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No Going Back 9

No Going Back

Chapter Nine

By Patty

Chapter Nine

Carolyn felt a tremble of nervous energy pulse through her as her cold fingers slipped between the wet lips of her sex. She felt possessed. The image of Rey’s inflamed bare bottom framed by the bunched-up blue of her jeans and the soft peach and green of her sweater, and the echoes of the spanking she’d witnesses that still reverberated for her, worked with Carolyn’s fingers to ignite passion and jealously.

Rey complained that her legs were cramping, but Alan sternly refused to release her. Carolyn wondered if Rey could even appreciate the embarrassment of her predicament from within what must be the shear misery of her discomfort. The way her friend’s feet wavered and trembled trying to stay lifted off the floor in that impossible position told her that the effort to stay put must have bordered on super human.

Every time Rey wiggled or squirmed Alan’s voice boomed a command to stay put “Or else!” The sound of it pulsed through Carolyn with stern sensuality.

After fifteen minutes, it was becoming obvious that Rey was not going to be able to hold her position for much longer. Carolyn’s heart pounded wildly when she saw Alan sigh, and then stand and release the buckle on his belt. “Oh god! He’s not finished with her yet! This is too good to be true!” The rhythm of her hand stroking and rubbing between her thighs increased in tempo with her heartbeat. Goose bumps prickled across the skin of her bottom as she watched Rey obey Alan’s order to stand up.************

“Alright young lady, stand up!” Alan’s command came only seconds before Rey knew she was going to drop her feet to the floor. The muscles of the backs of her thighs trembled and ached. The two points that were once the tops of her shinbones felt crushed and stabbed to smitherines by daggers of pain.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Rey’s whole body complained against the effort of getting to her feet. Her knees did not want to straighten, but the relief she felt was immeasurable, at least until she was able to turn and see Alan fold and snap his belt.

“Please not that!” Rey’s bladder contracted against fear.

“Come over here now Rey. No dawdling!” Alan was firm.

“I can’t take any more Alan! I promise I’ll never do anything like that again!” Rey pleaded with her body as well as her words.

“I believe you. There’s still the matter of your consequences for this time. Come here now, and get it done.”

Alan’s firm implacable stance struck a nerve.

“You’re a fucking sadist! I’m already spanked half to death and my knees are destroyed. I’ve had my conSEEEQuences!” With that Rey bent to reach for her drooping jeans in order to pull them back up.

“You just don’t know when you’re ahead do you Audrey girl,” Alan took two steps toward her, and lifted her defiant torso toward him using the band of her sweater at the scruff of her neck.

“Ow! Ow! Alan my hair! You’ve tangled my hair!” Rey twisted and complained.

“Might be I should take your ear, and lead you over here by it?” Alan didn’t try to contain his annoyance. He tugged Rey over to the long quilting surface, and pushed her face down over it. Pulling her tight to him, and leaning some of his weight onto her back to hold her still, Alan laid the first lick of the strap hard across Rey’s reddened backside.

“Oh no! Please! OW!” Rey tried to kick and move her bottom out of the way, but she couldn’t. The belt laid stroke after burning stroke across her bottom, sometimes straying down across her thighs. When she kicked and struggled too vigorously, a few licks wrapped her inner right thigh making her scream with pain and clench her legs back together in desperation.

“That’s what happens when you fight it Rey. Stay put and that won’t happen,” Alan chuckled when he saw her reaction to he misplaced lash.

“I can’t Alan! It hurts too much!” she wailed an answer.

“It’s supposed to hurt isn’t it? Spankings hurt. That’s one of the things that make them so effective reminding misbehaving young ladies to behave themselves.”

Rey swung her right arm, and caught Alan’s right flank with her elbow. She didn’t have much leverage, but Alan felt it.

“Rey, your attitude is not moving in the right direction here,” he growled, and laid on two firm licks hard.

“Please stop! I’m sorry!” Rey yelped, and again tried to wiggle and dance sideways to avoid the strap.

“I want to hear that you’re getting the message,” Alan countered with a few more stinging licks.

“I am! Please Alan I promise! I told you. I’ll never do it again!” Rey sobbed, and then stiffened when Alan began to spank even harder. “Ow! What?” she whimpered.

“Tell me what you’re being punished for and what message is getting through Rey. And it isn’t that you’ve learned your lesson or won’t do it again either!” Alan ended his request with a warning and more hard licks.

“Ow! Alan!” Rey stepped up her struggles against Alan’s hold on her for about half a minute, until another stray lick of the belt wrapped her inner thigh again. “Oh God! Ow!”

“You’re going to end up blistered just from your own stubbornness Rey,” Alan leaned down harder onto her lower back, and set to applying a long punishing round of thirty full force licks with his belt.

Rey squealed and struggled, her arms frantically trying to get around the barrier that was Alan’s torso and left arm, and protect her bottom. Nothing worked to stop him, and all her struggles managed to do was momentarily deflect a lick to unspanked flesh that only flamed up in mind piercing protest with the assault. Her pride was steadily peeled down, and Rey began to let it go. She knew full well she’d risked her own life and that of her friends only so she could feel important and show off for them. She also knew that she’d made people she cared about worry and fear the worst.

“I was selfish Alan. I know I was! Please stop!” Rey sobbed, and let her body give in to acceptance.

Alan laid on a few more firm licks, and then let the strap rest across the top of Rey’s bottom. “Tell me Ray,” his voice was gentle, but firm.

“I only wanted them to like me Alan. I’m nobody here on this hick little island. It was something I could show them that they never did before.”

“Damn it Rey!” Alan laced her hard with five more licks, and then he lifted her so she had to look at him. “You are not nobody do you understand me? So help me if you ever do something so damned foolish again just to show off ….”

Alan could not finish his thought. Looking into Rey’s gamin face with her eyes swollen and brimming with honest tears, the flood of emotion he’d felt when he thought she might be gone returned and threatened to choke him. He pulled her gently against his chest.

“I’m sorry Alan.” Her tiny muffled voice was sincere, and pulled even harder at his heart.

After several minutes, Alan finally trusted himself to speak. “Just don’t ever pull another stunt like that again.”

Rey pulled away, and looked up into his dark eyes. “I promise.”

Without thinking, she stretched up on tiptoes and kissed him full on the lips. Alan responded by cupping her face in his hands and holding her face inches from his.

“I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you. You understand?”

Rey nodded. Alan let her go, and stepped back.

“You pull up your pants, and you stay out here an think for a while. Tomorrow you’ll do your chores and then spend all your free time in your room. Clear?”

“Yes,” Rey’s answer was a whisper muffled by sniffles.

“Straight to bed when you come back in,” Alan reminded.

Rey nodded.

In an instant Rey was alone, gingerly lifting her jeans back up over her punished backside. When her pants were up, she winced, and surveyed the room considering surfaces she might sit on. Her bottom throbbed and the skin felt thick and raw. Sitting wouldn’t be so bad, it was getting down and then back up that was going to sting. She opted to lean back down over the worktable.

The cool surface felt good against her hot face. Remnants of sobs hiccupped with her breathing now and then, but for the most part the lonely aftermath populated solely with the company of her thoughts and the throb and heat from her bottom, was soothing. Alan had spanked her again. Everything about it was right, even her stubborn temper. Rey smiled. There at the end she’d seen it in his eyes. Alan cared about her. He cared about her a lot.

Rey closed her eyes, and let herself slip down into quiet comfortable thoughts. One of them was the realization that being punished like this by her Uncle never felt so calming or peaceful.


Carolyn was so stimulated by the image of Rey’s frantic dance under the strokes of the belt, that she brought herself to climax twice. She almost climaxed again when Rey broke Alan’s embrace and kissed him. Jealousy was replaced by desperation. She wanted to lean into the window and shout “Me too!”

Alan’s quick movement toward the door startled her though, and she barely made it around the side of the building before it opened and the man stepped out. Carolyn had to stifle a guilty yelp with the sound of the door closing, and with her heart pounding a mile a minute, she waited and watched him make his way up the path to the house. When he was safely inside, she tiptoed back to the window and looked inside to find Rey lying back down over the table with her bottom, now clothed, aimed to the glass.

Carolyn debated going in or returning to her room. After a minute or so of debate, she took a deep breath and pushed through the door.

“”God Rey! Are you alright?” she tried to mask the excitement she felt and replace it with concern.

“Oh Shit! Carolyn you scared me!” Rey bolted upright and turned to face the intruder.

“That was awful girl! Do you have any skin left?” Carolyn moved to stand beside Rey, her eyes fixed on her hips.

“You saw!” Rey exclaimed, her face clouding quickly with dismay.

“I had to Rey! I didn’t believe you when you said he would do that, and then I could tell he would when he found us. I had to!”

“Gawd Carolyn! How could you? It’s shameful enough I deserved that but it was private. Just between me and Alan, you know?” Tears sprung up and escaped from her eyes.

“Deserved it? Rey! He’s your boss not your father. He has no right to do that!” Carolyn tipped her head, unable to wrap her mind around her friend’s acceptance of what happened, even though she herself found the idea enticing and sexy.

“He does so!” Rey answered without thinking. She could not go past that thought with any justification that would make sense. ‘I like it this way. I want it this way.’ Just would not fly without betraying something she was not prepared to share with this girl.

“Rey? You’re not serious are you?” Carolyn pushed.

“Just never mind OK. It’s just how things are here, and it’s not your business anyway,” Rey became defensive.

“OK, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to criticize. Honestly,” Carolyn dropped the pretense of outrage, and reverted to concern. “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine. It was just a spanking.” Rey turned away.

“Man Rey he really laid in to you hard.”

“Tell me about it,” Rey grimaced.

“Does it hurt much?” Carolyn’s curiosity bubbled out.

“Shit Carolyn! What do you think? Yes it hurts!” Rey rolled her eyes and turned back to show her disdain for the stupid question.

“Can I see it?” Carolyn pressed, her eyes wide and earnest.

“No you can’t see it!” Rey blushed.

“Well I already did kind of. Please Rey. I never had a spanking or saw one except on TV. Pleezzzze! I just want to get an idea what it’s like,” Carolyn reached forward and lightly touched the left back pocket of Rey’s jeans.

“No way!” Rey slipped sideways out of reach. “Geez Carolyn! Maybe Alan should spank you too and you won’t have to wonder what it’s like?”

“He never would. Nobody ever would. Hell I’m like that chick in Blue Hawaii. “nobody ever cared enough about me to do that,” Carolyn parroted the Jenny character in the legendary Elvis Presley spanking movie.

“You push him hard enough and he might. You don’t know Alan. He’s serious about some things.” Rey shook her head. “It’s not a good idea to do that though. You’ll be sorry if you do.”

“Hell Rey, I’m a thrill seeker you know. Chalk it up to an experience for my memory book,” Carolyn chuckled.

“You’re crazy!” Rey grimaced.

“You only live once kiddo. Besides you already know what it’s like, and you just got finished saying ‘it was just a spanking.’ ”

“Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Rey huffed with mock disgust. “I don’t think I’d be setting out to deliberately get spanked.”

“That’s because you don’t have to. You get it on a regular basis just by being you,” Carolyn was oblivious to the condescending tone her voice had taken. “Besides, I didn’t say I was going to do it.”

“You know Carolyn? Sometimes you’re not a very nice person,” Rey countered, and pushed her way to the door.

“Aw Rey? Please don’t be mad. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Yeah well you already said it so … I have to go in anyway. I’m in enough trouble as it is,” Rey answered, and made her way out the door and up toward the house.


In the kitchen, Mrs. Beatty made her stop to have some juice and take a plate of sandwiches with her to bed. The old woman gave Rey a motherly hug, and kissed her goodnight just as Alan came in from the great room.

“Get moving!” he pretended to chase Rey up the steps.

“Leave her be, I’m the one keeping her and she’s taken her licks well enough now,” Mrs. Beatty scolded her boss. Alan laughed.

When Rey was safely out of earshot, Alan sat down with a cup of coffee and started making conversation.

“She’s a damned good kid you know Bea,” he spoke into his cup.

“Aye, she is that.”

“Damned good kid,” Alan’s voice became wistful.

“You love her don’t you lad,” Mrs. Beatty wasn’t one to beat about the bush.

“She’s a child Bea,” Alan shook his head.

“She’s two year older than I was when I married the old fart,” the old woman brushed off Alan’s point as if it was sand.

“Times are different.”

“Jayzuz Mary and Joseph! You’re an ass! That’s baloney and you know it. If you’re a coward you’re a coward, love her or hide from it, don’t be making stupid excuses for yourself with me boy!”

Alan couldn’t help but laugh. Bea was made from island stock though. If what she’d just shared was really her perception, then he was off base with his concern. Maybe he should give some more serious thought to where his heart was, and worry less about propriety. “Might be worse having the kid here if the old coots think she’s old enough?” he muttered to his cup.

“Damned right!” Bea answered the question that she knew was not directed at her.

Alan looked up and laughed, and then turned, distracted by the sound of the porch door opening.

“What the hell are you doing out? I told you to stay in your room!” his voice snapped when he saw it was Carolyn stepping in with a look on her face cool enough to harden butter.

“You’re not my boss. I don’t have to listen to you. I’m paying you after all.” Carolyn’s haughty attitude grated immediately on Alan’s raw nerve.

“Don’t you play the snot with me young lady,” he warned.

“I can play whatever I want,” she quipped back. “And if you don’t want trouble from my father you can’t do a thing about it either.”

“You’re pretty sure of yourself aren’t you?” Alan leaned back in his chair, and squared off with the saucy youngster who seemed to be itching for trouble.

“Yes I am.”

“Someone should take you down a peg. If you’re lucky it’ll happen soon, before you’re too old to benefit from it.”

“Ha! That’ll be the day. Nobody tells Carolyn Andrews what to do. No one.”

“I told you to stay in your room, and I meant it. Now you can try this on for size. You’ll help Rey with her chores tomorrow, and you’re grounded to your room tomorrow to.” Alan raised his eyebrow waiting for the retort.

“In your dreams Mr! I’m paying to stay here I’m not slaving around here,” Carolyn bristled with Alan’s audacity.

“You’ll do as I say, or you’ll be a damned sorry girl,” Alan answered her.

Carolyn laughed. “Yeah right? Like you can really make me sorry.” She turned on her heel with all the airs of the spoiled brat she was and started for the stairs.

Alan stood quickly and moved to head her off. He caught her right arm and pulled her up short to face him. “You have two choices. One: we call your father and tell him about your behavior and antics complete with this little exchange, he pays for your passage and you are off this island first thing in the morning, or two: You bare that saucy little ass and I spank it black and blue for you right here and now!”

Carolyn gasped. It had been too easy. Now here she was faced with the reality, and the very real fear of it. Her heart pounded and her throat went dry.

“No way!” she squeaked.

“You have three seconds to decide,” Alan’s scowl was dark.

“But you can’t!” Carolyn looked around to Mrs. Beatty looking for help. The old woman only grinned and shook her head. The unspoken words “You’ve made this bed for yourself I have nothing to do for you now,” rang loudly in the background.

“One … two … “

“But you can’t!”

“Three. Phone or spanking. Which is it?” Alan started to pull her toward the chair.

“No! You can’t!” Carolyn pulled back and dropped her bottom to resist being pulled.

“Answer me now!”

Carolyn blushed and stood up. Then she stamped her foot with petulant indecision. “But you can’t!”

“You’ve said that! If I decide for you it will be both, and there will be no second chances.”

“You won’t tell my father?” Carolyn waffled.

“You choose the spanking?”

“And you won’t tell?”

“Answer me right now or it’s both!” Alan pulled her hard toward him.

“OK! The spanking then! But you won’t tell!” she stomped her foot.

“Alright! Bare your backside and get down over here now,” Alan kept hold of her wrist, and sat down once the chair was situated.

“She can’t stay!” Carolyn pointed to Mrs. Beatty.

“She stays. I’ll not have some snotty little brat claiming she got anything more than the spanking she deserved,” Alan’s smile was wicked.

“Then no I won’t do it,” Carolyn balked.

“Too late. You made your choice. There are no second choices unless you want both after all. Bare you’re bottom now!”

“No! You can’t! You promised you wouldn’t tell if I took a spanking!”

“I made no promises. I gave you a choice. You’re reneging on it. Pants down or I call your father first and spank you anyway.”

“Gawd you’re awful!”

“One … Two … Three … Bea, bring me the phone please.”

“Fuck!” Carolyn pulled her hand fee of his grip, and yanked at the zipper and button on her jeans. Her bottom was bare in the blink of an eye.

“Bend over my knee,” Alan tapped his thigh.

“Oh!” her tone of voice changed as trepidation set in. “Is it going to hurt?”

Alan sighed, and tugged her down across his lap. “You’re damned right it’ll hurt, and for your sake I hope it does some good!”

“Oh fuck!” she squeaked when the first spank landed.

“Oh! Ow! Ow! Ow!” she howled next. “That hurts too much! Stop!”

“It’s going to hurt a whole lot more here shortly. Bea, where’s that spatula? My hand is worn out here.”

“No!” Carolyn bucked. Her efforts to get away were quickly thwarted. Alan resumed spanking while Mrs. Beatty rummaged through the drawer for the old walnut implement.

“OH! Owe! Gawd!” Carolyn’s yelps and cries raised three octaves when the spatula made its first impression.

Alan spanked her soundly for the next ten minutes.

***********Up in her room, Rey shook her head. “The stupid little idiot did it after all. I just hope the whole world doesn’t think that’s me howling down there!”

In a minute, Ellen came and knocked on Rey’s door.

“Hi?” she sounded timid and worried.

“Hi,” Rey smiled, and let the girl in.

“What did she do?” Ellen asked.

“Who knows?” Rey answered. “She was out spying on me, and she was too damned curious. I think the cat just got too deep in her own cream.”

“She’s crying Rey,” Ellen worried.

“Yeah well, you would be too I think. He spanks hard.”

“Did you?”


“Will he do it to me?”

“No Ellen. She must have done something to ask for it. Alan wouldn’t do it if you didn’t know he was going to first,” Rey reassured the worried girl.

“What do you mean?” Ellen wrung her fingers listening to the frantic cries coming from the kitchen.

“I mean, he’d only spank you if he’d warned you you’d get it and you pushed him to it anyway.”

“I wonder what she did?”

“With her mouth. Hell! You’re guess is as good as mine.”

The sounds from below went suddenly quiet.

“Hey, you better get to bed OK. That’s where I’m supposed to be, and I don’t want him any madder at me than he is,” Rey whispered, nudging Ellen toward the door.

“OK. Night,” Ellen scurried toward her room.

Both Rey and Ellen heard Carolyn’s footsteps on the stairs, as well as her soft whimpers and sniffles when she finally came up.

“Well, you’ve had your spanking,” Rey spoke to the door. “And damned if I’m not going to grill you on it in the morning too!”

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