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Marital Intimacy 2

Marital Intimacy Part 2

©2003 by patty

The phone woke Kathy, and while she was reaching to answer it, the doorbell blared to make sure she didn’t even consider going back to sleep.

OhhhMannn!” she groaned as she rolled to look at her clock. 6AM

Ooooooosssssssssssss!” she winced when her bottom skimmed the sheets under her. “Hi. Me!” she picked up the phone. “
OK hold on!she hollered out to the door.

“I love you,” Mark’s voice crooned through the earpiece.

“Me too,” Kathy smiled and shrugged a shy coy smile into the empty room that was suddenly full of him.

“You gonna stand me up again?” he teased, knowing there was no chance she would.

“And what if I do?” Kathy’s voice became husky and sultry with tease.

“Try me,” Mark laughed.

“I think I already did!” the tease became a giggle.


“Yes!” the giggle became a petulant complaint, and as if by reflex Kathy’s right hand soothed her panties. The flesh underneath them was still warm.

“Good!” Mark shifted into stern man mode. “Keep it in mind will you? At least until everyone has a good time and this whole wedding deal is behind us.”

“I’m glad you called.”

“Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. Today you become mine forever, you know that right?” Mark’s sexy wicked smile was actually palpable through the phone. “No going back, no do overs.”

“I’m counting on it Mr.” Kathy pulled in a deep contented breath. “You’re stuck with me no matter what.”

“See you in church Mrs. Winters.”

“It’s a date, Mr. Winters.”

When Kathy put the receiver down, she wrapped her arms around her, shivering with anticipation of the day and the night to come. Renewed banging on the door reminded her that she had siblings and a mother waiting in the hallway to help her get ready for her it all.

“OK! I’m coming! Let me put some clothes on!” Kathy spun to find her robe. Her T-shirt and undies weren’t exactly indecent for the company at the door, but a quick inspection of her bottom revealed several very distinct finger marks peaking out below the elastic panty legs. That was something they did not need to see.

“It’s about time!” Kathy’s oldest sister hissed as the door opened and the small crowd pushed through the door. Garment bags, hair stuff and makeup boxes took over the space, and the frenetic rush to get Kathy to the church on time rolled on in full swing.

It both fed and consumed the nervous energy that kept bubbling up in her chest. Constant motion and a million details filled the next three hours. Calls from the shop, where trusted friends and employees Juanita and Carl were taking care of the last of the reception details, set off a mild panic attack.

First the Champaign wasn’t there yet! Ten minutes later, “never mind it’s here!” Then, “oh Kathy! Horst forgot the whipped cream!”

“Shit! Oh Lord! Oh wait! Call the Roncesvalles grocery. Today is delivery day, they should have some! Use the cash in the reserve box to pay them,” Kathy chattered at top speed, while her best friend Christine tugged and twisted her hair. “Call me back if they don’t!”

“Kathy! Let them take care of that!” her mother whirled past taking the phone away from her daughter. “Carl, the ball’s in your court. Whatever else comes up, improvise. You’ve got the cash box and cart blanche OK?”

Kathy smiled and nodded gratefully to her mom, but couldn’t help nervously shaking her hands in front of her face. “Man o man!!!!! I can’t stand it!”

“Soon it’ll all be a memory. A happy, exciting, perfect memory,” Christine, who was weaving inside-out French braids leaned down and whispered. “You are so lucky! He’s perfect in everyway. Too darned good for you too!”

Both women laughed. Time flew by, and details were picked up, completed and checked off one by one, as if on a perfectly scheduled agenda, and then inevitably, it was time.

“The limo’s here!”

The announcement was followed by a minute or so of silence, while all eyes in the brides party surveyed mirrors, the room, and each other.

“Oh God! I can’t! I can’t!” Kathy’s voice broke the silence, and hitched with tears borne of overwhelming emotion and panic.

“Oh No! Don’t you dare cry and ruin your face!” Christine screamed. “I’ll fucking kill you if you ruin my masterpiece!”

The absolute comedy of her best friend’s exclamation and the absurdity of it all was the perfect antidote. Everyone burst out laughing. In minutes they were on their way. The bride, her mother and her matron of honor rode in the limo. The sisters rode in their car. Their arrival at the church was perfectly timed.

At 10:18 AM it was done. Kathy’s promise to love honor and obey Mark and his to cherish and protect her for as long as they both should live were made before everyone who mattered in their lives. The marriage was complete, and now the wedding would begin.

First stop for the couple and their friends was the art deco structures of LakeOntario’s SunnysidePark, where another friend suggested they take the photos. The cool late spring breezes off the lake would keep them all comfortable, and the activity of walking in the fresh air would blow off excess energy and stimulate appetites for the meal Kathy and her crew had planned.

Horst, the chef who offered his services to Kathy as a wedding gift, was a café regular who spent hours every day at one of the window tables reading Barons and the New York Times. He loved Kathy like a daughter, and cooking for her wedding was hardly thanks for all of the hours of company she’d given him. It was a very generous gift just for listening to him talk about his life in Czechoslovakia before it fell to communism, and his escape to Canada, but he wanted to give it, and Kathy knew enough to honor the gesture.

There were moments of stress during the first few minutes of getting to the water front, as vehicles got there late, and parking was harder than expected to find. Kathy felt it getting to her, until Mark’s arms around her helped her relax.

“No matter how the rest of the day goes, tonight is just us,” he spoke softly in answer to Kathy’s complaint about her parents being slower than the second coming.

Those words were all it took, to let her give up all the rest of the worries of the day to the fates. For the next three hours, she was never more than two feet from her husband while the day whirled around them, Kathy tried to find quiet comfort in the first hours of her life as Mark’s wife.

“I’m not single anymore,” she thought. “He’s mine now, all the way mine!”

It was almost impossible to believe. Staying close to Mark kept it from feeling too much like a dream. Looking at the rings on his finger and hers helped too.

When the pictures were taken and stomachs began to growl it was time to head for the reception and the Café. Mark commandeered the limousine, so they could be alone on the drive.

“You’re calmed down nicely,” he crooned into her hair, as Kathy settled into the crook under his arm.

Kathy sighed and nodded. It was cozy alone in Mark’s arms. “Want to mess around with me now?”

Mark laughed. “You betcha!”

With that he took her face in his hands, and devoured Kathy’s mouth in a deep passionate kiss. Everything inside her came alive. She was more than ready to give herself completely to him. “Take me to the hotel please,” she gasped when they broke the kiss.

Noooo no, no, no, not now baby, we have a whole bunch of guests to keep company until we’ve all had a good feed and can make a graceful exit.”

“Please!” Kathy wrapped her arms around his neck, and suggestively nibbled his lip. “They can wait.”

Mark kissed her again, and then repeated his no. Kathy slumped, and huffed.

“Kath!” Mark warned sensing a pout brewing.

“We’re married now you know,” she grumbled.

“Yes we are, and before the day is over, I’m going to have you, and you will have me. But first we have an obligation to celebrate with everyone who has come to wish us well. It’ll be night before you know it.”

Kathy sighed again. She knew he was right, but every inch of her skin needed him. She didn’t think she’d make it. Stubborn irritation told her to jab Mark with her elbow to let him know she was impatient.

“Behave yourself,” he growled with mock sternness. “Unless you want a repeat of last night this time with those lacy whit panties down around your knees!” he added when she elbowed him again.


The reception was perfect. The food, the dancing, the toasts and of course roasts were all perfect. Kathy knew she wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Several times she made a point to taste Mark’s kisses and tell him thank you for not letting her have her way. Each kiss kept her tingling, and in its own way, the whole afternoon and evening was a sexy seduction.

Almost too soon, Mark signaled a friend, and a red cape was brought to the table and draped over Kathy’s white dress. The music of Chris DeBurgh’s “Lady in Red” began, and Mark took Kathy’s hand to lead her out onto the floor for that last dance.

Mark’s first task was Kathy’s red garter, which he took off easily and tossed to the crowd. After that, he wrapped her in his arms and sang the words as he waltzed her to the door.

I've never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did tonight
I've never seen you shine so bright you were amazing
I've never seen so many people want to be there by your side
And when you turned to me and smiled it took my breath away
And I have never had such a feeling such a feeling
Of complete and utter love, as I do tonight

The lady in red is dancing with me
Cheek to cheek
There's nobody here
It's just you and me
It's where I wanna be
But I hardly know this beauty by my side
I'll never forget the way you look tonight

Kathy threw her bouquet from the doorway, and then they were out in the cool night air, on their way to their honeymoon. Family would take care of apartments and the café for the next two weeks. Kathy and Mark were off to the Olympic peninsula and whatever they could reach of the pacific northwest within a days drive of the small cliff side cabin they reserved on the advice of friends.

First stop was the honeymoon suite of the Queen’s quay, Westin Hotel in downtown Toronto. Their plane would not leave until noon the next day, and in the meantime, Mark and Kathy had some discovering to do.

Hotel guests smiled and watched as the red caped bride and her tall handsome husband entered the lobby. Kathy’s heart pounded, and awareness of the appreciative glances and barely heard blessings of strangers intensified what she was feeling. Mark held her hand tightly, and escorted her through the crowds with the dapper grace of a gentleman. He held her close in the elevator, and when they reached the floor where their suite was, he picked her up to carry her out of the elevator and into their suite.

Kathy was giggling when he finally closed the door and put her down in the room.

“Now Mrs. Winters, I make you mine!” Mark’s voice was filled with a husky lecherous tease that made Kathy laugh and back away from his grasp.

“Don’t you dare run from me brat!” he chuckled, chasing her and catching her in the bedroom.

When he caught her, they embraced, and Kathy melted into him. With that they began to make love. Kissing first, and then caressing.

“I’m scared Mark,” Kathy whispered when his fingers found the buttons on the back of her dress.

“I know,” he kissed her. “It will be good honey, I promise you. I swear you will never be sorry you waited for me. OK?”

Marked pulled her face back away from his, so he could look into her eyes. What they both saw in each other’s eyes was exactly what they needed to see. Deeply felt love, and desire that was going to be impossible to quench.

Mark gently slipped Kathy’s dress down off of her shoulders and onto the floor so she stood before him in a silk tetty, French cut silk panties and lycra and lace stockings; all white. She was beautiful standing there like that, looking shy and nervous. He could hardly contain himself.

“You take my breath away baby,” he gasped, and pulled her to him.

“Can I see?” Kathy’s voice was small, suffused with innocence and curiosity, as her hands stroked the part of him she had wondered about for so long. Mark just nodded, and watched as she moved her fingers to undo the button and zipper on his trousers. Kathy pulled his trousers down, and he helped her by stepping out of them.

“Your shirt too OK?” she looked up into his eyes, and played with the buttons. Mark moved his hands to help her with his buttons and kissed her mouth. Soon he stood in front of her naked and erect.

“You’re beautiful,” Kathy whispered, and tentatively touched his manhood. “It’s not going to fit, I don’t think.”

Mark took her hand, and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. “Don’t be afraid of it. It’s all yours now, and I’m pretty sure it’ll fit just right.” He helped her stroke him with a firm grip, and as he did, he moved his mouth down to kiss and nibble her neck.

“We really are going to do it aren’t we?” Kathy trembled.

“Yes baby we are. Again and again and again.” Mark moved his mouth around, and down to her nipples which were erect under her tetty and inside her bra.

“Wait!” Kathy stopped him, when he lifted her tetty over her head, and started to unclasp her bra.

“Something wrong?” Mark stopped.

“No, I, I, .. I just want to look at you for a minute. I want to make sure it’s real, is all.”

Mark couldn’t help laughing. “I’m real, and so are you. Now who’s stalling huh?”

Kathy smiled, and leaned into him for a kiss. His body felt so good against her skin. Her bra came off, and then her panties and stockings. Now it was Marks turn to stand back and take in his wife’s form.

“I love you so much Kathy. You make me so happy,” he said, and then he picked her up into his arms and carried her over to the bed.

Pulling the covers down, he laid her down on her back, and then stretched beside her on the crisp cool sheets.

For the first time they lay together naked in each others arms. Kathy stroked his body seeking out every fold with her fingers, and he did the same with hers. When her hands found the curly hair on his chest, and her fingers fondled his nipples Mark shuddered gasped.

“Does it hurt?” she asked.

“Oh no baby, it’s not pain I’m feeling, but you may have to stop before I loose myself here in a minute.”

“Why?” Kathy asked, honestly not knowing the answer.

“Because this time is for you first OK?” he answered. “If I cum now, it might be a while before I can again. This time I want you to cum before me and then if you can, I want you to cum with me. But you will cum first.”

“Don’t I get a say?” Kathy teased, and pinched his nipple.

“Not if you don’t want a sore butt you don’t,” Mark slapped her bottom and chuckled. “Now where was I?”

With that Mark began a slow sensuous exploration of Kathy’s body with his mouth and hands. Her neck, her ears, her shoulder, her breasts.First one and then the other. Then when Kathy was sure she would pass out from the sensations of him suckling her, he turned her onto her stomach, and began again with her neck and her ears. Mark nibbled and caressed her shoulder blades and her waist, and then her buttocks.

“You were a bad girl weren’t you?” mark crooned as his tongue traced the remnants of his finger marks.

“Stop!” Kathy whispered.

“Maybe tomorrow morning we’ll warm this up again?” his tongue kept stroking the bruises.

Kathy trembled with the warm prospect of that promise. Mark felt it.

Mmmmmm you like that idea don’t you?” he crooned, as he turned her back onto her back, and stroked his right hand down between the folds of her sex. “That’s my baby, all ready for me now.” His fingers dipped into the slick liquid of her arousal, and used it as lubricant to caress and spread her lips.

Until then, Kathy had only known her own touch there. This was so much more exciting and amazing.

Mark used her lubricant to stroke and excite her almost to the edge. He reveled in the involuntary responses her body made to him. Soon, he probed his finger into her vagina, where he encountered the small opening in the membrane so crudely called a ‘cherry.’ He circled the opening, applying gentle pressure around the thin rim. Again and again his finger circled, until a second and then a third finger fit into the space, and were drenched in Kathy’s liquid. There had been no pain, and Kathy was in ecstasy. Next, Mark slipped down between her legs, and surprised her when his tongue replaced his fingers.

“Oh honey what are you doing?” Kathy gasped. Shy and excited at the same time.

“Loving you baby. Just relax and enjoy. I’m going to make you cum now, let it happen OK?”

How could she do anything else? When he suckled her nipples he’d made her crazy, but this, this was driving her insane.

“Ok,” Kathy’s voice was a squeak, lost inside a gasp as Mark’s tong flicked the bud of her clitoris. His tongue circled and flicked. His lips pulled and suckled her clitoris, over and over again. Soon Kathy reached the edge, and trembled to keep from going over.

“Go with it honey,” Mark reassured her as he felt the tension building in the muscles of her thighs.

She did. The spasms of orgasm brought a soft cry from her that Mark silenced with a deep kiss. Kathy tasted herself for the first time.

“I love you,” Mark spoke the words, as his penis breached and tore the remains of Kathy’s virginity. The pain was momentary; replaced by an amazing fullness as he pushed and withdrew. Inching himself into her. When he managed to seat himself inside her fully, he relaxed, and just held her for a few moments. “See? We fit just right.”

“Perfect,” Kathy sighed.

When Mark had some control again, he began to pump inside her.

“He’s here!” Kathy thought, and closed her eyes and reveled in what she was experiencing. Mark was inside her making love to her all the way, for the first time. It was everything he promised her it would be, and she never wanted it to end. His long deep strokes soon brought her back to the edge of climax.

“Oh God!” she gasped. “Again! I’m going to cum again!”

“Good baby, let it happen,” Mark kissed her, and picked up the pace of his efforts. He was not ready yet, so he rode this one out with her. This time he reveled in the rhythmic spasms of her muscles as her orgasm milked him. When it let her go, Mark tucked a hand under her bottom, pulled her hips up tighter to him, and began to pump faster. In minutes, Kathy was moaning softly with the keening distress of a woman who was going to cum again. Mark was close too, and his rhythm became faster and his strokes longer. This time, when Kathy’s pelvic muscles twitched clamped around him, he pumped harder and his own spasms came. Just a few more thrusts and they were both spent.

Mark held them together coupled for several minutes.

“So that was sex huh?” Kathy smiled and reached up to kiss her husband.

“Like it?” he smiled and chuckled.

“Oh yeah!” she crooned. “Can we do it again?”

“I think we can arrange it,” Mark lifted her to sit with him. “How about we try out that giant Jacuzzi and the Champaign they put next to it first?”

Kathy giggled, and stood with him to move into the large bathroom. In twenty minutes, they were settled together in a warm bubble bath enjoying glasses of Champaign and candlelight. Mark’s torso made a perfect pillow and support.

“Was it worth the wait honey?” Mark whispered into Kathy’s hair.

“As long as we never have to wait again OK?” she answered. Mark wrapped her with his arms, and Kathy felt him respond to her request against the small of her back. She smiled. “I thought you said you might not be able to go again so soon.”

“I guess I lied,” Mark nibbled her neck, and put his glass down so his hands were free to fondle something more important.

Kathy and Mark did not sleep until they boarded the plane to Seattle. Mark didn’t get a chance to warm up her bottom the next morning, but he would that evening, when they christened the bed in their honeymoon suite.


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