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No Going Back 8

No Going Back

Chapter Eight

By Patty

Chapter Eight

It was well after dark when Mrs. Beatty knocked on her door and peeked in.

“Alan wants you in the quilting shed Rey,” the old woman whispered.

“Out there?” Rey gulped to swallow back the surge of renewed fear and anticipation. Her fingers buzzed with the sparks and pins and needles of it, so she had to shake them. That made her appear as nervous as she suddenly felt.

“He knows about the drinking the other night Rey. So come clean with it alright?” Mrs. Beatty moved to sit down on the bed beside her.

Rey blushed and moaned. “I can’t believe this!” she complained.

“Just take your licks girl. It won’t be as bad as all that,” the old woman wrapped her arm across Rey’s shoulders and squeezed her with a reassuring hug.

“I know, it’s just … just … I don’t know? I’m too old for this!” Rey was flustered. There wasn’t anything to do but get it over with, she reasoned with herself as she pushed up to stand and make the walk to her punishment. “At least none of the guests will be able to hear it, that’s one good thing.”

“There’s a good girl,” Mrs. Beatty smiled and walked with her. “Always something positive in everything.”

The path to the shed was illuminated both by the moon and the security spotlight that was mounted over the back door. The woodpile and the flap doors to the cellar were the only real obstacles anyway, and even if there hadn’t been good light, Rey knew where they were by heart.

“Alan really should have painted those doors with the moss paint instead of the white,” she thought absently as she passed the entrance to the cellar.

When she got to the shed, she had to stop to collect her resolve before daring to enter. Several false starts to reach for the door handle were interrupted by waves of anxiety that pulled her hand back. Finally she settled on knocking as a way to avoid opening the door under her own steam.

“Come!” the command from inside sounded angry and gruff through the door.

“Man o man!” she grimaced, closing her eyes. She leaned on the door as she pushed it open, as much for support as to let herself inside.

“Close the door and sit down over there,” Alan’s instruction was terse and stern.

Rey tried to get a feel for his exact mood from his expression. The tone of his voice was cool and hard enough, that some of her fear shifted away from the impending punishment, to a deeper one that involved her affections for him and the now threatened hope that someday he might return them.

Rey wanted to say she was sorry, but she was afraid doing that would open the valve on tears. Tears that would come from that thing much deeper than fear of the punishment she faced. Hiding from that made her drop her gaze to the floor. She took the seat Alan directed her to.

Alan watched Rey shuffle to the chair first eyeballing him, seeming to size up where she stood with him, and then dropping her eyes into the angry pout of a spoiled brat who knew she couldn’t have her way. He was surprised to see her look so defiant and sullen. “Well,” he told himself. “We’ll change that soon enough.”

Alan had had to do a lot of thinking and physical work to get his anger and other feelings under control that day. When the discovery was made that Rey and the two spoiled guests had been out all night his first reaction had been moderate annoyance. But as things unfolded and he discovered the public drinking from the night before, the ruse to get out and repeat that crime the next night after she’d been grounded all day, his annoyance became seething resolve. When the puzzle pieces took him to Grand Harbour and the full moon spring tide, his anger was replaced by terror. Three phone calls confirmed the girls made it all the way out to White Head Island, and had stopped at the tavern shortly before it closed. They had not been seen since leaving there. The fear that gripped Alan, when he realized one possible reason why they hadn’t made it back, nearly knocked him flat.

Walking the spring tide was just the kind of bravado stunt that got underage drinkers killed out there on the remote island.

Finding Rey and the two girls alive and well just didn’t seem to be able to quell the profound sense of loss that had briefly overtaken his heart when he recruited McNealy to motor out to the islands to look for them. The reality of how strong that sense of loss had been during those brief hours he thought Rey might be gone, was something Alan could not get past. She was in dire need of a sound punishment that much he was certain of. He just had to get enough control to do it right. The task of finding that control had taken him all afternoon.

Seeing Rey there in front of him, acting sullen and defiant strengthened his resolve to make this a punishment she would never want repeated. If she had shown even a little awareness of just how frightened her stunt made everyone, his resolve might not have held up.

“Do you have any idea how much trouble and upset you caused?” Alan got down to business.

“Yes,” Rey whispered.

“You do?” Alan snorted.

Rey shrugged and slouched. She wanted to melt away through the floor. She did know, and she was sorry that people had worried so much.

“Sit up straight!” Alan’s snapped. “You will drop that sullen arrogant attitude right now! Do you hear me? I won’t have it! If I ask you a question you answer it. You don’t slouch and shrug like you don’t give a shit! ”

Rey fought tears. Her shrugs came from discomfort and embarrassment not arrogance. There was almost no way for her to control that either. “I can’t help it!” her answer was a whine. “You ask me things I can’t answer and it just comes out like that.”

“Sit up,” Alan softened slightly. His chin lifted with hers as Rey obeyed and tried to sit up respectfully.

“You could have gotten both of those girls and yourself killed.”

“I didn’t though. I know better!” Rey objected.

“You know better!?” Alan pulled his eyebrows together in a quizzical, half amused, half disgusted frown.

“Yes! I was watching the water! I saw the tide was coming in on time, and we’re OK!” she tried to reason.

“I see?” Alan asked. “So knowing how dangerous it was to go out there half crocked amounts to knowing enough to watch the water?”

“Well?” Rey shrugged again, this time a wry smile accompanied the gesture. “Maybe not the smartest I guess?”

Alan chuckled. “Just smart enough to see yourself drown if your timing had been off by another five hundred feet, and you know it!”

“We didn’t drown Alan!” Rey insisted. “We weren’t going to drown either! I was on top of it the whole time!”

“On top of it how? You got yourself stranded by the tide didn’t you?” Alan was amazed by her logic.

“Yes! But on land not in the water!” Rey answered. It made perfect sense to her.

“Luck Rey! That was luck!” Alan leaned down to emphasize his point with an “in-her-face” frown. “A few minutes or a few hundred feet, and you wouldn’t have made it to land! You damned well know it too!”

“We didn’t get hurt! I don’t know why you’re so stuck on what could have happened! It didn’t happen! I shouldn’t have gone out there. I see that now! But it wasn’t as dangerous or stupid as you’re making it out to be!” she could see she wasn’t going to get Alan to appreciate the finer elements of her point of view.

“It was a damned fool thing to do!” Alan growled. “Look at all the trouble it caused! You could have gotten yourself and those girls killed!”

“Yeah!” Rey argued, her voice rising with frustration. “I agree it was stupid. Not because it was dangerous, and not because we almost drowned! Because it made you mad, and it made you worry, and it made you waste time! That’s it. That’s all there is to it! We weren’t going to drown! I don’t care what you say. We got stranded. That’s all! Just take the getting dead business out of the whole subject!” Rey conceded an ounce of legitimacy to Alan’s point of view, but her own exasperation could not be contained.

Alan’s eyes narrowed. He stood back against the long worktable the ladies used. He much preferred the feisty defiance Rey was showing now to the sullen arrogance that she started with. She had no idea how funny and appealing she was riled up and in fighting spirit. Of course it wouldn’t do to let her see that that was his perception, so he toed the stern line.

“I guess I’m just going to have to impress on you just how dangerous what you did was in another way,” his tone of voice was trimmed with icy promise. “If you can’t admit the mortal danger you put your life in, maybe you’ll appreciate the danger you put your backside in. Either way, I’m going to make damned sure you never do anything like that again.”

“You can’t spank me for almost getting drowned when that didn’t happen!” Rey protested. “Do it because I snuck out. Or because I was drinking, or made you worry even. But you can’t do it for that! I won’t allow it!”

Alan had to suppress the urge to laugh. “Is that right?” he chuckled. “You won’t allow it?”

“No!” Rey folded her arms across her chest and sat up as straight and defiant as she could.

Alan matched her stance, and proceeded to lay down the law. “Let me tell you something missy, you ARE going to be spanked damned hard for putting yourself and those girls in danger. On top of that, all of your recreational associations with those two will end now. You’re going to be spanked for upsetting all creation with worry, on top of that you’re going to go over and do whatever work Mr. McNealy wants done tomorrow and the next day to pay him back for the time he lost helping me look for you. You’ll be spanked and grounded for three weeks because you were drinking under age, and on top of all of that, you’ll be spanked again for lying and sneaking out when you were already grounded. When I’m through with you, you’ll be lucky to have any skin left on your backside at all!”

Rey’s jaw dropped and her eyes were wide. “No way! Three weeks! That’s not fair! You did it too!” She fixed on the drinking.

“What?” Alan blinked and cocked his head with surprise.

“You drank when you were my age!” she explained.

“And I was punished for it when I did too! So what! Three weeks it is. Carry on about it and we’ll make it six,” he warned.

“You can’t tell me who my friends can be!” Rey shifted gears.

“In this case I can, and I will. If those two want to, or their parents want to, they can make a shit load of trouble for me and this business over the danger you put them in,” Alan pointed out.

“But they wanted to go!” Rey argued.

“How did they even get the idea Rey?” Alan countered. Rey considered, and decided it would be better to avoid that question.

“So! They won’t tell anyway. It’s not fair! You can’t tell me who I can be friends with!” Rey went back to her original objection.

“I might not in the future, but in this case, I’ve made my decision. I don’t like your attitude when you’re around those two. You’ve been sassy and flighty, and now this! I expect you to respect me on this issue Rey. It isn’t negotiable.”

“But we were going berry picking on Long Island!” she lamented as she realized she’d just lost out on a day trip she was really looking forward to.

“No berry picking for you. You’re grounded, and there’s an end to it!” Alan sighed.

Rey leaned back in the chair and scowled. She didn’t like any of it. Not one bit. Being spanked was one thing, but this other stuff didn’t sit well. Several arguments scrolled through her mind, each she dismissed as pointless. She even gave a momentary thought to quitting.

Alan stood quietly watching the display of objections and emotions play across Rey’s face. He would give her a few minutes to absorb the consequences her choices and behavior bought, and then get down to the business of applying them.

After several minutes of uncomfortable silence, grimaced and Rey looked up at Alan. What to her felt like reluctant resignation, looked to him like arrogant defiance.

“So help me Rey you’re not making this any easier on yourself!” he growled as he pushed away from the workbench and moved toward her. “Stand up and get your pants down.”

Rey looked back down at her fists that were clenched in her lap. Her fingers were electrified with the very unpleasant sparks of anxiety that was becoming more and more familiar each time a spanking was imminent. Her groin felt like it was stretching up into her belly, and the urgent need to empty her bladder made her muscles clench and increase her awareness of that part of her.

“Please don’t spank me,” she gave in to the mortifying shame she was feeling. It wasn’t shame that she had done something to deserve a spanking either. It was shame that she wanted him to spank her. That no matter how angry she was with Alan or herself in that moment, she was even more intensely aroused sexually by the reality that her bared backside was about to be spanked, by a man who was all the more sexy and appealing because of how stern and determined he was to do it.

“None of that now,” Alan appreciated what he thought was a natural reluctance to submit to a painful punishment, but that was something to be stepped over and ignored. He reached down to take her arm and help Rey get onto her feet.

Rey’s shame worked to make her react angrily. “No!” she hissed and pulled away, almost falling sideways off the chair in the process. The rest of what she intended to say, “I can do it myself,” never found voice as she became distracted by loosing her balance and keeping herself from falling.

Alan moved quickly. He was in no mood to put up with a petulant brat. It had been enough to find the frame of mind needed to handle this properly. He had not counted on a fight to get it done. As he reached to prevent Rey from falling, he gave in to the anger that pulsed through him. “I said get up, and I meant it.” Alan’s grip on Rey’s arm was hard, and she found herself lifted much too easily off the chair and off the floor.

“Ow! Alan! That hurts! Lemme go!” Both of her hands moved to claw at the vice grip that was his fingers tightened around her upper arm.

“When I tell you to do something you’d damned well better do it. I won’t have any more defiance out of you. Do you understand me?” Alan didn’t seem to hear or acknowledge the distress Rey voiced about the force of his grip on her arm. Instead, as he put her on her feet finally, his left hand set to the purpose of getting her jeans undone and down.

“I said I can do it myself!” Rey tried to pull away and reiterate the objection she hadn’t quite gotten out the first time.

“Stop fighting me young lady!” Alan shook Rey, interpreting her struggle as resistance, he wanted it to stop.

“I’m not!” Rey complained half squealing as she was launched across Alan’s lap. Her stomach took the brunt of her fall, and the impact of her unprepared muscles against the hard trunks that were his thighs forced an undignified grunt from her.

In the next second her jeans and panties were down around her knees, and before Rey could object or react again, Alan’s hand slapped down hard across both cheeks, and then set up a rapid fire, stinging cadence of spanks side to side.

“Oh shit! Ow! Alan! Ow!” she exclaimed and immediately began to struggle. “Don’t! Ow! Don’t!” Rey’s bunched up jeans made an effective hobble, forcing her kicks to involve both legs together rather than scissor independently.

The first flurry of solid spanks did wonders to vent Alan’s brief surge of anger. Rey’s vigorous struggles to get away probably helped too, because he was forced to stop spanking after a minute or so, to get a better hold on his desperately wriggling captive. When he got her shifted forward so he could trap her legs between his, he had to chuckle.

“Fight all you want Rey, but we aren’t going to be finished here until I say so, and the more fight you put up, the longer it’s going to take for me to be convinced you see things my way,” he held her while she strained against his renewed hold. Livid welts were starting to rise on the flesh of her bottom, showing Alan where his fingers had already made a stern impression.

“Let me go!” Rey’s response to the short reprieve was to increase her struggle. Alan wasted no time addressing that defiance, very quickly resuming the spanking.

Rey’s upper torso bobbed and twisted with her efforts, but Alan’s hold on her was unbreakable. Her right arm was trapped against her hip in the vice grip of his left, and her left arm swung useless unable to breach the small space between his upper arm and torso to get to and cover her bottom. She tried pinching his thigh, and then his side, but Alan didn’t seem to feel it.

All Rey could focus on was getting the spanking to stop. Soon her struggles turned to howls and sobs, as she gave in to the futility of trying to get away and started to wrap her mind around how to appeal to him to stop.

“I’m sorry!” she howled.

Alan felt Rey shift gears, and let go of her struggles, but he could tell she was still fighting him inside.

“Are you ready to admit you could have been killed? That it’s plain blind luck that you weren’t?” he asked, reinforcing each word of the question with blazing impacts of his hand.

“Fuck you!” Rey answered. She punched the side of his leg with her impotent left arm. “I wasn’t! It isn’t! Ow!”

“Alright, I guess we’ll be here a good long while yet then,” Alan growled, and he resumed spanking her.

“Owe! Oh please Alan, please! I won’t do it again!” Rey wailed when she realized he had just started all over again. No matter how sexy the idea of getting a spanking from Alan was before and after one happened, the actual experience was horrible. The terrible sting and burn was just not sexy. “How could I actually think I want this?” her mind wailed to itself. Alan’s spankings were always so much harder and longer than anything her uncle George ever gave her.

Alan spanked with purpose. Rey’s spitfire determination to stick to her guns, wrong headed though it was, reached inside him, and made him smile. He didn’t let up on her punishment, but he appreciated her spirit none-the-less. Her heart was a good one though, and he knew that even if she couldn’t bring herself to admit it to him or to herself, she did know how close she came to getting herself drowned, and that she would think twice if there ever were to be a next time. No amount of spanking was necessary to assure him of that. The spanking’s real purpose was to mark the seriousness of the infractions in Rey’s mind, in terms that reinforced their inappropriate stress value. In Alan’s mind, it was a memorable consequence that simply suited the situation.

Alan spanked for close to ten minutes. Rey cried and howled, struggled and punched, and begged him to stop, but she wouldn’t and didn’t alloqute to how close she came to drowning. Alan’s hand had reached its limit though, so he found a ruse to get a break for himself.

“It’s the corner for you now young lady. You get over here, kneel and think!”

Alan stood, and lifted Rey with him. The few steps to the corner were a blur, but things settled down and became clear when Rey’s knee bones cracked into the hardwood floor.

“Don’t you dare touch your backside, put your hands on your head and lift your toes off the floor.” Alan planted Rey in a corner, and set up a scene that was going to test them both.

Rey found herself on her knees with her burning red bottom displayed. Worse than that Alan pulled her feet up so the muscles of the backs of her thighs immediately went into spasm when he commanded that she hold that position. The muscle spasms forced her to gasp and contort her body to adapt.

“Straighten up now!” Alan commanded.

“I can’t! Ow! Ow! Ooooo! Please Alan, oh God,” Rey gasped. Her feet had to find the floor in order to stop the almighty muscle spasms that threatened to rival all of the pain the spanking inflicted. No spanking could rival its immediacy, not even one happening while the spasms occurred.

Rey’s contortions were appealing visually, but the defiance could not be ignored. Alan took a stern unyielding stance. “Get in the position I put you in or else!”

“My muscles Alan! Please!” Rey sobbed. The pain of the cramps was terrible, but in only a minute the spasms abated, and the surprise her muscles experienced eased. Rey’s body betrayed her and adapted to the position Alan wanted her in. She was in the corner, her very soundly spanked bare bottom throbbing on neon display. Humiliation didn’t even come close to categorizing how Rey felt perched on just her knees, flaming bottom bare, and her feet swaying inches from the floor. It was awful, and it might get worse before it got better.



Carolyn spent most of her grounded afternoon listening for the sound of Ray’s bedroom door to open and close. The day alone, banished from company, had been awful. A reality she would never dare share or admit. She knew that Ellen was probably contrite and happy to accept the grounding. But Carolyn also knew that Alan would never make her tell her parents what happened. Her life long career as a trouble maker gave her some skills few possessed. For one thing, she knew that Alan couldn’t afford to involve wealthy parents of guests in troubles, just because there was a minor overnight hiccup. But she felt alone in that secret knowledge.

Rey’s accidental disclosure while they were stranded on the island, that she would be spanked over the trouble, and the unmistakable confirmation of the particulars of that reality that she saw during their rescue contained, ignited something primal in Carolyn’s psyche. A man who spanked his adult employee! “Holy cow! How “effin” sexy is that!” she thought. “It should be me!” she wished.

It took longer than she thought it would for Alan to summon Rey. If the fat old kitchen help women hadn’t thumped up the stairs and then back down, “I might have missed it!” Carolyn lamented as se shadowed Rey down the steps and out of the house.

Keeping a safe distance, Carolyn followed Rey out of the house and down to the quilter’s shed. The thin walls and one cracked window, made I easy for her to hear what went on inside the shed.

As she hovered outside the shed’s front window, watching the scene inside unfold, Carolyn knew that never in her life had she seen anything so captivating and exciting as the images and reality of Rey’s first spanking that evening. She watched as her young friend took an obviously painful wailing from her bosses’ right hand. She’d read spanking scenes in stories, closed her eyes on them, hiding from her desperate interest in them, on TV and in movies, and now here was the real thing! Right there, before her eyes!

Envy barely touched on what Carolyn felt as she watched Rey’s frantic struggles against the spanking. The painful looking finger welts that bloomed on her friend’s bare bottom enticed something deep within her. Rey’s cries and begging mixed with Alan’s stern resolve to become sentinels for Carolyn’s deepest fantasies.

“It should be me!” Carolyn whispered and softly gasped to herself, as her fingers probed into the confined spaces under her jeans and panties and between her legs. Rey’s spanking had barely begun. The same could be said of Carolyn’s discovery of herself.


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