim woke up, she was aware that her groin was pulsing in the gentle spasms of orgasm. She let her hands move there, and used the generous natural lubricant her body made to increase the stimulation. Her dream, and the memory of John standing over her looking so big and imposing, advancing on her so purposefully, and lecturing her with such stern authority became a fantasy. It occupied Kim’s mind and hands in a delicious reverie that culminated in the crisis and release of several orgasms.

When the glow of sex cleared, Kim couldn’t help feeling embarrassed again. “If anyone knew what I just did, I’d be put in therapy. No woman should find that sexy. Being spanked is degrading, humiliating and childish! I’m not a child!” Her thinking cleared, and again was replaced by the reluctance to be seen. She was hungry though and she could smell supper cooking and hear the clatter of dishes being set out on the table. The early evening sun beam shafts danced through the shear curtains on her window. This all came together to tell her that she’d slept and indulged herself for almost three hours.

Well rested and refreshed after washing up, Kim came out of her room and joined Roz in the Kitchen. One look and Kim knew Roz knew her secret. She immediately blushed.

“Don’t let it get you down child,” Roz smiled gently and with understanding. “He’s not going to hold it against you. If he’s like his father, and I know he is, he’s already put it behind him.”

Kim was initially confused, but when she looked into Roz’s face, she saw. “Pete! You!”

Roz laughed. “Don’t look so surprised. It’s not as uncommon as you might think.”

“Yes it is Roz! They don’t even spank kids anymore for fear of arrest!” Kim said, the tone of her voice making clear how incredible what she was hearing seemed to her.

“Honey, what I get, and what you got was no kid’s spanking and I think you know it,” Roz said. Her tone of voice clearly communicated the matter of fact nature of her opinion on the matter. “John is quite taken by you, you know. And my instinct tells me you feel the same way about him. You let that sink in and think about what just happened with that in mind.”

Roz watched Kim’s face, as the young woman sat down at the table and became lost in the careful examination of the pattern on her plate. She smiled and let Kim have her thoughts in peace. By the time Roz rang the dinner bell calling the men in to clean up for supper, Kim was almost completely enveloped in a warm comfortable feeling thinking about John and her as a couple. When she saw his face, and caught the slight smirk he had just for her, those feelings were instantly replaced by the seething purposeful promise of revenge she’d made to herself.

Conversation during the meal was stilted, and the mood at the table overshadowed by the tension between Kim and John. For a change, John seemed to enjoy the banter and needling. Probably because she couldn’t bring herself to meet his gaze more than a few times, and each time she did, she had to break it because of the hot flush of embarrassment and the surge of sexy energy that shot through her with it.

The dynamic of the dinner table changed that day. Kim managed to recover her easy humor, but she never got back her edge over John. He’d found the key that turned her off when she even got close to jokes at his expense that took bites out of his dignity. That key was a look filled with meaning and promise. It never failed to make Kim blush, and it never failed to communicate its meaning to all three of the other people at the table.

Weeks passed, and Kim’s behavior became almost angelic. No more sass, no more arguments. At least on the surface. Kim was fast reaching a point where she knew she would explode. She could not settle on a payback for John, he was riding her hard when it came to work, and every time she tried to best him with a comeback, he put her in her place and made her feel like a child who would be spanked if she said one more word.

Add that to the fact that she found herself watching him, watching his body, wanting his body. She found herself liking him. He had a way with animals, and with people. It was easy and natural. Sometimes what she felt when she watched him made her ache. What if she couldn’t watch him anymore? When she went back to school and left this ranch behind, what then?

Most of the time, life was ordinary and straight forward though, all of that tension really captured only a few moments here and there.

And then, Kim wanted to spend a weekend off the ranch with friends in San Antonio. She wasn’t of age yet, at 19 she could consent to surgery and own property, but she could not drink, own a gun or sell or make legal decisions about any property she might own. It was a precarious place to be for a young woman who placed a premium on her independence.

“No!” was John’s immediate reaction to her announcement that she was going.

“Just who the F*** do you think you are? I’ll go if I want to and you have no say!” Kim answered him and all the reasons he came up with for why.

John answered her with a very quiet but loaded warning. “You will not go, because I said you will not go, and IF you choose to push the issue you’re going to regret it. You will NOT use that language in this house again. Is that clear?”

“Yeah well you know where you can put your opinion on the subject. You are not the boss of me, and for that matter, you are not even the boss of this ranch,” Kim retorted.

“You think not do you? How about another trip across my knee?” John’s answer to her retort stopped her cold for about three seconds.

“Yeah well just because you’re a brut and a bully doesn’t make you the boss,” Kim spit back.

“Saucy doesn’t suit you,” John warned.

“So? What’s it too you? I’m going to San Antonio this weekend,” Kim stood her ground.

“Keep it up and you are going to the woodshed,” John smiled. The tone of his voice, and the cock of his grin was a dare.

“Why do you care? You just want to tell me what to do, like you do here with the horses,” Kim sassed again.

“I care,” John growled.

“Yeah right! You care when you don’t have everything just the way you want them,” Kim missed the change in the tone of his voice that said he meant what he said.

Look! I told you, you stay here this weekend. End of discussion,” John got up from the table, and walked out to the living room. He left Kim seething in the kitchen.

Several times Kim started to get up and follow, and for a brief moment, John started to turn back to the kitchen. Both of them were annoyed with the other. Eventually the anger settled for John, and he moved on with his day, confident the subject was closed.

Kim considered going to Pete and telling him she was going, but decided that the risk he would also say no as well was more than she wanted to court. Roz wouldn’t help either. Instead, she tucked her plans under wraps, and fleshed them out as the next few days passed.

Friday afternoon came, and Kim met up with her ride, no one was the wiser, until Roz opened the note she left for her on the pillow on her side of the bed.

Of course Roz didn’t discover the note until the shit hit the fan at the dinner table. Calls were made, and police were involved.

On Saturday morning John called off the police, made a few phone calls, and discovered where Kim was staying. It was a 40 minute drive to the university residence, and another 25 minutes to the Riverwalk downtown.

John found Kim laughing with four female college chums and enjoying a frozen peach daiquiri at an outside table at the Café Ole. When Kim looked up to see him standing over her table on the sidewalk side of the sham picket fence her stomach lurched.

“Hi John! What are you doing here?” she asked. Her voice squeaked just a little betraying that her mouth and throat had gone dry.

“Checking on you,” John answered matter of factly. He picked up her drink and sniffed it.

“Come on Kim, let’s go. It’s a long drive back to the ranch,” John spoke as if he were asking her to hand him a napkin. He was giving her a gracious out. That fact flashe in her mind briefly, but Kim refused to take it and act on it.

“Come on? Come on!!!!!! This is my weekend off. I’m off do you hear me! You have no say about what I do when I’m off!” Kim let loose.

“Come on Kim, let’s go,” John repeated. His dark and dangerous expression spoke everything his voice didn’t.

Kim’s companions clearly got the message. “Kim, maybe you better go?” One of them spoke up.

“Like hell I will!” Kim objected.

“Kim, if you don’t want your friends, and every one down here this fine afternoon, to see just how you’re going to answer for your defiance, and drinking under age, I suggest you get that little butt up off that chair, pay your tab and come with me, NOW!” The warning left no room for doubt, and inserted plenty of room to worry about the possibilities. Kim felt her stomach churn, as a wave of nausea surged through her that made her feel like she would choke. Her hands and feet tingled with the electric anticipation of what was coming. She blushed.

When she looked for help from her friends, and saw the expressions on their faces, she was instantly aware that they had interpreted the message just as clearly as she had. It made her cringe, and rage at the same time. She knew she would get no help from them, and she knew she would ultimately go with John. All that remained was for her to decide if she would push him to carry out his threat, or swallow her pride, and go with him.

“Make up your mind fast. I’m not a patient man,” John’s icy tone kept the air taut.

“Kim! Go!” one of her friends spoke softly, just on time to push her to decide for her pride. John was just coiling to pull her up out of her chair.

Kim did as he said. She left six dollars on the table to pay her share of the tab, and asked her friends to bring her stuff out to the ranch on Sunday or Monday. The girls agreed, and Kim got up and left the restaurant to join John on the sidewalk by the river. When she reached him he took her arm roughly and spoke coolly just loud enough for her friends to hear. “You won’t sit for a month when I get through with you!” Then he surprised her more than she’d ever been surprised in her life. He bent his face down and pulled hers to him in a long, if slightly rough and possessive kiss. When he released her, he pushed her in front of him and swatted her bottom hard to get her moving.


Kim walked away from the café in front of John. Her mind fixed on her butt, and the self -conscious sense that all of her friends, John, and who knows who else, was looking at it. Before the day was out it would be red and maybe even blistered because she was here. In fact this walk, felt like it might be the last moment of dignity, pale as it may have been, that Kim would be able to claim for the rest of the day. And, that dignity was skimpy because at least her friends did know what the day had in store or her bare backside.

“Don’t touch me!” Kim pulled her arm away from John as he attempted to steer Kim toward the parking area near the market, where he’d parked his Grand Cherokee. “Why did you have to ruin my weekend?”

“You ruined your own weekend. You were told, and you didn’t listen,” John answered. “Over here!” he directed her toward the car.

“You rotten bastard!” Kim responded, She moved in the direction he indicated.

“Me?!?!?!?!” John spoke with a wicked grin. “I’m the bastard? I’m rotten?”

Fu** you!” Kim answered.

“There see! I’m not the one who did what she was told not to do. I’m not the one cursing when she’s in over her head. I’m not the one who took up hours in the lives of people who gave her a job, and shelter and love so she could run off and gallivant for a few days!” John chuckled.

“Fu** you!” Kim hissed again. A few people walking by looked at the pair critically. “What the fu** are you looking at!?” Kim turned her anger on them.

John caught her arm, tightened his grip, and pulled her around so she faced him. “You settle down! Right now!” he warned through grinding teeth, as he shook her. Kim saw the cold warning in his eyes, and immediately dropped her gaze. His authority suddenly had her completely cowed.

The route from the Riverwalk to the Marketplace took them through the quaint and touristy transplanted village of old San Antonio renamed “la Villita.” The slower pace of pedestrian traffic there helped Kim cool off just a little. When John felt her calm, he released his grip on her arm. Kim pulled it free of him, and moved to walk beside him, but just out of his reach.

“Try taking off, and I will bare your butt right here in public,” John warned quietly, the steel in his eyes belied the calm friendly smile on his face.

“I’m not going anywhere!” Kim responded to him with a sharp answer. She turned her attention to the windows and displays in some of the doorways. “At least let me look in some of these shops?” she asked after the passed two attractive kiosks.

“Nope, not today, you have an appointment in the woodshed,” John answered.

“Come on! We’re here right now! What’s twenty minutes going to do to your day now?” Kim persisted. She would have a hard time focusing on anything in any of the shops, because of what was in store for her back at the ranch, but she would have tried almost anything to delay it. Impulsively she darted up the steps and into a small jewelry shop. John followed her, and hovered behind her for a moment, before he put his hands on her shoulders and bent his head down to her ear.

“You have until the count of three to turn around and get moving to the car,” he growled.

Kim heaved a sigh, and snapped her tongue on the back of her teeth in a sound of exasperation. “Please!?”

John started counting.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Kim turned to look him in the eyes.

“Try me? Two!” John warned.

“Fu** you!” Kim hissed again, and then she pushed him aside to stalk back out of the store.

John smiled to the startled clerk. “She’s got things on her mind.” The clerk smiled back, and watched the couple walk down the steps.

The next several blocks were covered in silence. Kim was fuming, and worried. John was determined, aggravated, and a little amused by the little hellion’s haughty attitude. He could make her regret this fool hardy show of defiance. As it was she was in for on hell of a spanking.

The jeep was locked, and when they approached it, John indulged in the moment. Instead of releasing the passenger door with the remote, he waited until he reached the SUV behind her. He stood close behind Kim, and reached around her to manually unlock the door for her.

“Enjoy the ride home. It’ll be the last time you sit without wincing for a good long while,” he voice was deceptively quiet, but the sharp edge of promise made Kim shiver and blush. Her whole skin prickled with anticipation. Her groin clenched and her stomach turned flip flops. The whole cascade of sensations was not completely unpleasant, but the level of arousal it produced skirted an edge between thrill and discomfort. Fear of the pain tipped it more into unpleasant, but Kim blushed as she realized her body was betraying her. She shivered again as he patted her butt, and nudged her over onto the seat so he could close the door behind her.

The drive back to the ranch was over much too quickly.

Both Pete and Roz were out on the long veranda waiting when Kim stepped out of the Jeep and started up toward the house.

“Not that way,” John called to her, as he stepped out of the driver’s side. Kim pretended she didn’t hear him, and continued toward he veranda.

Pete moved to the center of the top step. “You heard the man young lady!” he said. “Take one step up here and I’ll take a switch to you too!”

“Peter Miller, you stay out of it!” Roz stomped her foot.

“You hush!” Pete turned to warn off his wife. “Unless you want some of the same?”

Roz hushed immediately, but her expression didn’t soften. If looks could kill, Pete, John and Kim would all be dead.

“Don’t press me woman! I warned you already!” Pete spoke to his wife again. There was a brief silent exchange between them that Kim couldn’t decipher, before Pete turned his attention back to her. “Now you young lady! You get with John and could your blessings it’s just him you’ll answer to after all the trouble and worry you caused these last few days.” The older man pointed around the side of the house in the direction of the woodshed.

John walked diagonally across the lawn to pre-empt any escape attempt she might try. Kim looked from one man to the other, and felt like she would throw up, as she started to walk toward John and the woodshed.

John stayed behind her, moving as if to herd her in the right direction.

“Inside,” he said when she stopped a few feet short of the door.

“No! You can’t do this! It’s not right!” Kim protested, even though she knew it was pointless.

“I can, and I will,” John spoke quietly. “You decided it was right when you took off even though you were told not to.”

He didn’t give her a chance to balk any further. Instead, her took her by the arm, and tugged her into the cool shadows of the old shed. Inside the shiny-smooth, well-worn surface of the broad tree stump glinted in the afternoon sunbeams. Two straps, several switches and a sturdy old paddle hung on the wall just inside the door. There could be no doubt as to the main purpose that building served. Some old smooth edged ax cuts on the top of the stump suggested that it had been a real woodshed once, but that use ended when the arrival of electricity and gas heating put the old wood stove into functional retirement.

John lifted the smaller of the two straps down off the wall, and pulled Kim with him over to the stump. He sat down on it.

“Take down your pants!” he instructed.

“No!” Kim pulled away, and started struggling against his grip.

“You’ll only make this harder on yourself, no do like I tell you!” John responded, his voice cool with warning.

Kim kept up her struggle, as if she didn’t hear him.

John pulled her close, put the strap down, and made instant work of the button and zipper on her jeans. Her jeans and under pants came down in two tugs, and then she did. The impact of her stomach on his hard thighs knocked the wind out of her. The stinging impact of his hand on her bare bottom pulled it back with a squeal.

John spanked Kim hard with his hand for what seemed like forever. Her cries and howls made no impact on him. John felt all of the frustration he’d felt for the past day and a half ease out of him, as he transferred it into a memory, and hopefully a lesson that Kim would not forget anytime soon. He spanked her until it was almost completely gone. By that time, Kim was crying and kicking hard against the pain. Her butt was a very fiery red, but her haughty attitude was still holding firm. John needed a break, even if Kim wasn’t any where near properly punished.

After five minutes of sound hard spanking, John yanked Kim up, and pushed her into the corner. He held her shoulders there against her struggles, and he told her firmly to stay put.

“You go to hell!” Kim pushed back against him, and then she bent to pull up her pants. John stopped her instantly by whipping one of the switches full swing across her upper thighs, and then across her butt.

Kim screamed, and stood up fast. Her head bumped into John’s chin making him wince. He kept his cool though, and caught her hands before she could cup them onto her buttocks. “These go here,” he said as he put her palms on the back of her head, “and this goes here,” he said as he directed her face toward the corner.

“Now, you stay put, or I’ll give you another hundred licks with that switch!” John promised.

Kim whimpered, but obeyed. The two lines of white hot fire left by the thin stick made the red hot pain in the rest of her butt feel like nothing. Kim had never felt anything that painful before in her life. She knew she could not take 100 more like it.

John move back to sit on the stump, and collect his thoughts. She sure as hell was stubborn. He knew he wouldn’t be fool enough to court more of what she’d just gotten with more attitude. He listened to her sniffle for close to ten minutes before he called her out of the corner for the rest of her spanking.

“Come on back here now, and lets get this over with,” he commanded.

“You spanked me! I stood here for hours! It’s done!” Kim objected.

“We aren’t even half done missy, now unless you want to go around again tomorrow, you get your butt back over here right now!” John slapped his thigh.

Kim cursed him under her breath, but she reached to tug her jeans up enough so she could walk without falling. She stopped by his right leg, and looked into his eyes with as sorrowful a look as she could muster. “I’m sorry John, I really am sorry,” she said, just barely choking on the words.

“You will be, I promise you. You will be,” John chuckled. He pulled her back down across his lap, and lifted the strap. The fire from the leather made Kim screech again, and suddenly John had a kicking squalling wildcat on his hands. It was a simple matter to shift her forward over his left leg so he could pin her legs down with his right leg. He caught her free arm and pulled it against her hip. With that done, he lit the strap into her with vengeance.

“Nothing like a fit of defiance to renew a man’s spanking arm,” he chuckled to himself. Kim took one hell of a serious whipping. She kept up her fight and hollered loud enough to wake the dead for a whole lot longer than John thought possible. He’d made up his mind to whip the fight out of her, but for a while he wasn’t sure he could out last her.

Kim thought he would never stop, and became desperate to get away. He held her fast though, and in a while she began to loose her fight. Rage and anger with him was turning into real regret that she’d angered him. Not because she was paying the price for it either. But, because she was honestly sorry for having been such a brat and caused so much trouble. John felt her struggle let go and shift, so when she finally began to sob that she was sorry, he knew she was. He gave her twenty more very hard licks to end the punishment, and then lifted her up to sit in his lap.

Kim was tense against his chest at first, but after sobbing for a short while, John felt her relax against him. She let him sooth her, and he did. He let himself take in the light saw dust and popcorn like smell of her perspiration, and the soft almost boneless feel of her exhausted legs and torso as she seemed to melt onto him. He couldn’t help but become aroused, and although Kim was too spent to let him know, she did notice it. The awareness of his response to her in that moment completed the sensation of peace that had begun to absorb her since she’d let go of her defiance just before the spanking ended.

They cuddled for almost an hour, until the dinner bell broke the trance. Kim was almost asleep in his arms, when the sound and John’s movement startled her.

He helped her right her jeans, and walked her back to the house with his arm across her shoulders.

Roz, smiled to herself when they came into the kitchen. “Go wash up now both of you,” she spoke to pre-empt any recriminations, or comments that might add to Kim’s punishment and embarrassment.

Supper was peaceful. True to it’s purpose, the spanking ended any and all animosity and hard feelings about the trouble Kim had caused the household. For the first time ever, conversation at the dinner table was completely civil and friendly. Kim, wasn’t sure how to act at first, but the small family around her lead the way, and soon she was comfortable that no lasting damage was done. If anything, she found she felt even more welcome and at ease with them.

Later that evening after Kim was in bed, her mind went back over the day. This time she wrapped herself in a warm sense of comfort as she thought of the kiss and John’s strong arms holding her.

Kim was almost asleep, when she thought she heard the sound of distant voices, and cries. She got up and went to her window. At first she heard nothing, and then the sounds started again. They were coming from the woodshed. She could see a light shaft under the door, and as she listened, she could make out the unmistakable sound of a hand or paddle impacting flesh. She could also hear Pete’s voice, although she could not make out the words.

Roz was taking her spanking a whole lot better than Kim had taken hers. “Man! All creation must have heard me carry on!” she cringed at the thought, listened for another minute or so, and then let Roz and Pete have their privacy. Kim had an idea that Roz was answering for whatever Pete had warned her about on the veranda when they’d driven up earlier. Guilt that she was the cause of it crept through her momentarily, but it didn’t last. Roz was a big girl, who’d live a lot of years with Pete. If she dared stand up to him knowing that a trip to the woodshed might be the outcome, than she had her own reasons, and Kim wasn’t likely to have had much influence one way or the other.

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