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Pirates Bride 2

The Pirate's bride ... Part 2


The Pirate Beds His Errant Bride

Copyright 2005, by patty



Christina gave an involuntary sigh of relief when her arms were released from the rope. That was followed by a momentary wince when the muscles of her shoulders complained about the length of time they had been deprived of their full range of motion.

“Next time you are bid “Obey me” you will, won’t you my love?” Nigel’s voice carried an edge of wicked enjoyment of her discomfort.

“Must I be tied, when you have the lock to the door?” Christina answered with a petulant but coy smile.

“And have you lay waste to everything of value here in this cabin in your fury of destruction?” his hearty laugh made Christina blush. She had been somewhat difficult to control when she was brought back on board that was certain. “Besides my sweet bride, you are most appealing trussed in that manner. Your bosom presents nicely with the haughty wanton air a good pirate’s wife should have. I might decide that is how you should be prepared for my pleasure every day.”

Christina’s eyes opened wide with shock, but she quickly realized from the glint in his eye that her roguish husband was playing with her. Unaccustomed as she was to nakedness, his compliment was a little disconcerting and reminded her that she had been inelegantly on display to him for some time now. Her arms crossed her front in a modest pose.

“You need fear nothing from my eyes wife. Your lusty form is mine to appreciate and I surely do.” Nigel had no choice but to bellow with laughter when Christina’s demur smile cocked to a new angle and she made her best effort to strike a more coquettish pose. “Come to me wife.”

She obeyed with a smile. All thoughts of the discomfort in her arms and shoulders were replaced by the trembling sensual knowledge that her body would soon know a man, and the deep yearning ache she felt within her belly and between her legs would be answered by his possession of her and pleasures she could only guess at until now.

This time Nigel’s embrace was gentle, the feel of his hands on her torso sent thrills through her and she responded to him by returning his kiss with as much ardor as he delivered it. It was a strange thing that he wanted to push his tongue into her mouth, but the invasion of it made her tremble and need to give him hers. His large hands stroked and kneaded her flesh, moving first up and down her sides and then around behind and down over her flaming bottom.

Christina moaned softly when he grabbed and brutally squeezed her battered bottom, though her hips pushed forward instinctively to rub against his rampant manhood. Her movements betrayed that what she felt now with his attentions was very far from the pain she felt earlier.

“You are a lusty vixen aren’t you my love?” Nigel crooned with husky approval for the way his bride responded to his touch.

“I wish to please you husband, and I must be true to what I feel. I like this handling much better than the other.” Christina rested her cheek against his breast and stroked the hair there with her fingertips.

Ey, t’is much more pleasant for me too, though I swear I won’t mind applying a stern dose of the other if you are in need of it again. You can expect it if you misbehave, though you can expect more of this when you are a good obedient wife. My heart desires your passion wife, and if you push me, I will have it taking on the fight in you. I will find my sinful pleasures any way I can.”

“I will try to be good Sire, though if I fail I hope you will show me mercy.” There was a twinkle in her eyes when Christina lifted them to his.

“No mercy for you my love,” Nigel responded with a husky growl, a wicked smile and a hungry kiss that took her breath away. Wasting no more time, Nigel lifted Christina and carried her the few feet back to his bed. Laying her down on it, he stood back to look at her.

Shy uncertainty crept back in to her thoughts, though Christina tried to push them away. Nigel helped her by feasting his eyes with a need for her that was completely unbridled. It made her feel beautiful, desired and right.

“You are perfection my sweet, smile up at me,” he coaxed. Christina obeyed lifting her chin and curling her lips up in an most innocent and beguiling manner. “Good girl, now arch your back for me and show me your luscious breasts, stroke your own hands up and squeeze them for me.”

Christina obeyed, watching his expression and smiling with his complete appreciation and approval. The feel of her own hands stroking her body as he bid was both foreign and exciting.

“Squeeze and milk yourself,” he whispered, lust making him take hold of his erect member and mimic the movements he wanted of her hands. “Spread your legs for me now wife, show me the dewy lips that belong only to me.”

Christina’s eyes closed as her body succumbed to the sweet sensual pleasure his approval and lust imparted to her.

“Do you like that my sweet?” his husky whisper demanded an answer when her body’s sinuous flexion obeyed his command.

“Yes, though I long for your touch now husband,” Christina nodded letting one hand leave her breast to lightly touch the damp curls between her now spread legs.

“And you will have it,” Nigel kneeled up onto the bed beside her and then leaned down beside her. Once again his mouth captured and then devoured hers then quickly he moved his lips down to suckle and devour her breasts.

Christina couldn’t help but gasp and moan softly with the sensual thrill his ministrations produced within her. It was as if her nipples were tied to the deep pleasure center between her legs, as he suckled, she felt the pull from them in delicious pulses of energy down through her belly and into her groin. Soon her body writhed with the pleasure she felt.

“Please Sire,” she gasped. “I will die of pleasure if you don’t stop.”

Ahhhh my love,” his voice deep and husky with promise, “if I have any say in the matter at all, there will be sweet *petit mort* for you this night, perhaps more than once. We shall make it our goal that you experience the blissful spasms of climax as many as possible while I take your innocence and make you mine.”

“You mean to kill me then Sire?” Christina’s hand cupped and squeezed the breast that his lips and tongue savagely devoured.

“I mean to share with you a bliss that is heaven on earth and bid you, embrace the contractions the French have called *le petit mort.* Tonight my lovely wife your innocence will be laid waste and murdered by what we will do together, but rest assured your rebirth as a woman, as MY woman, will replace it with something you will never wish to return from.”

With that, Nigel moved down the bed and positioned himself between her legs, her thighs lifted and spread wide by his hands, his face positioned just above the moist mound of her sex. He drew in a deep breath. “Ahhh the smell of your arousal is honey.”

Christina’s eyes widened when his tongue pressed into the aching cleft that throbbed with the much accelerated beat of her heart. The tip of it flicked the exquisitely sensitive bud at the top of the transit, and then down downward and deeper until it sunk to the hilt in the passage she knew would soon be torn open by the thick ruddy rod that stood imposing and frightening our from his pelvis.

“Oh!” her surprise with his intimate attentions came out with a squeak.

“Surely I have caused you no pain yet my love?” Nigel lifted his face back quickly, concern obvious in his expression.

“No husband, quite the opposite, what I feel cannot be counted as pain, though it is frightening in its perfection.”

“Your dew is sweet my love,” he smiled and tipped his face down to breath her scent in deeply again.

“Your mouth torments me Sire. You will make me insane with this play you are up to.”

“Play?!” the tone of Nigel’s voice became stern for a fleeting few moments. “This is not play my sweet wife. This is lovemaking in its most serious incarnation, make no mistake. You will know this as a fact of your life as often and more as my poor body and mind can accommodate.”

His mouth resumed the plundering of her secret places. Christina whimpered and fought struggling against a pleasure like nothing she’d ever experienced before. His tongue was a devil stroking her in ways that were maddening. Fluid oozed from her, its earthy smell wafted up to her nostrils.

“I bleed Sire?” she worried, feeling the liquid her body made trickle down lower between the cheeks of her bottom..

“No my sweet wonton woman, you do not bleed, but you do make juices that will make what is to come easier for you. This liquid is a perfect nectar; a nectar that assures me that you are mine and you want me as much as I you. Silence now woman, let me take you to a petit mort you will keep special for all of your life.”

Christina obeyed, and let her mind become lost in the impossible sensations her new husband was producing for her. The closest she’d ever been to this had happened a few years ago when she’d discovered the secret pleasure her own hand could produce when certain tensions loomed large. What her husband did to her now exceeded that by more than her mind could fathom. All she could do was loose herself in it.

His tongue plunged into her, curled up, out and around her opening and higher around and over the nubbin that seemed to be the center of the maddening fire he ignited. Christina could not contain her instincts, and obeyed her husband’s command by not trying to. Her pelvis undulated and pressed up against his face, her breath came in short gasps and her voice escaped her completely.

“Take me husband!” she gasped. “Eat me! Consume me and take my soul!”

Christina’s body trembled as the crisis loomed with in it. When it took her she could not help the mewling whimper that escaped her. Nigel’s tongue tortured her, stroking and plunging harder and faster renewing each spasm her body produced. He did not stop until her thighs pressed hard against his face.

“Please Sire!” Christina reached down to grasp his hair. “You must stop!”

Nigel stretched up and sat back on his heels, an evil glint in his eyes. “Christina, there is one thing you must learn now. I am your master here on this ship and most of all here in this chamber. I say when I must stop, not you.” He pulled and twisted her legs, and cruelly spanked the one buttock he was able to expose.

“Please!” Christina closed her eyes and used all of the power in her legs to press him away. “I must have a moment to catch my breath!”

“Did you like that my love; that small death of your innocence to me?”

“It was more than my weak mind can grasp husband. If it is sin, I will be a terrible sinner henceforth I fear.”

Nigel laughed again.

He stretched back up and lay down beside her. His hands again stroked her body searching, kneading and caressing every inch of her flesh that was within reach. Christina, though initially timid, moved her own hands in a manner that mimicked his. When his fingers probed and plundered the wet folds of her sex, hers tentatively touched and lightly stroked the turgid shaft of his manhood.

“This will not fit inside me Sire!” her wonder took on the soft voice of fear.

“Aye sweet thing, it will, and you will welcome it as part of you though there may be a momentary twinge of pain as it makes its place within you.” Nigel reassured her.

Do it now husband. Please,” she whispered. “Make me yours.”

“In due time my love. In due time,” Nigel resumed kissing her, letting his hands stroke and caress her. He took her timid hand and pressed the fingers firm around his hard shaft, and then as he guided her to firmly stroke the length of him, he insinuated the fingers of his free hand down between the lips of her still throbbing sex. His tongue dove into her mouth again and again as first one finger and then another breached the membrane that guarded her virtue.

Christina’s hips again undulated with wanton, unashamed need as Nigel’s fingers circled and stretched her opening; his fingers slowly and ever so gently working the barrier wader, so that it gave way little by little with no pain. Each time he sensed her body tense he withdrew one finger and slowed his caresses. One finger always remaining inside to curl forward and knead a firm oval of flesh on the front wall of her tunnel. His gentle easy method gradually brought back the desperate urgency Christina felt with the first climax Nigel had worked from her.

When the climax overwhelmed her, Christina writhed underneath him. Her breath came in short gasps. Nigel too advantage of her bliss and positioned himself to take her fully.

Christina’s eyes opened wide when she felt the full, hard thickness of him try to press into the opening that had so much liked being filled by his fingers and tongue.

“You are mine now wife,” he seemed to growl before his mouth descended on hers and took it while his hips pulled back and pushed against her again. The slick lubricant her body made helped to make his shaft glide into her even deeper with his next stroke.

Christina couldn’t help but tense against the stretch and the threat of pain his advances produced.

“Please Sire!” she gasped, needing him and fearing him at the same time. “Show me no mercy! Take me now!”

Nigel chuckled and shook his head with glib warning. “Again my sweet, you must remember, I am the master.” He delivered another sharp spank to her right buttock and then held to his original plan even though his wife tried hard to thwart his gentle approach and thrust herself up against him. Slowly and gently he withdrew and then advanced again letting her tissue stretch and accommodate him with ever inch he gained.

Christina felt only longing need and the perfect stretching of her body as it made a fit for him. Soon Nigel’s pubis pressed hard against hers. He had breached her virginity and seated himself fully inside her. Yet there had been no pain.

“I will ride you now my wanton slut. I will show you how a husband owns his wife.”

Nigel quickly withdrew almost his full length, and then delivered himself brutally back into her. This time there was pain, though it was tempered by a deep need with in her to feel it again. Another brutal thrust was followed by another and another, and soon there was nothing but blissful need left for Christina to feel. The thickness of him that filled her was more than perfection. The brutal rhythm of his thrusts answered something instinctive and primal within her.

“More!” Christina whispered and rocked herself to match his thrusts. “Harder! Please!”

She could not help herself. If this was what the marriage bed kept sacred, there was not enough thanks she could offer for the privilege that it was hers now. None of the fearful prudish warnings she’d heard were true. This was the most exquisite gift her body and his could have given her.

Christina tried to relax and simply feel the thrusts and strokes of her husband within her, but arousal conspired against her. Nigel pumped harder and faster within her, and her body fed off the urgency.

“Please! Oh Please! Please!”

Nigel was lost in his own impending crisis and could only answer by instinct. Faster and deeper, he thrust, and thrust, and thrust even beyond Christina’s whimpers and cried of ecstasy. His climax followed hers. His spasms spilled his seed inside her, while her spasms rhythmically milked it from him.

Nigel held her tight against him and rolled with her onto his side.

“I am a blessed and lucky man!” he crooned.

Christina sighed and wrapped her arms around him. “We will do this again?”

“Yes my love, again and again and again.”

Thank you Sire.”

Perhaps I will show you tomorrow how a lusty woman can learn to enjoy having her bottom warmed before she serves her husband as you have just now?”

“But Sire, I have vowed to obey you from now on?”

Ahhh my love, only a fool believes his wife will ever be perfectly obedient. A little defiance keeps life interesting, don’t you think?

Nigel gripped and then spanked both of Christina’s buttocks before withdrawing his still erect shaft from her. She giggled, and all kinds of ideas swirled in her mind…..


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