Satin and Leather

Creative writing around the themes of spanking, domination and submission

No Going Back
A heart and bottom warming story of an unlikely couple who meet and prove an old addage that opposites attract; or maybe what seems like opposite is really just a contrary heart that hasn't yet acknowledged what it needs.

Alan comes home to his family home after his mother's death, and inspite of vows never to return, finds himself drawn back into the insular life he ran from in his youth. 

Rey came to the Island of Grand Manan as an out of control preteen.  Vocal about how much she hated the place from the beginning, now that she's of age and faced with putting her feet where her mouth has been, her love of the life and the island has her afraid and lost.

These two suit each other perfectly.  Their connection is first the life on the island that is in their blood forever, second is a bond of respect and infatuation that grows into love, and third is a sexual and psychological compatibility that includes spanking, discipline and a male head of houshold structure. 

Enjoy this story....  and get a flavor for it's setting by viewing this slide show
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