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Pirates Bride 1

The Pirate’s Bride

© 2004, by patty

Christina quivered in her proverbial boots as she awaited her fate. Although in truth she was barefoot.

“He means business this time I fear!” she trembled. Her mind raced over the folly of the last two days. Married, kidnapped, rescued and almost kidnapped again all in the space of forty eight hours.

“Life is becoming entirely too adventurous!” she shook her head. The fact that being kidnapped came through her own folly, lingered in the back of her mind. “Nigel was going to have a lot to say about that,” she complained to the creaking paneling in front of her nose. In fact he’d already had too much to say about it.

Not three hours after being saved from herself once, she’d angered her pirate husband with yet another defiant escapade, and in doing so put her sorry hide in jeopardy again. Now, here she was naked and bound in his cabin, this time bound by the man who loved her instead of the god forsaken criminals who seemed bent on foiling her every move.

How is a girl supposed to get out and about when there are desperate men at every turn? Men intent on taking any and everything that belongs to my husband including me!” Christina’s face crinkled in petulant frustration. “All I wanted to do was show him he couldn’t order me around. I just wanted to take one last walk on land before we set sail. Sheesh!”

No wonder her father only laughed when she announced she would marry Nigel. She did love the man, but the final choice to accept his offer was helped along by knowing it would make her father crazy.

“Well daughter, your choice does not surprise me, and perhaps it is for the best,” her father chuckled as he kissed her a sweet farewell. “Just remember this as you launch headstrong into your life with him. A man who commands men, strikes fear in the hearts of his foes, and has tamed the sea, is more than a match for you.”

Christina was beginning to grasp the finer meaning in her father’s parting words.

She could hear the clatter and clamor of the ship’s crew making ready to put out of port. She could also hear the overly stern barking of her husband’s voice. The sounds were only a brief distraction from her more immediate discomforts.

“The man is a brut to leave me like this,” she whined, when for the hundredth time she was unable to budge the coarse rope that wrapped and secured her arms behind her. Her elbows and wrists were held firm, with only enough play to protect her circulation, but not enough for her to slip or work the ropes either up or down. Then there was the matter of the leash around her neck, and the rope around her left ankle. Both held her standing in the corner like an errant school girl, though her state of dress was hardly girlish.

Briefly her mind set aside one element of her predicament and skipped over to another. Christina looked down at her torso. She remembered the lusty leer Nigel gave her when he cut the last of her clothes off.

“And tonight, my darling vixen, after I spank your foolish defiant bottom black and blue for you my dear I will make you my wife in more than name only.”

In that moment Christina managed to maintain her cool detachment in spite of the mortifying embarrassment she felt being exposed and ogled, but now, with her nipples perked out from more than just cold, she flushed hot from head to toe. An involuntary shudder pulsed through her and seemed to target the secret center of her deep and low in her belly and down between her thighs. It left behind a throb deep in her groin that left Christina feeling unsettled and forcing her to clench her bottom and squeeze her thighs together for relief.

Time seemed to crawl by as the morning waxed into noon. After what felt like eternity, the ship rocked and lurched under her, and she knew they were underway.

“How much bloody longer will he leave me here?” she hissed to the salt laden wood walls.

Her shoulders were burning and her knees and back begged her desperately to sit. “How can he leave me like this?”

“How can I?” The boom of Nigel’s voice exploded like cannon shot inside the cabin.

Christina screamed with the surprise and force of his sudden intrusion.

“Mercy!” she yelped when his large hand grabbed and yanked her hair, pulling her face around to look him in the eye.

“Not for you my hellion bride. There will be no mercy for you.” Nigel’s eyes twinkled and shone with rouge’s intent.

Christina shivered, but not from the cold. Nervousness and anticipation almost overwhelmed her. Try as she might, she couldn’t quite maintain her defiant front. A flash of uncertainty played across her face and Nigel saw it.

“Yes my sweet bride, you will do well to be concerned now, because your brattish antics have come full circle and it is time for you to learn ho is boss in this union,” he let her hair go with just a little bit of a push so her head turned forcibly back to the corner. Then he turned his attention to the buttons on his vest and the belt that held his knife and sword. In a few seconds those pieces of his attire fell to the floor by the doorway, and the bolt was thrown into place assuring their privacy no matter what sounds came from within.

Nigel knew his crew would never be so bold as to intrude on him now in any case, though he did like the added air of helplessness the sound of the lock applied to his young bride’s demeanor. He delighted in seeing her slight startle and the nervous involuntary wiggle of her luscious bottom.

Her alabaster bottom quivered and shifted in a manner with an effect on him that threatened to rearrange the order of the events he had planned over the next few hours. Nigel felt the rebellious tumescence bloom between his thighs, and grimaced with the urgency of his desire. “She will be punished first by God!” he growled half under his breath.

Christina heard the angry muttering and began to tremble. A sudden and desperate need to relieve herself became the focus of her existence. It made her clench and wiggle even more provocatively.

“Please Sir, I will disgrace myself from want of the chamber pot,” she implored him with as much sincerity as she could muster from under her nervous preoccupation.

Nigel’s chuckle was even more evil. “Perhaps that will serve well to teach you to behave? There is something to be said for a small measure of humiliation to make consequences memorable.”

His words were enough to re-ignite some of Christina’s defiance. “I am not humiliated enough here Sire!? You have taken every measure of modesty from me and now you would have me urinate on the floor and myself? You are worse than a brute. What kind of man starts a marriage by stripping and tying up his wife and leaving her no dignity at all on the night he would bed her?”

“The kind of man who has had his patience and good will tested beyond reason,” Nigel came up behind her and hissed dangerously. He took hold of her hair again and forced her face around so her eyes found his. “The kind of man whose new bride twice puts herself in the hands of his enemies through childish petulance and defiance; the kind of man who feared the loss of his bride to rapists and murders not even hours after his wedding. You will be wise not to forget that my love, though I will shortly give you cause to keep it on you mind for many days.”

With that he cut the rope that bound her wrists. Christina seemed to relax with an air of expectancy she pushed her arms back so he could more easily release the rope that held her elbows. He didn’t. Instead he moved around to her side and grasped her chin in one hand and brought the knife to the rope at her throat. The glint in his eyes seethed with mastery of the moment.

“You will be punished wife. Your bottom will bear the first of what will no doubt be many sound spankings, and when I am through you will know I am your husband and I will be obeyed.” The keen cold phallus that was the blade eased slowly up between her delicate flesh and the hemp. When the sharp tip grazed her gullet, Christina’s eyes widened and she balked and tried to pull away.

Nigel expected it, and smiled, responding with a quick pull on the knife. The rope severed and fell away and then the knife dropped to the worn wood floor. “No need for fear my love, at least not of my blade.”

He reached over and pulled a short stool closer. “Let’s get down to business here now, shall we?” His words did not frame a question so much as they were an announcement. In seconds Christina found herself face down with her torso sprawled across her husband’s thighs. She’d seen servants in this position over the cook’s lap a time or two in her life, but had never herself been in it.

With her arms still tied behind her and her leg still tethered to the wall, there was little she could do to right herself, though she did try to wriggle sideways to get to the floor.

Ow!” her yelp was more of surprise than pain when Nigel’s palm smacked its first kiss across her backside. Surprise was soon the least of her worries. Nigel set about to make good on his promise to apply correction she would not soon forget, and before long Christina’s dignity was a long gone concern, her howls and objections to Nigel’s determined ministrations could be heard throughout the ship.

The Captain’s crew smiled when finally the sounds of long overdue comeuppance could be heard. Their Master’s new bride had a lot to learn and it was high time the lessons began. Satisfied that all was well in hand, they went about their work.

“You’re killing me!” Christina cried after what felt an even longer eternity than standing in the corner had been, though it was hardly a minute or two. Her bottom was on fire, and Nigel showed no signs of stopping what he was doing.

“No my darling, I am spanking you. Soundly and thoroughly spanking you, and we have barely begun.”

Ow!” she cried. “Oh no more! I cannot stand any more!”

“My dear, you are not standing after all, are you?” Nigel’s laughing jest was insufferable, and Christina let him know with renewed struggles. Nigel had no difficulty keeping her where he wanted her though, and he easily kept spanking her. Christina’s struggles gave him quite an eyeful of delights he would soon appreciate from another vantage point soon, and long before he thought he should stop, it was becoming a super human effort to resist. It was important that he exact at least a small measure of contrition from the hellion he’d married though, so he steeled himself and redoubled the energy behind his spanks.

Christina felt the change in cadence, and quickly began to sob in earnest. “Please Nigel, please! You’re hurting me!”

“Yes, I am sure it hurts, but am I making the right impression? What lesson are you learning wife?”

“Never to disobey you! I’ll never go ashore without permission again! Please!”

“Why did you go this time?”

“I can’t tell you!”

“Shall I use my belt on you then?”

Panic set in, and Christina wailed. “Because you were such a boar telling me I couldn’t!”

Nigel chuckled and spanked harder a few more times. “So it comes out. You did deliberately defy me you petulant vixen. For that you will get forty more!”

Oh no!” Christina struggled against the additional spanking that was already well under way. “Please I can’t take any more.”

But she had to. Nigel was determined and finished things with purpose. When he finally stopped and put his sobbing well punished bride on her feet in front of him she was fully repentant and subdued. “There now! Are you quite prepared to be a good obedient wife now?”

“Yes Sire,” Christina sniffled. She was very relieved that the spanking was over with, and felt an odd unanticipated calm now that it was. The stern man who sat on the chair in front of her was a force unto himself. A force she knew would be strong and safe to lean on for a lifetime. Her lifetime.

“That’s my good kitten. Look at me my love,” all trace of the stern resolve that had been there melted away from his chiseled face and was replaced by gentle inquiry. “Shall we make you mine now love?”

Christina blushed, suddenly aware of her nakedness again. “It would please me, yes, husband.” Her heart raced again, only now she did not dread what was to come.

Nigel leaned down and retrieved his knife. He used it to cut the rope between her ankle and the wall, and then stood to embrace his wife.

His breeches and tunic fell away quickly. When he was nude also, he stood back and took in the vision of his wife. Her tear stained face fairly glowed with desire now. He had to smile when he realized that her eyes had fixed on the rampant part of him that would soon pierce her maidenhead. Her expression was an endearing mix of innocence and lust.

“It will never fit inside me Sire!” she whispered.

“Ah my sweet, a woman is built to take her man, though there may be some pain while the fit is made. But I will make you this promise my love, I pledge to show you that you are my perfect fit and I pledge that you will revel in the pleasure of the union. Will you trust me with that promise?”

Christina nodded though a shy uncertainty lingered on her face. Nigel leaned down to squelch it with a sensual kiss. Easing backward onto the bed, he tugged her with him locked in a deep kiss.

As she clambered up onto the bed with him, Christina complained that she would like her arms freed of the last of the bonds that held her.

Nigel grinned evilly and reached around to spank her rosy bottom. “Will you make me a promise to behave?”

Christina’s eyes twinkled. “For a few hours maybe Sire.”

To which Nigel let go a heart laugh. Moments later her arms now free, the couple embraced and Nigel made good on his promise.

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