Satin and Leather

Creative writing around the themes of spanking, domination and submission

First Spanking 1

The First Spanking

Part 1

by patty, copyright 2003, all rights reserved

Cindy crawled into the large king size bed. The expanse of cool sheets seemed to say ‘alone’ and the timbre of it was accusation. She was alone; very alone, and struggling with the what-have-I-done-demons.

The day that started with so much anticipation and excitement had turned into a disaster. Cindy should have known it would, but need over rode every bell, whistle and warning her mind tried to send up.

Soon she would know if the damage she’d done was irreversible. Ethan, her husband of 14 years would be on his way, as soon as he could secure a sitter for their 7 and 11 year old sons. That plus the 4 and a half hour drive gave her about six hours to wait. Six hours to find an explanation he would accept.

What was she doing stranded in a motel room near Ashville North Carolina four hours from home? What was she doing stretched out on an empty king size bed on her stomach nursing a brutally striped backside? Ethan would never understand. He would just feel betrayed, and probably disgusted.

A year ago, Cindy discovered spanking on the internet, and her secret fantasies came alive. At first she just read. Slowly as she surfed, she found the courage to talk. There were chat rooms and forums, picture and video sites, and sites where stories were posted. Several sites were couples oriented, others were more for singles. The couple sites attracted Cindy, because she too was married. Her problem was that her husband didn’t know about her fantasies, and she was terrified of the prospect of sharing them with him.

So often he remarked to her how grateful he was that she was so responsible, how relieved he was not to have to deal with a wife who couldn’t self regulate. It seemed like every time she thought she’d found to courage to tell him of her desires and ask if he would try spanking her, he would make a comment like that. It felt like a warning, or at least a signal. What some couples seemed to have could not work for her.

But her need was awake and gaining strength every day. She knew that others were spanked, and she wanted to be one of them. In time she decided on a plan. There were many men out there who actively sought women to spank; women who just wanted a spanking but no long term relationship. She found one of those men, and began to negotiate a ‘scene.’

Her fantasies were of discipline. She wanted a ‘real’ spanking. Since this man was not her spouse, they agreed that a school room or mentor scenario would be more realistic and feel less contrived.

Cindy shared guilty secrets with the man, all under the premise of providing a rationale for her planned chastisement. The man was good at the game. He directed Cindy to posts and sites where safety information could be found. Enough women had been victimized in their quest to find and meet a spanker, that whole strategies had evolved and been shared to help teach others how to avoid problems.

Cindy read them. She discussed them at length with her spanker. Finally after three months, the meeting to administer her punishment was arranged. Instead of her once per quarter trip to division headquarters in Raleigh, Cindy arranged a personal day off from work, and drove beyond Raleigh to the seasonally neglected tourist haunts near Ashville instead. Her spanker headed there too, but from the other direction. This was a midway point that was remote and anonymous for them both. Her husband thought she was gone to work, her employer thought she was taking care of family business. No one but her spanker knew she was doing neither.

Of course that was not part of the safety protocols. In fact they all strongly advised that someone else know where she was going, who she was meeting and have a way to keep in touch. As far as her spanker knew, Cindy had made these arrangements, but in reality she had no one she could trust to tell. “Fact is,” she told herself as she drove out that morning, “if I had someone I could trust with this, I wouldn’t be doing this at all. I’d only have to go as far as my bedroom.”

Her heart pounded, her mouth was dry, and her hands trembled as she checked in to her room in the small motel. It was almost lunchtime, and she would be late for the neutral ground meeting. A jack-knifed truck on the interstate slowed her progress. Two calls on her cell phone from home, each relaying unusual but minor problems. They were easily handled with instructions to the nanny, but they inserted an element of the “inopportune” into the day and what she was up to.

And here she was late. Maybe he wouldn’t wait? Maybe he hadn’t made it on time either? Changing to the plaid skirt and sweater as agreed, Cindy took off her make-up, and let her hair down from the knot on the crown of her head to the long girlish braid she wore most weekends. The transformation was amazing. Her illicit purpose there, the clothing, her hair … all combined to complete the trembling picture of a ‘bad girl’ about to be punished. What she felt probably surpassed what any real “bad girl” ever felt as she walked to accept her fate.

Fear, embarrassment, nervous excitement, and the unmistakable throb of sexual arousal all churned inside her. Stray thoughts, that Ethan might consider this an act of infidelity swirled inside her too. She tried to dismiss them, telling herself she was not going to have sex, but the throb between her legs kept it alive as one more element of the intense anxiety she was feeling.

She fought her instincts and better judgment and crossed the parking lot. The sounds of traffic were completely drowned out by the pounding of her heart and roaring of blood in her ears. As she stepped over the threshold into the small café, she thought she might vomit or faint, the anxiety was so intense.

He was there. Seated so he could watch the door, instant recognition crossed his face when he saw her, and Cindy knew she’d past the point of no return. He smiled and stood to greet her. With all the grace of a real school master from the ‘old school’ he stretched a hand out to take hers. His expression was a perfect blend of interest in her well being and stern purpose.

“You’re late my dear. I trust you had a safe trip.”

“I’m sorry traffic was bad due to an accident,” she smiled. “It’s nice to meet you face to face finally.”

“You’re charming and beautiful,” he nodded, but kept character. “Perhaps in need of a lesson in punctuality though?”

Cindy blushed and smiled. Shy embarrassment suffused her. She was, after all, here to be spanked; spanked for the first time in her life.

Some of her fears dissolved. Just as he had in their chats and IM conversations, this spanker seemed to know exactly what to say and do. He was good looking too, something Cindy had not expected. It was a nice surprise.

“Your picture doesn’t do you justice,” she smiled as she took the seat he held out for her.

He smiled and thanked her for the compliment, and then sat down. Lunch was a formality; a necessary polite pre-amble. After all, they couldn’t just meet and start spanking could they? On one level Cindy wished they could, so they could bypass the uncomfortable preliminaries. At first her nervousness made it hard for Cindy to concentrate, but slowly she was able to relax. The man was good. In only twenty minutes or so, he had Cindy at ease. She hardly touched her lunch, but she had relaxed enough while he ate his, that when he suggested they had business to attend to, and should be on their way, Cindy almost felt disappointed. The conversation had become comfortable and interesting, and she was beginning to savor the anticipation it enabled.

Nervousness returned along with an urge to back out and run away. She swallowed it down after the first few waves splashed over her resolve. When he reached for her hand with that stern and courtly grace he exhibited earlier, Cindy blushed and stood with him, and allowed herself to be led out of the café and along the walk to his room.

Cindy fought off her getter judgment once more when she noted that he had taken a room at the far end of the strip. Well away from the cluster of occupied rooms. She told herself that his choice made sense from a privacy perspective. What they planned to do had the potential to be overheard. Still, the distance from people and help was a concern, if only for a brief few moments.

Inside, as soon as he closed the door, the ‘scene’ began.

“All right young lady, no more delays, we’ll get down to business now shall we?”

Cindy swallowed the cottony bile that welled up into her throat, and dropped her eyes to the floor. She wanted to do this more than anything, but she couldn’t get all the way into it. Fear and regret kept intruding. She was here now though, and she was going to have her spanking. After it was done, she would sort out all the other stuff.

“When I speak to you, I expect an answer young lady, is that understood?” his tone of voice was severe, and made Cindy jump. She nodded her head.

“Answer me this instant!”


“How’s that?”

“Yes Sir?”

“That’s better. But you HAVE managed to compound your punishment this afternoon.” That announcement sent a surge of anticipation through her. It was really happening! She was going to get a spanking.

“Is this your first trip to my office?” he pushed forward.

“Yes Sir.”

“Then we shall begin with my hand, come here.”

Cindy looked up into his eyes, and took his reached out hand. As he sat on the chair he already had positioned alone where the desk used to be she moved with him and stood by his right leg.

“There now, you will assume the naughty girl position,” he tapped his left thigh.

Trembling, and fighting the urge to pee and to run, Cindy looked at the man’s lap as if she didn’t know what to do.

“No dawdling now, you’ll only make it harder on yourself. You have a full afternoon of consequences before you as it is.”

“What am I doing!” her mind fairly screamed, as she leaned down and clumsily eased her torso across his lap. The feel of his right hand grabbing her upper left thigh to push and shift her forward, and his left on the side of her right hip made her stiffen and try briefly to get back up.

“None of that now,” he said, tightening his hold on her side and moving his right hand to pat her bottom. “You’ll take your punishment like a good girl now.”

“OK,” she whispered. “I’m ready.”

“This will hurt, as it should, is that clear?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Pardon me?”

“Yes Sir.”

“You have a lot to learn don’t you me dear? Don’t worry, you will have that lesson well under your belt, or shall I say my belt, before the day is over,”

With that the spanking began. It wasn’t exactly what Cindy imagined it would be. With the first several minutes of spanks being more thud than sting, as he warmed her up through her skirt and panties. He took his time slowly increasing the force of each spank until she could feel the beginnings of sting through her clothes.

Cindy took in all of the sensations. “This isn’t so bad, it should sting more I think, is he ever going to get to the real thing? I can’t believe adult women get in this position for real.”

“I see we are not making much of an impression on you yet young lady,” he spoke after four or five minutes. “We shall have to remedy that I think.” Cindy felt her skirt lifted, and then his hand pat the warm flesh along her panty line

“Your bottom is exquisite Cindy. You take good care of yourself I see.”

“Thank you,” she answered, blushing crimson with the awareness of how intimate this contact with him was. A wave of guilt passed over her mind just as he began to spank again.

“Oh!” she gasped. Now it was beginning to sting as his hand found areas of bare skin, and the now harder spanks were easily felt through the thin cotton of her French cut Hanes-her-way briefs.

“Yes it hurts now doesn’t it? This is only the beginning too young lady. You will know you have been thoroughly punished when I am through with you.” With that he tightened his grip on her side, and picked up the pace of his efforts.

“Oh!” she gasped again, as she tried to absorb the new experience. “Ok, this is more like what I expected,” she though. The sting was bordering on unpleasant, but at the same time it wasn’t hard enough. He kept spanking and spanking building the rhythm and sting, but not giving it to her the way she wanted it in her fantasies. “This isn’t right at all,” she silently complained. “I want a real spanking, and I want Ethan to give it to me.

“Let me up! I don’t like this!” she balked after several more minutes.

“Oh no you don’t. We’ve barely begun. I promised you a severe punishment and that is what you are going to get.”

“No! This isn’t what I thought at all. You’re just whacking like a robot! It’s not real.”

“Is that right?” A hint of surprise and anger broke into the man’s tone. Cindy tripped his Top soft spot. She criticized his technique. Naïve though her blunder was, she didn’t realize that what he was doing was a warm up. Something designed to make it easier for her to take the harder spankings he had planned for her.

He broke from the plan and proceeded to make it real.

“You want it real do you? No warm up, no get your mind in the right place for the hard stuff first. OK, brat, if that’s how you want it, here you go.”

“Oh! Fuck!” Cindy howled when the first few real spanks landed. “OK! OK! Owe!” Twenty more solid flaming spanks like that made contact, before he stopped and steadied her on his lap.

“Now then, that is a taste of what you will get. First you will let me get your bottom ready for it properly, is that understood?”

Cindy nodded as she caught her breath. The sting on her bottom was still building into the fire she had always imagined a spanking would produce. Now the trouble was that the pain it took to produce that was more than she thought she could stand.

“Are you going to cooperate so this can be done correctly?”

“OK,” she nodded. She wanted to leave, and fought everything inside herself to stay and let this thing she’d gotten herself into proceed. But she had gotten herself into it. She’d gone a long way into deception to get herself there, and for that she deserved to be punished. This man was as good as any to do that too, even if he didn’t know what she was using him for.

“Good. I think it’s time these came down.” Cindy lifted her hips so that her panties could be pulled down.

The ‘warm-up” resumed. Now though, the tempo was faster, and the spanks much harder. This was more like it, she thought, as the sting sometimes made her gasp. Soon she was gasping with almost every spank. She even began to have to resist raising her hand to block the spanking. He seemed to sense her growing distress, but instead of easing up, he further increased the tempo. Now she was being spanked.

Little did she know this was still hardly a taste of what was to come. He kept up the hard steady rhythm, until Cindy had no choice but to struggle. Her hand found its way up over her bottom, until it was trapped on the small of her back. For that she received ten very hard spanks to her upper thighs.

“Now you are getting the picture aren’t you naughty girl?” he chuckled.

Cindy whimpered and nodded. “It’s too much now,” she answered.

“Oh no, not yet it isn’t. But you will know when it is shortly. I promise you.”

The hand spanking further intensified. Cindy’s gasps became complaints, and even a few curses. Each curse was answered with hard spanks to her thighs, and a lecture about what a real spanking entailed. Cindy began to become desperate for it to stop, and her struggles increased.

“Time for a break I gather?” he asked when Cindy almost managed to get herself up on her feet. “You’re not being a very good girl I’m afraid, Cindy. But since it is your first time, I’m prepared to overlook some of your breeches in etiquette.”

Cindy stood up with his help, and quickly put her hands on her flaming bottom.

“Hot enough for you now?” he asked. Cindy nodded. “Normally a bad girl who tries to rub her bottom before being given permission would come back down for another round, but since you will shortly be having the hairbrush, I think we’ll allow it. Over you go to that corner now young miss. Rub the sting away while I watch.”

Cindy balked.

“Oh my dear, we’ll have none of that now. You will pay for that with the cane I’m afraid. To the corner with you now, or I will forget to be merciful and begin again before you have cooled off sufficiently.”

“I’ve had enough I think,” Cindy shook her head no.

“You think you’ve had enough? But you aren’t sure are you. Come now. You’ve made it this far. See the whole thing through, or you’ll always wonder if you could have.” He said exactly what she needed to hear, and tapped into the one weakness that kept her from listening to her own better judgment. That she had gotten herself into this and had better see it through.

“You want to know what a sound hair brushing feels like first now don’t you young lady?” he didn’t wait for an answer from her. “I thought so,” he added as he guided her to the corner and tucked the hem of her skirt up into the band.

Cindy stood there rubbing her spanked bare bottom, oblivious to the picture she created. Goose flesh prickled on her cheeks, but not from the cool of the late November air. It came from the shame she felt as she became aware of intense throbbing arousal deep in her groin.

“This is wrong!” her conscience screamed. “Ethan will never forgive me for this. He’ll never understand.”

Cindy lost herself in those vacillating thoughts. “Go through with it and see it through all the way… leave now and go home…” When he spoke to call her to him for the next part of her punishment, she was back to resolved to finish. She took the few steps back to the chair quickly in order to beat the swing her mind might make back to quitting the scene.

“You know the correct position for a naughty girl,” she was told. This time the descent across his lap was not as awkward. As she positioned herself again and felt her bottom lift ready again to be spanked, anticipation returned with a thrill of sensation that washed over her, but centered in her groin. “There will be no warm up this time, you understand. This is will be what a thoroughly naughty girl deserves, and I will not stop until I am satisfied you are properly punished. You understand that now don’t you?”

“Yes,” Cindy whispered, barely able to contain the nervous energy she felt.

“NOT! Good enough!” he punctuated the warning and reminder with a solid spank of the flat wood end of a sturdy oak Crabtree and Evelyn hairbrush.

“Oh Jesus!” Cindy yelped. “Yes SIR!”

The hair brushing began fast hard and furious. Cindy had no time to savor or regret, the burn and sting of the spanking was all she could think about. Every smack seared into her, making her cry out. It didn’t take much of that before she couldn’t help herself and began to struggle.

“Oh shit! Owe! Please! Stop!” The words came out between volleys of spanks and her efforts to kick and free. She remembered some discussions in chats about a safe word, but they’d never negotiated one together. When kicking and struggling had no effect on him, and the pain became more than she could cope with, Cindy cried out. “Please safe word, safe word! I can’t!”

He stopped, but held her on his lap. “Now we’re getting through to you are we?’

“Yes Sir Please stop! No More!”

“I decide when you have had enough, not you my dear. Do you remember that discussion?”

Yes I do, but this is different!”

“It’s always different at this point for naughty girls my dear, that’s part of a punishment. You don’t like it when it’s happening, but it is what you came for, and it is what you will have.”

“No! Please, No!” Cindy hiccupped and gasped when she realized he meant to continue.

“This is what a punishment is Cindy. A sound spanking that hurts more than you ever dreamed it could. And we are just getting started,” his voice fairly crooned the over the words. The tone of his voice ignited both her arousal, and terror.

“Oh No! Please!” But her objections were ignored. The spanking resumed. The spanks were just as hard, but this time the pace slowed. Each smack had time to burn into her awareness before the next landed. Kicks were met with warnings, struggles with smacks to her thighs, and when her hand broke free and blocked her bottom her palm was caught, turned up and spanked too. It seemed to go on forever.

That the man was an experienced spanker, and had been on this journey before became clear when Cindy reached the edge, and began to sob.

“That’s the way all naughty girls need to cry. That’s when their real punishment can begin.” He stopped spanking with the brush, and stood up with the now weak and crying Cindy held tight against him in a hug. “Over you go now back into the corner. No rubbing this time, or you’ll get an extra six.”

“No more,” Cindy sobbed, as she compliantly moved with him.

“We’re almost through now young lady. You’ve been good for the most part and taken your medicine. You’ll manage the rest now like all good girls who know what they need.” His voice was seductive. She would see it through to the end.

“No rubbing now” he warned.

Cindy sobbed, and nodded. Her bottom throbbed with her heart beat. She wondered what it would feel like to sit on it. The skin felt thick and numb over her muscles as they tensed and shifted. The fidgeting she did in the corner was mostly to test that sensation of numb skin over bruised muscle. It brought her a few warnings. As the time passed the numbness changed to a raw tingling that literally screamed for her fingers to rub and scratch. The sensation was unnerving.

“Stand still!” he warned when she shifted quickly causing her flesh to jiggle.

Cindy moaned a small complaint, but complied. This would be over soon, and she could go home and back to her life. Spanked and sorry that was sure, but also resolved to find another way to have spanking in her life besides cheap ‘scenes’ with well meaning strangers who did things their way without regard for her wants.

Several more minutes passed when he called her back out to take the rest of her punishment.

Four pillows were stacked on the end of the bed, and she was directed to bend over them and reach forward to grip the quilts with her hands.

“You will take a dozen with my belt, and then six with the cane. If you put your hands in the way you will get six more with whatever implement is in use. If you move out of position you will get a further six. Do you understand?” he asked as Cindy leaned down across the pillows.

The buckle of his belt clinked, sending a surge of sexy energy through her. The first spank seared into her though instantly erasing the anticipation.

“Oh Christ!Oh Jesus!” The next four licks branded her in rapid succession. “Fuck!” the sixth lick came with a warning.

“Curse again and you will get twenty more!”

“Oh shi,,,! No! No! Please!” she caught herself, and squeezed and wrung her hands into the linens.

“That’s better.” The next six lashes with the bet were delivered with everything he could muster with his swing. Cindy had to bite into the linens in order to keep from screaming.

“Now I’ll wager you are feeling properly spanked aren’t you naughty girl?”


He answered that with three more solid lashes.

“Yes Sir! Oh please no more!”

“Six more I’m afraid. Six of the best. Six of what separates the women from the girls now my dear. Are you ready?

“No!” Cindy shook her head.

“No matter. You will have them.” With that the first stroke of the cane seared across her already punished bottom.

Cindy bucked, and tensed. The impact was a white hot line of fire that seemed to penetrate into her soul. The next was worse, and the one that followed caused her to scream.

“Three more to go,” he announced.

“No! No!” Cindy shifted and rolled out of the way.

“Get back in position!” he ordered. But Cindy cowered into a crouch on the floor.

“No! I can’t I’m done! No more!”

“Do as I say now! Or we’ll make it ten more instead of six.” There was no hint of understanding or compassion in his voice, only impatience.

“No I said!” This time Cindy was firm. The scene was over. She did not need three or six or ten more to improve the experience. It was over. She stood and retorted exactly those sentiments.

“You’ll do as you’re told! Or you’ll live to regret it.” The warning was cold. The tone of voice used to deliver it was infused with dangerous promise. Cindy felt very real fear, and backed toward the door. Quickly her hands clawed her panties up and her skirt down. She barely made it out onto the sidewalk before he reached her. He caught her arm.

“I’ll scream bloody murder if you try and make me come back inside there,” she warned, as she pulled away from his grasp. When he let go, she ran.

She made it to her room, before she realized she’d left her purse and keys behind.

“Oh shit!” she kicked the door. “Now what?” She paced for several minutes, trying to figure out what to do. She was about to walk back, when she saw him toss a large bag into his car, and get into it.

“Hey wait!” she called out as she realized he was leaving. “My purse! I left my purse.”

He ignored her, and was gone in seconds. The door to his room was locked. It took a few minutes more pacing for Cindy to think of getting the manager to help her. Then it took fifteen minutes of explaining to convince the manager to help her.

Her purse, cell phone and keys were gone too. “That mother fucking son-of –a-bitch!” she screeched when she realized she was stranded. “God Damned ass hole bastard!”

“Hey lady! Cool it! I’ll let you in your room and you can call the cops OK?” the young manager suggested.

“The cops? No! I can’t do that! My husband!” she was lost in worry.

The poor young manager blushed. “Oh!” he nodded, thinking he understood. He’d been drawn into the lover’s quarrel of an adulterous couple.

“Oh it’s not that!” Cindy grimaced as she realized what he was thinking. “We weren’t not that! Oh hell who cares! My husband won’t like it either way! God Damn to hell!”

She let the manager get her a key, and let herself into her room. “Fuck! How am I going to get home? I have no money no car keys, no ID!”

There was nothing to do but call Ethan. She did, and managed to get him to agree to come and rescue her with just a promise to tell him she would explain the whole thing when he got there.

Now she had a little over six hours to come up with a story he would believe. The truth was always worth a try. She just didn’t know if she could bring herself to do that. After all she had been through to keep this part of herself from him.

Well, he did like having a self sufficient wife.

She didn’t know what she would tell him.


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