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Marital Intimacy 4

Marital Intimacy Part 4

by patty, © 2004

The soft light of dawn woke Kathy. The salty damp of the cold Pacific Northwest morning filled the bedroom around her. Mark left the sliding doors to the balcony open enough that the soft sound of the distant surf, the nearer lapping of waves against the harbor docks and the constant chatter of sea gulls helped lull them to sleep the night before. It was a perfect siren song. Not that either really needed help sleeping. They were both well past the point of exhaustion following the excitement and non-stop activity of their wedding and the few days leading up to it, and then the full day of traveling.

Kathy shivered as she stretched awake, in spite of the warmth of her husband’s nude body next to hers under the thick down comforter.

“It’s real,” she closed her eyes and smiled sifting over to cuddle closer to the man who was ‘really, really’ hers.

“What’s real?” Mark answered his voice husky with sleep.

“You, this,” Kathy smiled and tipped her face up to kiss him good morning.

“Don’t you dare ever doubt it either Mrs. Winters,” Mark kissed her back and slapped her bottom ineffectually under the sheets.

“Mm hm hm!” Kathy’s giggle was muffled by a proper good morning kiss from her new husband.

“What are we gonna do today?” Mark asked with an evil grin.

Kathy’s eyes sparkled. These first few nights in the small elegant but kitschy resort were deliberate. As hikers and nature enthusiasts neither had much use for touristy towns or their trappings. This place was chosen purely for the wonderful ambiance of the room since that is where they planned to spend most of their time. Kathy did want to see a few antique shops and check out a few things, but all totaled that would take only a few hours of the next few days.

“Nuthin,” she grinned.

“Nothing?” Mark quizzed and kissed her again “Are you sure?”

“Well?” Kathy teased nibbling Marks lower lip. “Maybe fool around with my husband?”

“Oh?” Mark crooned. “You want to be a bad girl do you?”

Mark pushed Kathy over onto her stomach and rolled on top of her, nuzzling her neck and making her hair stand on end with his hot breath behind her ears. Kathy arched her bottom up under him, welcoming his hardness and shifting so it could glide into the diamond of space between her buttocks and her thighs.

Mark’s weight pinned her on her stomach, while his hands kneaded her bottom alternately spreading and compressing her cheeks while his erection plundered and ground lasciviously along the moist crevice that would soon open for him.

“I can’t breath Mark,” Kathy complained breathlessly. The movements of her bottom and hips belied any real distress, but Mark responded quickly shifting one forearm up so he took most of his weight off her torso. His other arm wrapped around and under her, and tunneled until it found the moist lips his erection was teasing.

“Better?” he teased and then bit her shoulder hard.

“Oh!” Kathy winced and lifted her bottom. Her legs spread more and her sex opened. “Yes!” Kathy gasped as Mark plunged into her.

“Bad girl it is then?” Mark gasped and gave over to his instincts.

“Please!” Kathy agreed.


“Will it always be like this?” Kathy smiled up at Mark when he came back from the bathroom and sat beside her to peruse the room service menu?

“What?” his response was absent and genuine.

“You rat!” Kathy elbowed him. “You know!”

Mark smiled and embraced his wife. He nuzzled her neck and kissed her handy cheek several times. “If we stay honest and try, yes… it’ll stay like this.”

“All the talk about sex getting old, and couples not wanting it after a while? Is that going to be us?” Kathy leaned against Mark. She really wanted to know his thoughts.

“It happens,” Mark nuzzled and took Kathy’s point head on. “But, it takes two and I have faith you’re on my page in this.”

“Mmmmmm!” Kathy crooned. “Me too. I never thought it was going to be this good.”

“I knew you were going to be a real bad girl for me when we got around to it,” Mark’s grin and chuckle were wicked, and they both made Kathy laugh a return and equally wicked smile.


Their breakfast was a comfortable if odd blend of decadent and healthy. Eggs Benedict and Oysters Rockefeller, carrot muffins, skim milk, Special K fresh berries and melons. They both sampled some of everything

“Blueberry Pancakes tomorrow OK?” Kathy asked dipping the edge of her carrot muffin into the liquid yolk of her egg.

“With eggs and sausage,” Mark held out, and then, with her nod and smile, agreed.

While they ate, Kathy flipped the channels on the TV.

“McClintock!” Kathy gasped and flipped the channel ahead desperately. “It’s barely morning! What in the heck is that doing on?”

Mark grinned and took over the remote. “Hey! John Wayne. That’s a good movie!”

Together they watched the fluff and both enjoyed the laugh.

When the silly movie was over, Kathy, who had real life on her mind, leaned up against Mark and spoke. “Would you chase me all over creation and spank me like that?”

“Would you make me?” Mark chuckled and squeezed her tight against his side patting the side of her right thigh as he did.

“You better not!” Kathy elbowed him.

“Better not tempt me then,” Mark’s voice held an edge that Kathy wasn’t all together sure was a tease.

“You rat!” Kathy giggled and elbowed him again.

“Want to go for a walk?” Mark asked. “Get some fresh air and let the maid in to tidy up?”

“OK,” Kathy agreed and bounced up out of the bed where they’d been cuddled against pillows and the headboard.


The rocky shore to the north of the protected harbor was a beachcomber’s paradise. The breeze off the water and the crisp air was refreshing.

“The sky is a different color here,” Kathy remarked absently, her face lifted up into the breeze. “And the air smells so clean.”


“ I wonder if the people who live here would notice the different smell and sky where we live?”

“Dunno, probably would I guess.”

“Too bad the surf is so rough. You could skip rocks better if it was smooth.”

“Yup.” ………………………..

The couple engaged in quiet aimless chatter about the sky, smells, boats, what the man on the peer did for a living and other things that just came up. They spent their two hours walking just being company for each other, with no real cares to take their attention away from enjoying their surroundings and each other.

“Ready to start thinking about lunch Mrs. Winters,” Mark asked after a long but comfortable period of silence spent ambling along hand in hand.

Kathy shrugged and agreed. She wasn’t especially hungry, but figured that by the time they got back to their room that might change. “Something simple so we have room for a nice supper, how’s that?”

“Perfect,” Mark agreed. “And I know exactly what I want for dessert too.”

Kathy squealed when he surprised her by grasping and pinching her bottom. Her reaction was to skip out of reach and laugh backing away from him.

“Gimme some of that ass!” Mark laughed and gave chase.

Kathy made it less than fifty yards down the stone beach before Mark caught her and pulled her to him. They embraced and indulged a deep kiss, during which Kathy succumbed to an evil impulse.

Closing her teeth on Mark’s lower lip, she cupped his groin with her right hand and squeezed gently. Her eyes sparkled into his as he realized she had him at a disadvantage and could torment him with pain if she chose. He growled, his eyes shining with mischievous warning.

“Maybe I’ll nibble on you?” Kathy’s hand tightened ever so slightly. With Mark distracted by surprise, she broke away and ran full tilt further up the beach.

“You’re cruising aren’t you,” Mark’s call was husky.

Kathy’s answer was a laugh that sounded like crystal chimes on the wind. Mark smiled and picked his walking pace up to close the gap. Kathy slowed to let him catch up some, but as he gained ground and approached her, she giggled and ran a head out of reach.

“You can run now, but soon I’ll have you right where I want you, and that pretty little butt will be mine!”

“Nuh uh,” Kathy laughed. “I’ll just bite you again.”

“Threats like that will get your bare bottom warmed but good,” Mark chuckled.

“No way,” Kathy dismissed the tease with a giggle. “No more spankings. I’m a grown woman and you’re my husband not my father.”

“I’m the man who’s gonna keep you in line for ever and ever from now on, and that means spankings. Lots and lots of spankings,” Mark’s husky announcement was followed by a lunge that was sudden enough to extract a surprised squeal from Kathy as he caught her and pulled her back against him. “Spankings you’ll like, and some you won’t.”

“Spanking’s I’ll like?” Kathy’s giggle was muffled by the kiss Mark deposited on her lips.

“Yup. Spankings you’ll like,” Mark slipped his hands down to cup and knead her bottom. “Care to try one of those on for size?’

“Mark!” Kathy tried to pull away without success. “Not here!”

“Oh no, not here. Up in the room where a bad, bad girl has to pull down her panties and show her bare bottom off before and after it gets spanked,” Mark crooned and pulled her pelvis against his front continuing to knead and massage her buttocks.

Kathy couldn’t help the soft moan that came up involuntarily from the pit of her stomach. Mark’s ministrations and the firm but sexy edge to his voice were igniting a heat inside she couldn’t ignore. Her hips responded, rubbing and rocking against and with his.

“Mmmmm,” Mark crooned. “You like that idea don’t you baby? You want me to spank your naughty bare bottom until it’s hot and red. Mmmmm?”
Kathy closed her eyes. Arousal had her completely, and she wanted whatever his hands and mind wanted to do to her. She nodded.

“So that’s how it’s going to be before lunch. You’re going to get your bare bottom spanked. Spanked long, and hot and proper.” Mark released her from his embrace, and took her hand. Both of them, now anxious to get back, picked up the pace of their walk and reached the hotel quickly.

Kathy’s heart pounded with anticipation, but the only place she was really aware of sensation was her groin. The throb she felt there was intense, and when Mark closed and locked the door to their suite behind them, the sensation intensified ten fold.

“Alright naughty girl. Come over here and pull those pants down,” he wasted no time on preliminaries.

“It won’t hurt?” Kathy stepped toward him, suddenly uncertain.

“It’ll hurt exactly like you need it too, and you’ll get exactly what you deserve,” Mark’s eyes twinkled. “Come here now. Pull down those pants and bend over my knee.”

Kathy looked into his eyes, and saw the invitation to play. A spanking when she didn’t deserve it, when she felt so aroused and sexy, was it possible that what had been in her fantasies could really be part of her sex life? She could hide her blush as she fumbled at the snap on her jeans.

“That’s it,” Mark grinned. “Pull them down, all the way off, and park that naughty bottom where it belongs.”

Kathy trembled. Goose flesh raised across her bare bottom as Mark guided her down across his hard thighs. He shifted back on the bed, so that Kathy’s torso was supported on the mattress, and then caressed her bottom.

“Just a few finger marks from yesterday,” he commented drawing lines around the remnants of the last spanking he’d given her. “This spanking isn’t going to be like that one though honey. This one you’re going to like.”

He started out slow. Smacking her bottom lightly, imparting just a little sting as he did. At first Kathy was tense and nervous, but very quickly the warmth and rhythm of what he was doing took over. Mark spanked for a while, and then massaged and rubbed her bottom, and then he spanked again, just a little harder than before. He spanked and massaged, spanked and massaged, again and again; each cycle harder and more intense than the last. In twenty minutes, Kathy was in heaven.

“See what I mean?” Mark whispered leaning down to kiss the side of her face. “A spanking you’ll like.”

“Mmmmm,” Kathy nodded, her eyes closed. Her hips and bottom ground lascivious circles; lifting to greet Marks’ hand, and pushing down to add to the delicious arousal she felt further forward between her legs.

“Want to ride me while I spank you hotter?” Mark teased and nibbled her neck. He didn’t wait for her to answer, but instead shifted her so that her legs straddled his left thigh and she was well forward. Her vulva easily came in full contact with his jeans, and her left thigh caressed the erection that strained under the coarse denim fabric. “Ride me baby.”

Kathy needed no encouragement. As Mark resumed spanking, her body responded naturally. At first her pace was languid and leisurely, but soon it had to increase. Kathy realized quickly that she was going to cum, and she marveled with the knowledge that that was exactly what Mark had in mind.

“Honey!” Kathy whispered, embarrassed and excited by the crisis that was coming.

“Don’t fight it baby,” Mark seemed to know what she was feeling. “Go with it all the way. This is exactly what you need.”

“Oh God!” Kathy gasped. Her pelvis rolled frantically now, and Mark began to spank as hard as he ever had.

“More!” Kathy’s cry was a keening high pitched whine. “Oh God! More!”

Mark obliged by spanking harder. In seconds, Kathy tensed and gasped lifting her torso so she could grind her vulva hard against Marks thigh as she rocked into the most intense spasms of her climax.

“Oh, Oh,” she whimpered when her body finally let go of the tension of her crisis.

“That good huh?” Mark smiled and pulled her up into his arms.

“You’re amazing,” Kathy whispered, unable to fully process what had just occurred.

“Think you could get used to that?” Mark smiled and kissed her eyelids.

“Can you spank me that way all the time?” Kathy grinned.

“Only if you’re good,” Mark’s chuckle was deep and wicked. “There are still the other kinds of spankings for you to contend with if you get out of line. You need those just as much too.”

Kathy smiled and kissed him. “I’m always good Mr. Winters. It’s your perception that’s bad.”

Her embrace became more purposeful as Kathy became more aware of the hardness trapped inside Mark’s jeans. “Your turn now,” she smiled.

“Here, let me up brat,” Mark stood, and lifted Kathy’s sweater over her head. Then he turned his attention to his clothes. In only a minute they were nude, and clambering up onto the bed where they could comfortably finish the interlude Mark began with Kathy’s first sexy spanking.

“Can I try it with my mouth?” Kathy asked when Mark guided her hand around his hard shaft.

“Do you want to?” Mark smiled.

“Yeah kind of,” Kathy was uncertain. “Will it taste bad or anything?”

“I don’t know? I’ve never tasted me down there,” Mark teased. “You can stop if you don’t like it.”

“What if I hurt you?” Kathy sat up looking at the member she held and stroked in her hand.

“I promise to tell you. I don’t think you could hurt me unless you bite, and I don’t think you’d do that would you?”

Kathy turned her gaze up to his. “I might,” she smiled wickedly. Then she slipped herself down so that her lips caressed the tip.

“Tell me if I do it wrong OK?” she looked back up into Mark’s eyes.

He smiled back with a soft look on his face. “I promise.”

“Is this OK?” Kathy circled the rim of his glans with her tongue. Mark’s eyes closed and his face relaxed with pleasure.

“Very good baby.”

Kathy repeated that again and again, slowly flattening her tongue and increasing the contact further down the length. Soon she had most of the end of him inside her mouth, and was trying to stroke him up and down. Not much of him would fit, but she used her tongue and lips to cover what she couldn’t fit into her mouth.

“OK?” she asked after several minutes.

“Oh yes honey,” Mark’s answer was a whisper. “Better than OK.”

“Should I go faster?” she asked.

“What you’re doing is just fine baby. Just fine.”

“OK, but you tell me if it’s not OK?” Kathy went back to suckling and stroking him intimately with her tongue and lips. Her hands made slick by saliva helped her reach and stroke the parts of his length her mouth was unable to accommodate. She actually liked the rhythm of it. The salty taste of him was pleasant too. Something she hadn’t expected.

It wasn’t long before Mark’s body began to force his movements. His breathing changed and became ragged and deeper, and his hips began to lift up and circle in a rhythm as though he were thrusting with her suckling.

“Tighter baby, faster,” he gasped.

The taste of him changed subtly, and a salty oil joined the slick lubricant of her saliva. Kathy worked her tongue around the rim of his glans more rapidly and slipped her lips up and down his length more quickly. From her position, she was able to watch his face, and see the contraction of bliss as his body bucked gently with her. She could feel his muscles start to tremble, and used that as her cue to suckle and stroke him harder and faster.

The salty taste of him became stronger, and then he shuddered and let out a deep growl. A hot jet of silken liquid stroked the back of Kathy’s pallet, and Mark pumped up into her frantically. She obliged by pumping her mouth back down onto him, surprised by the bubbles of white foam that spilled out around her lips. His ejaculate smelled musky and sweet, and tasted somewhat like the oysters they’d had for breakfast. Kathy continued to suckle and lick for many minutes after Mark reached his climax. Stopping only when he lifted her face into his hands.

They smiled and held eye contact for a long silent moment, and then Kathy giggled.

“That was good.”

“You can say that again,” Mark chuckled.

“I read about people doing that, and I thought it would be gross, but it wasn’t. It was very sexy and really very nice honey,” Kathy wiped her face. “But I think we’ll have to wipe you off, and some spilled on the sheets.”

“On your face too,” Mark laughed and pulled her up where he could kiss her. “Mmm tasty.”

They both laughed.

Counting their wedding day they’d been married and intimate for only three days. Intimacy was blossoming nicely.


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