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First Spanking 3

The First Spanking
Part 3

copyright 2003 by patty

When Ethan arrived home, his sons had been situated with their grandparents for well over two hours. The house was quiet, and there was initially no sign of Cindy inside, although her car was in the garage. Ethan called out to her, and got no response.

As he went about settling and winding down from work, he found tea was steeping on the counter, and Cindy’s car keys were in their usual place in the basket by the door to the garage. “If she was here, so why didn’t she answer? Maybe she’s next door?”

Ethan called out again, and still got no answer. He was pre-occupied with thoughts and plans for what he wanted to discuss with her, so finding her absent became a minor irritant. He expected she would be in the family room or kitchen, and he’d intended to greet her with a statement that he was ready to talk. He continued to let his mind exercise his thoughts. Even if things did not begin the way he’d envisioned, they would still proceed, and Cindy and he would have some things resolved if not on the table ready to be addressed before long.

His work casual clothes were not his favorites, so while he waited for Cindy to show up, he headed up the stairs into the master bedroom. At first he did not see here there in the bed, but as he reached for the louvered doors to the closet, she moved, and he heard her sniffle.

Cindy was curled up in a ball holding a pillow from his side of the bed, crying softly.

“You’re here! Why didn’t you answer me when I called you?” Ethan shifted directions and moved over to sit on the bed near her.

“Why? So I could come down and enjoy your sullen silent treatment in person? No thank you.” Cindy tucked her face down into the pillow, so that her last few words were muffled and indistinct. Ethan smiled gently. He knew well enough what she’d said without making her repeat it.

“Not tonight Cynthia. Tonight we’re both going to do a whole lot of talking, and when we’ve talked enough, you’re going to wish we still had more to talk about, because you, my love, are going to get a spanking to remember for the rest of your life.” Ethan reached over and placed his hand gently on his wife’s hip and pushed her so she had to stretch and look at him.

Cindy’s red rimmed eyes showed him she’d been crying for sometime. He knew the past month had not been easy for her. Possibly the time he’d taken to sort things out in his own mind had been too long and a little unfair. But their marriage was something vital to both of them. He was determined not to make a mistake that would create more upset than already existed, and maybe break things beyond repair. One of the things he was now very sure of was, no matter what, he did not want to loose her. Still, seeing her like this, knowing the pain she was feeling pulled at his heart.

“Cindy, if we do this right maybe we’ll both feel better. Alright?” he leaned down to kiss her tear damp cheek.

“Why did you make me wait so long Ethan?” she sobbed and tipped her chin up to kiss him back.

“Because Cindy, I had to sort it all out. It’s not just that you went outside this marriage for sex. You did it because you were afraid to tell me. You didn’t trust me enough not to hurt you, so you hurt me instead.”

“It wasn’t sex Ethan. Please! It wasn’t!” Cindy pleaded.

“It was sex Cindy. On some levels it was, and I know on other levels it wasn’t. I am beginning to see that now. But I didn’t at first not for a while. You’ll have to accept that. Just like I have to accept that something made you unable to trust me with it.”

Cindy started to sit up and object, but Ethan raised his hand as if to block her. He shook his head. “I don’t want to jump into this in the middle of the discussion all right? We’ll get lost and mixed up.”

“OK,” she sighed, and shifted up and back into a sitting position, where she could see him and engage with him in the conversation that was to come. Ethan shifted over and onto the mattress further, so that he too was comfortable.

“Can I say something before you start?” Cindy looked down at her hands, feeling suddenly very nervous.


“I love you, and if I could do it over, none of this would ever happen again.” A tear trickled from her eye.

“If you could do it over and everything was the same, you’d do it again. I know you wish you wouldn’t, but that’s one of the things we have to accept and get over. It happened. It hurt, but I think we can get past it. Do we let it ruin us, or learn and do something constructive with it?”

Cindy fought the urge to crumble in tears. He was right. She did what she did after long nights and days of wanting and needing and not being able to make her self go to Ethan. As much as she knew now that it was a mistake, she couldn’t escape what it was that made her chose the path she did. There were a lot of reasons, but Ethan was making it pretty clear that they weren’t fair, and they were all figments of her fears and inhibitions.

“I’ve been reading a lot about spanking and discipline. I’ve gone back on that forum you belong to and read all of your discussions and questions from the past year,” Ethan spoke softly, and he watched her to see what her reaction would be.

“All of it?” Cindy took in a deep breath. She wasn’t sure if she should feel embarrassed or relieved, her body involuntarily settled on nervous. Her mouth and throat dried instantly and she felt a flush wash over her.

“Everything I could find, yes. There’s a lot there, Cindy.”

“I know. Stuff I might not have written if I knew that you were going to read it. Please don’t hate me. They are strangers. We don’t know any of them, and I just needed someone to talk about this with.”

“ I don’t hate you honey. There’s nothing there that hurts me. What hurts is that you kept it all a secret from me. I’m not saying I would have understood it, but I would have tried.” Ethan sighed.

“I know that now, and I’m sorry. I was just afraid you might think of me the way I did for so long. Like there was something wrong with me and I was abnormal. It was me that I was afraid of Ethan, not you,” her sigh matched Ethan’s, and her eyes searched his for connection. Ethan responded by leaning forward and taking her hands in his.

“I’ll never think of you as abnormal little lady. Odd and peculiar now and then, but that makes you interesting not sick.” Ethan chuckled. Cindy fought smiling, but she couldn’t.

She shrugged and waited for Ethan to continue. He didn’t take long.

“This domestic discipline? It’s some pretty serious stuff. Have you really thought about what it would mean to live it?” He squeezed her hands and pulled them to his lap. Squeezing a little harder when she didn’t immediately lift her eyes to his.

Cindy searched his expression for the answer. It was there. “Yes, I think so,” her answer was a whisper, but it belied the roaring sound of blood and the pounding of her heart in her ears. “I’d like to try.”

“I have my own ideas you know. Some of the things I think we could work on might not make you happy. What if you don’t like what I decide?” his warning was subtle, but it had the effect he wanted, and that was to raise questions in her mind.

“We’d talk about it wouldn’t we?” Cindy’s throat was cotton.

“Probably, but I know you Cindy. You’re stubborn. Especially when you’ve got up a full head of steam. Those are the times I think you most need a firm hand too. So, how are you going to take it the first time I say ‘stop or else’ when you’re in full temper?” It was clear to Cindy that Ethan had indeed been doing a lot of thinking. That he really had been reading.

“I don’t know. I might not like it I guess. But maybe we don’t have to go that far right off. Maybe if we start with the stuff we talk about first? Maybe after I calm down after a bad day, and we talk, if you think I should be punished then we could do it that way?” Cindy shrugged again. In her fantasies he would just take command. But now for the first time she had an inkling of how that might actually play out for real. The image her mind conjured was an uncomfortable one.

“I see, so you want me to be a disciplinarian, but only on your own terms?” Ethan smiled.

“I don’t know how to do it Ethan. Or what will work. I don’t know if it will work even. I just want it to,” Cindy tried to pull her hands back. She was tongue tied, and everything she thought she had all figured out was suddenly a swirl of confused feelings with no coherent language to go with them. Ethan kept her hands in his. The contact worked to prevent Cindy from retreating into her thoughts.

“Maybe if we just play with spanking for a while? Sort of put the possibility of punishment on the table, but not make rules about how it will be until we get used to the idea?” she thought what she asked seemed reasonable.

“Will that make you happy? I have my doubts based on all you’ve written over the last year. If we’re going to try to make a change like this, it may as well start out looking like what you want.” Cindy closed her eyes on his words. ‘He meant it. This was real!”

“Ethan, I never really thought it could be real. I mean I wished it could be but I never thought it would be. I’m scared now. Can’t you see that? I … I … I just didn’t expect this.” Cindy gave a small struggle to take her hands back, but Ethan held them fast. He sensed her trying to retreat.

“Well, it’s real now. You have my attention, and you have my pledge to try and give you this. In fact, now that I’ve gotten some education, I think there just might be something to be said for the whole deal.” Ethan gave her back one of her hands, but took hold of her chin. His eyes drilled into hers with both promise and assurance that he was sincere.

“You don’t think it’s sick, or wrong? You don’t think spanking me will make you feel like a brut?” she wanted to swim into his eyes and loose herself.

“I think I can adapt if I know it’s what you want, and if I see it has a benefit. I have a feeling you’re going to have a harder time with it sometimes than I will, but I won’t know until I give it some time. What you have coming here tonight Cindy is going to give you a good idea of what I think I am expected to do if this domestic discipline is going to work and be what your writing says you want. I promise you now this is going to be painful, and not some child’s spanking.

“I intend to punish you for everything you did and could have done to us with that escapade last month. I’m going to use all of the things you wrote, and all of the experiences you answered and turn them into something you will know is the real thing. I will show you how I think an adult woman should be spanked when she has done the kind of things you have.” Though his voice was calm, Cindy felt the tension build within Ethan as he spoke.

Underneath the nervous confusion, arousal pulsed. “What are you going to do?”

Ethan couldn’t help laughing. “I’d say I made it pretty clear. In fact I think we’ll start right now.” With that, Ethan let go of Cindy’s hand, shifted, and stood. I’m going to get washed and change. While I do that you’re going to get up, go over there in the corner, pull your underwear down and stand waiting to be punished.”

Cindy’s jaw dropped and her eyes opened wide. “No! Not like that!” she balked and leaned hard back into the headboard. It would not yield, nor would it absorb her the way she suddenly wished it would.

“Yes like that. This one has nothing to do with whether we do DD or not Cindy. This one is to close the door on the reckless, dangerous, crazy stunt you pulled. This one is for me, and we’re going to do it my way,” Ethan’s whole demeanor was firm and unwavering. Cindy was struck with the dual effect it had on her. The arousal and excitement she felt escalated, at the same time anger bubbled up raw in the back of her throat. It must have flickered behind her eyes, because Ethan tipped his head into the unmistakable posture of a man who meant business. “Up. Corner.Now!”

Cindy wilted. What could she do? Her whole body trembled with anticipation. She felt weak at the knees, and more sexually excited than she could ever remember feeling in her life. Dread mixed with desire. It was almost more than she could cope with.

Ethan watched his wife slip forward off the bed and take the few steps into the corner. Her hands went to her sweat pants, and then she balked again.

“This is stupid,” her voice cracked with reluctance and embarrassment.

“Get them down Cindy. No arguing.”

“No,” she whined turning toward him her expression as beseeching as the gesture of her arms reaching out to him. “Can’t you just spank and get it over with?”

“No. Pants down. Turn around.” Ethan’s words were clipped with stern warning. “If I have to say it again I’ll set your backside on fire for you now. You’ll still end up standing there either way. Is that what you want?”

Cindy slouched and turned toward the walls. She let her foot stomp in a half hearted gesture of defiance, but her hands moved where they were supposed to and her bottom was bare within the next few seconds. Goose bumps raised on the exposed flesh as a hot flush of embarrassment swept through her. Ethan smiled turning to change and wash up when he was reassured she would comply.

“It’s real! It’s going to happen!” Cindy’s mind swirled around the reality as it gelled. Confident she was alone she rapidly flexed and straightened her knees, shifting side to side, as if running on the spot. Her rapid, almost frantic movement served as a release for the bubbling nervous energy. “He means it. Oh God! I can’t believe this is happening!”

Ethan returned from the master bathroom to find a very nervous wife shifting and swaying on the spot where he left her.

“Stand still.” The command was gruff, but Cindy did not see the smile that chased it from him. “I want you thinking. Giving serious thought to the danger you put yourself in, and how much the punishment for that is going to hurt. Think about how much you misjudged me and what that could have cost us both, and how bad the punishment for that is going to be. Then think about how selfish you were risking everything me and the kids have at stake in this family too. That one’s going to really hurt Miss Cynthia Lorraine. Then you think about your snippy little tantrum this morning. I bet that one hurts even more on top of everything else.”

The nervous buzzing energy pulsing through her became a full blown tremble. Cindy couldn’t help wringing her hands and fingers. They felt almost raw with the pins and needles that came with the adrenalin her body churned.

Ethan settled down on the side of the bed, and watched her. Her nervousness was more than evident too him. The sight of his wife’s nervous, nude bottom quivering and fidgeting in front of him and the knowledge that she was going to be over his knee on a few minutes seemed oddly right to him. The whole situation was down right sexy in fact. He wondered if he’d be able to control his desire long enough to make good on half of the promises he made.

After about five minutes, he decided it was time to find out.

“Come here.”

The icy cold tone of his voice made Cindy startle and shiver. The dry cotton in her throat made swallowing all but impossible, and she felt an urgent need to pee. She didn’t quite know what to do. Beg for a drink or permission to go to the bathroom. She ended up doing neither. Taking a deep breath that shuddered and hitched through her with the tension she felt, Cindy turned and bent to pull up her pants so she could walk properly.

“Leave those alone, and shuffle over here now,”

Cindy closed her eyes against the urge to run, gathered her resolve, and made her legs hobble across the short distance from the corner to her husband. She took her position to the right of his lap, and nervously waited for him to tell her to lay down across it.

Ethan took her hand. Their eyes locked briefly. Confirmation that it was real, reassurance, love and determination were exchanged between them in the brief moments until Ethan pulled his wife down across his knee.

The position she fell into was immediately perfect. Another thrill of awareness that the spanking was really going to happen pulsed through her, and then Cindy settled into the experience. It felt right to both of them. Ethan’s hand settled on Cindy’s bare bottom, and it began.

“You ready?” Ethan’s words were not a question as much as a warning. Before Cindy could answer, her bottom was branded with the flaming sting of the first impact. It made her gasp. The pain barely peaked before the next one stung, and then the rhythm of her first honest spanking was established.

This was nothing like the first spanking of her life that had taken so long to feel real it made her react with anger. This hurt. It hurt enough that Cindy quickly began to worry that she wouldn’t be able to take what he said he would deliver.

“You’re being punished now Cindy, you understand that?” Ethan reinforced the question with searing spanks.

Cindy had to bite her lower lip to keep from crying out from the pain that came with the question. She could only nod her head.

“Answer me,” Ethan would not accept the nod, and he brought that point home with several even harder smacks.

“Yes!” a cry of pain escaped with her answer.

“Careful what you wish for little girl,” Ethan’s resolve intensified, and he continued her spanking in earnest. Cindy couldn’t fight the pain for long. Soon she was whimpering with each spank, and shortly after that she could not hold back gasps and soft cries.

As much as it hurt, Cindy was determined to see it through. A real punishment spanking was the thing she thought she wanted more than almost anything else she’d ever dreamed about. That she deserved it in the worst way on top of it only added to her will to stay the course.

Ethan was determined to get through to Cindy. He expected she would start to cry shortly after the spanking began though. When she barely whimpered after several minutes, Ethan began to rethink his approach. He knew his hand wasn’t going to last the distance.

Just as Cindy was reaching the point where she knew she would not be able to keep from crying, Ethan’s hand reached its limit too.

“Stand up Cindy. Go over to the dresser and bring me my hair brush,” Ethan stopped spanking, and stretched back to release his wife so she could stand.

“Oh please honey, no more. I can’t take any more,” Cindy stood, and backed away putting her hands back to rub her burning bottom.

“You heard me Cindy. Bring me my brush now.” There was no arguing with the look on Ethan’s face.

Fighting tears, and knowing she deserved whatever Ethan intended, Cindy did as she was told. When she returned to Ethan’s side, brush in hand, the heat and sting on her bottom was in full bloom. “Ethan it really hurts. Can you please give me a break?”

“No Cindy. You’ve had one spanking and you have three more to go. Down over my knee now. No more stalling.”

Cindy handed Ethan his broad oak hairbrush. For many years Cindy had contemplated the well worn, silky flat surface of the back of the brush wondering what it would feel like to be spanked with it. She’d even tested it on herself once or twice. Now, she was going to find out, and she wasn’t at all sure she wanted to.

Seeing the reluctance in her expression, Ethan took her arm and pulled her back down over his lap. When Cindy was in position, he stroked the cool flat of the brush over her hot cheeks.

“What do you think now Cindy? Is this the punishment you wanted?” he asked, needing to get a feel for where her mind was.

“It hurts Ethan. I don’t know if I can take any more.” Cindy answered honestly.

“You will though won’t you.” It was a statement not a question.

“Cindy sobbed, and nodded. “Yes. I’ll take it Ethan.”

The spanking began again only this time Cindy did not try to holdback the cries that came with each spank. She couldn’t keep from fighting it either this time. Her hands had to be trapped, and after a minute or so of steady flaming spanking by her very determined husband and his brush, Cindy’s legs had to be trapped.

Ow Ethan stop!” she cried when his leg clamped down to keep her from wiggling her bottom out of the way.

“Getting through to you now am I?” Ethan did stop briefly. “So now you’re getting a spanking Cindy. When we sit down later and talk about DD, and where we’re going next, you keep this in mind alright? Punishment will always fit the crime, and I don’t think you’re ever going to do something to deserve one like this again, but if you want this in our lives, and you earn one, you know now that I can and will punish you. Understand?”

Cindy sobbed and nodded. “Yes. Please no more!”

“Oh honey we’re barely half way through this. Now we’ll get down to the worst crime of all Cindy. That you put your family’s unity on the line for your own selfish interests. This one has to count Cindy. You’d better never even think of doing this kind of thing again. No matter what it is, next time you need something you WILL come to me with it first. You’ll trust me until I give you a real reason not to.” Ethan drove the brush into Cindy’s right cheek with a fury she could not fathom. The searing burn forced an agonized cry from her and before it fully registered another seared into her left cheek.

“Oh Ethan! Ethan! No! Oh God! No!” Cindy’s struggles became as desperate as Ethan’s spanks became determined.

“You will give me a chance to fail before you assume I will next time won’t you?” Every word of the question branded into her on the flat of the hairbrush.

Ow!” Cindy’s cry was almost a scream, and now tears escaped with them. “I promise! Never! I’ll never do it again! Ow! Oh ow! Please Ethan! Please!”

“Hurts doesn’t it?” Ethan’s effort seemed to intensify. “Not as much as it would hurt all of us if this family fell apart though I’ll bet?”

“No! No! I promise! No more! No more!” Cindy was dissolving into a sobbing wriggling mass of contrition. She was thoroughly punished. As much as it hurt, and as desperate as she was to get away from the pain, something inside her let go and fell into the punishment experience. She let go of all of the hurt and regret and fear that held her for that past weeks. It really was possible to exchange the dull long ache of guilt for the intense pain of a spanking. And her husband, the only human being on earth who was worthy of her submission and respect was the one administering her punishment. It was what she needed, and she knew it with every fiber of her being.

That realization enabled Cindy to completely let go and submit. Her sobs wrench her body with heaves of emotion. She could not have spoken to save her soul. Ethan felt the physical release pass through Cindy. The way she completely melted across his lap and gave way to sobs took him by surprise. The punishment ended in that moment.

He hadn’t been sure he would be able to follow through, but now he knew he could. Even so, he prayed Cindy would not need him to administer this kind of punishment on any kind of a regular basis.

Ethan put the brush down and laid his hand across Cindy’s burning backside. His strokes were gentle. Cindy took several minutes to recover enough to try and get up off of Ethan’s lap. When she did, he helped her, and then tugged her back to sit beside him on the bed. She winced briefly, but let herself go where he put her. When his arms wrapped around her and drew her against him in the embrace she’d missed so much, Cindy dissolved back into wrenching sobs.

“No more need for that. We’re done for tonight,” Ethan chuckled and squeezed her tighter.

“Love me Ethan.” Cindy lifted her eyes up to his. The tentative but completely open and vulnerable expression in her eyes pulled at Ethan’s heart.

“Always,” he nodded thinking she only wanted reassurance.

“Please, make love to me. I miss you and I need you,” Cindy repeated her desire made clearer this time.

Ethan needed no further encouragement. His mouth captured hers, and for the first time in many weeks he made love to his wife.

They would talk into the wee hours of the morning, and make love again before falling into deep sleep. Ethan administered the last spanking he promised Cindy shortly after breakfast the next day. They talked again for most of Sunday, and in the late afternoon, before their children were returned to them, they made love to each other again.

The first spanking was behind them both now. Domestic discipline officially became part of their commitment to each other. Neither knew how it would evolve or if they would be able to make it work. Cindy did know now that real punishment spankings were nothing like the ones that pre-occupied her fantasies. She would have to re-think some things. There was no disappointment after the first real punishment though. It felt right. No matter what developed, what had happened this weekend with Ethan was right in every way.


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