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Marital Intimacy 3

Marital Intimacy Part 3

copyright 2004, by patty

Both Kathy and Mark managed to catch up on some sleep on the flight to Seattle. At first Kathy was too excited to sleep, and it irked her that Mark zoned out so quickly. Flying over the great lakes seemed to take forever. Knowing the flight would be four and a half hours, and then experiencing the seconds, minutes and hours as they seemed to crawl by were two different things. Lake Superior was just too damned long, even if the white rocks along the north shore were beautiful. The in-flight movie was the final straw that put Kathy under. The YaYa Sisterhood was boring as hell the first time around, so there was just no way it could compete with fatigue or blend well enough with novelty and excitement to keep her awake.

Kathy’s nap dreams swirled with snippets from the world of the airplane cabin around her, moments from her wedding the day before, and anticipated sights from the brochures she poured over for their destination. None of the scenes she dreamed ever reached a satisfactory finish, and when the palpable change in cabin pressure that signaled their initial descent into Seattle woke her, Kathy felt on edge and restless. Mark ignored her elbow and slept through the landing. That added to Kathy’s restless.

The landing took too long. Several times as it seemed the plane must be just about lined up with the runway, and Kathy craned her neck to see over Mark to the world outside, the plane banked right, so that the bright sky and a wave of nausea assaulted her. After the fourth such assault on her senses Kathy sat back in a huff and grumbled. Cranky barely scratched the surface of what she was feeling as the wheels finally lurched onto the ground, and Mark stirred awake and stretched like a sinewy cat.

“Hey baby, we’re here already,” he smiled sleepily and reached over to wrap his arms around her.

Kathy slumped down in her seat, and growled. “I’m bored and tired. It’s a damned good thing we’re here.”

Mark laughed and squeezed Kathy’s shoulders. “We still have to catch a ferry and get in a few hours of driving before we get to Port Hadlock tonight.”

Kathy moaned with the thought of it.

“It’ll be fine, I feel great and I’m doing the driving. Maybe you can catch up on some sleep in the car,” Mark chuckled. Kathy’s tendency to regress when she was over tired was something he’d experienced many times in the years he’d courted her. He knew her mood would shift in and out with moments of her usual excited optimism and then whining fatigue at least a few times between now and getting to the hotel. He also knew that with a good night’s sleep and some leisurely time together she’d be back to being too bubbly to contain by the middle of the next day.

The plane taxied ‘forever,’ and then the ground crew deliberately took too long to open the gang way door so the standing crowd would get off ahead of them. Then the people walking to baggage claim were weaving too much, and deliberately slowing down just to be pests. Kathy’s bags were the very last ones deposited on the carousel.

When Mark stopped to put quarters in to get a push cart, Kathy had to let out some steam.

ArrrUHHH! What are we stopping for now?” her voice was raised and filled with impatience.

“Settle down now Kath. This’ll save our arms and give you something to lean on while I get us set up with a car.” Mark’s answer was patient, but he was loosing some around the edges.

“Just hurry up,” Kathy’s frustration level was such that even though she knew better she couldn’t concede that Mark’s move was sensible.

It took twenty minutes to get through the line and away from the counter with the keys to a loaded Toyota 4Runner, and another twenty minutes to get out of the airport and on the shuttle to the parking area where the rental cars were stowed.

It was shortly after two PM Seattle time by the time the couple were negotiating their way over the Seattle freeways to Edmonds and the Ferry across to Kingston, Port Gamble and the Olympic peninsula.

The sun and the glorious cool sea air did manage to lift Kathy’s mood, especially when they left the SUV and walked out on the deck of the ferry. The puttering exit from the ferry and the jostling for supremacy in line tugged her back down.

“Watch it Mark!” she hissed when a car pushed into the line in front of them. “He’s going to hit us.”

“I’ve got it Kath.” Mark’s jaw worked against impatience with her and the need to pay attention to traffic and signs.

“It doesn’t look like it! Mark! Watch it!” Another vehicle nudged over and cut them off.

“Kathy just stop!” Mark snapped. “We’re fine! I’ve got it under control.”

“Don’t tell me to stop. I can talk if I want to.” Kathy snapped back.

“Do you want to spend your first night on your honeymoon in a corner with your butt glowing red?” Mark warned.

Kathy glowered back at him, but considered her words carefully. She could tell there wasn’t even a hint of a joke in the question Mark just posed. Her blood boiled with the boldness of it. Part of her wanted to tell him where he could go after he took a flying leap. Another part of her quivered secretly with the thrill his dominance sent through her loins. Conflicting emotions battled briefly, and ultimately a compromise was reached.

“Just watch where you’re going,” she grumbled and turned to face the road in front of her with her arms crossed over her chest.

Mark chuckled and smiled. The hesitation and blush that washed over his new wife’s face just moments ago clinched it. He made up his mind firmly in that moment. Kathy was going to get a spanking tonight no matter what. If she played her cards right it would be pure pleasure, if not, he smiled and thought, “well then, it’ll smart like hell and then become pleasure.”

Crossing the HoodCanalbridge brought the glorious vistas of Olympic National Park into full view. Mark took a scenic pull out to rest before turning onto the coast road. They had plenty of time before supper to take the slower, more laid back route up to the resort where they would spend their first two days. The Inn at Port Hadlock was advertised as one of the most unique in the Northwest. Kathy fell in love with the pictures, and when she found out there was a private penthouse with its own fireplace and a grand view of the bay, and it was within their budget, she was sold.

Friends offered them a rustic cabin on the west side of the park near a town called Forks. That blessing afforded them an extra two weeks, and liberated some funds to splurge in areas they might otherwise never have considered. The first week was going to be spent touring the north shore and the sights along the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the last two weeks would be devoted to trekking the interior and some of the west coast from the base at the cabin. Both of them were realizing a dream by making this trip. Not just because it was their honeymoon, but also because they were making it to a part of the world they’d always wanted to see.

Kathy leaned back in her seat and took in the view. For the first time being there felt real. She sighed and relaxed.

“It’s something isn’t it?” Mark spoke softly. Kathy only nodded in agreement.

They were quiet for several minutes. “Feeling better?” Mark broke the spell. Kathy grimaced. She wanted to smile and elbow him with a touch of good natured ire, but instead she let irritation back up.

“Just get moving ok,” she grumbled.

There were a few pot holes and low water areas on the road, but there was almost no other traffic. They made good time winding through the twenty and thirty five mile per hour zones of Port Ludlow and then it was clear all the way to their hotel.

Kathy remained quiet and sullen through all of the drive. Her demeanor only strengthened Mark’s resolve to give her something to be peeved about. When they’d checked in and Kathy growled at the bellman who tried to help her place her bag onto a luggage cart, Mark put his foot down.

“Kathryn! Let the man do his job.” Turning his attention to the bewildered bellman Mark explained. “She’s had almost no sleep in two days.” The bellman smiled and nodded.

Kathy hung back and whined. “Don’t talk about me like I’m not here. And don’t talk to me like I’m a kid either.”

Mark said nothing, but put his arm around her shoulders and tugged her close to him while they walked to the elevator. They needed their key to get to the top floor since their room was the only room up there. The view and the room were even more beautiful than the pictures had been. Mark tipped the bellman, and closed the door.

“Come here wife,” he growled and reached out his arms.

Kathy obeyed and let him wrap her in a possessive hug. She was dead tired, but almost instantly responded to the hardness of him against her lower belly. They embraced and kissed, hands caressing and touching once forbidden areas of each other. Mark was first to break.

“Why don’t you go run some water for a bath while I order us some supper in the room. An early night is going to do us both some good.”

Kathy sighed, showing some petulance. But she nodded and obeyed Mark’s suggestion.

By the time Mark was off the phone, Kathy had their clothes out of their suitcases and was folding them away. The whirlpool tub was filing with steaming water. “I can’t find my nightgown,” she pouted.

“You won’t need it,” Mark came up behind her and hugged across her chest.

“Mark!” Kathy whined.

Wanna make out?” he pushed past irritation with her tone.

In spite of herself, Kathy giggled. “They’ll be here with supper soon.”

“Nope, I told them not to bring it until 6 that gives me two hours to get you in the right mood, and I’m going to start right now.” Mark turned her to face him with a quick movement, and hungrily devoured her mouth.

Kathy lifted her arms so that Mark had no trouble pulling her sweater over her head, and her hands followed his down to the fly of her jeans and helped him release it and slip them down off her thighs. In less than a minute her nude body leaned back into him. The sensation of him fully clothed against her in that vulnerable state, the knowledge that there was no more need to limit how far they would go together, and the firm strength of his arms and hands on her excited Kathy. Mark was hers now; all hers.

“We have a few things to talk over,” Mark tugged Kathy’s shoulders back away from his torso.

“Not now,” Kathy’s whine clearly articulated frustration.

“Oh yes now,” Mark smiled and chuckled. “May as well start things off right, and you need it as much as I do.”

“What do you mean start things off right? I want you to make love to me that’ll be more right than anything right now,” Kathy stretched up to reach Mark’s mouth with hers.

“First things first young lady,” Mark frowned and resisted her kiss.

“Mark! Come on! What is this?” Kathy pulled away, suddenly feeling ashamed and vulnerable.

“This is us talking about your crummy attitude and how you let a little fatigue become a problem for everyone you met all afternoon. This is us firming up some common ground when it comes to how that kind of thing will be dealt with from now on.”

“Mark?” Kathy frowned. She did not like the cool edge his voice had taken on, even though she felt her pulse quicken with excitement down in the hot folds of her sex when he spoke.

“Don’t Mark me Kath. We talked about this the other day, and I told you to expect it. And I warned you on the way over here what I was going to do if you didn’t lighten up.”

“Aw Mark!” Kathy’s eyes widened now that there was no more doubt in her mind about what he planned. “Please don’t. Not now. I’ll be better I promise.”

Mark smiled. “Yes Kath, you’ll be better. We both will. And this is going to make sure of it. Come on over here now.” He reached out and caught her arm and then tugged her over toward the bed.

“No Mark please!” Kathy pulled back with only token resistance. Her effort did nothing to stop her descent across Mark’s thighs as he sat down on the corner of the plush king size bed. They both sunk into the deep feather top and comforter, and Kathy gathered it to hug against her chest as she tried to push herself back up off Mark’s lap.

Mark held her down, and brought his hand down hard across both cheeks of her bottom.

Ow,” Kathy squeaked. She was too tired to fight, and flustered by the odd sense of rightness about what was happening. She was being spanked on her honeymoon, by her firm unyielding husband. This had been the stuff of romance stories, and here it was her real life.

Mark spanked hard and quickly. Soon Kathy was whimpering. Even if it was strangely comforting to find herself in this position, the spanking really hurt. She couldn’t deny the pulsing arousal building between her legs, but neither could she hold back the very real desire to have the pain stop as soon as possible.

“Please Mark. It hurts too much. I’ll try harder next time. Please!” Kathy swung her hands back trying without success to block Mark’s determined one. He trapped them up on the small of her back and kept spanking.

“I want you to know that this is what will happen anytime you act like a spoiled tired brat Kathy,” Mark explained.

“It’s not far Mark!” she sobbed.

“Sure it is. If you want to bring my mood down with you when you feel cranky, then this is what you can expect,” he reinforced his point with a few harder spanks. “If you don’t want to be spanked, then you try harder to be pleasant to people around you when your in this kind of mood.”

“That’s not fair Mark!” Kathy wiggled trying to get off his lap and avoid the spanks.

“It’s not fair for you to bring me down with you just because you’re grumpy either. So turn about is fair play. Only I think this is a whole lot more constructive.” Mark increased the tempo of the spanking.

Kathy started to cry. The spanking hurt, but more than that, fatigue and frustration just came flooding out.

“You see?” Mark cajoled as he continued to spank. “You’ll let all that nervous energy out, and I’ll let all my testy frustrations with it out too.”

Mark finished up with about a minute of hard sound spanking that had Kathy wriggling with some urgency to get out from under his hand. When he stopped and lifted her to sit on his lap, she was grateful to bury her face in his chest.

When Kathy could think of something besides her burning backside, she sniffled and looked up into Mark’s eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“I know. Me too,” he leaned down and kissed her.

Their embrace shifted immediately, and soon they were stretched out entwined on the bed, finishing what they’d started when Mark first closed the door. Kathy was sure the climax she experienced this time was intensified by the heat from her bottom. She knew that she felt incredibly turned on by Mark’s authority. His thrusts inside her seemed stronger and more satisfying because he was man enough to take her in hand the way she most needed him too.

It wouldn’t be so bad after all, if this was the price she had to pay to be able to express a little frustration once in a while, now would it?

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