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No Going Back 13

No Going Back

Chapter Thirteen

By Patty

Chapter Thirteen

Time flew over the next few weeks. Wedding plans were woven through the work that was required to take the business through the last frantic month of its first season in Alan’s hands. It had been a banner year. Much better than he could have predicted.

They waved goodbye to the last guests on the first weekend of October. That same weekend, Rey and Alan made their first official trip as a couple. Originally scheduled for mid September, the marriage preparation class the couple had to take on the mainland had already been cancelled and rescheduled twice. Secretly Alan hoped that fates would conspire to make it possible to forgo the exercise entirely, but finally the issues that the Minister conducting the classes had to contend with stabilized and the weekend retreat was firmed up.

Though not a big city in the glamorous sense of the word, Saint John New Brunswick was large enough to have amenities that excited Rey. Best of all was the prospect of being with Alan away from home and work. Their relationship had been changing subtly and progressively since he proposed to her. On virtually every level as the weeks passed, Rey felt herself earn her way up from the level of youthful employee to that of Alan’s partner. Of course there were people like her uncle who would probably always think of her as a child. This trip was more than symbolic of her transition to adulthood in her mind. It was the first completely adult thing she had ever done in her life.

Her mind kept her occupied through the entire ferry ride from Grand Manan to Saint John. She wondered if everyone on the boat knew she was going to spend the night together with the man she was traveling with. While he was dead set against anything happening, the illusion and possibility was there. She knew that when they returned from their trip there would be people who would think they had been intimate. Like it or not there was nothing Alan could do about it, and nothing Rey wanted to do about it, except maybe see if she couldn’t convince him to make it true.

Alan had to smile when he noticed her self-conscious distraction. Rey’s excitement over the trip was endearing. He liked watching the lightness in her step and the way she moved as if she was on a runway being watched by everyone. He couldn’t help but chuckle when she made a point to wrap her arm in his while he checked them into the Fort Howe hotel.

“Enjoying the trip so far?” Alan intruded on Rey’s private reverie when the elevator door closed to take them to their eighth floor room.

Rey smiled and nodded.

“Good. Can you keep yourself company for a couple of hours until suppertime?” Alan had an errand to run, and he didn’t want Rey tagging along

“You’re leaving me alone here right off the bat?” Rey was taken by surprise

“Not for long, just a few hours. We’ll be stuck with each other all day tomorrow, most of Sunday and then again Monday.”

“Yeah but we just got here? ”

Alan laughed. “So? What did you have I mind?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never been in a hotel before. What do people do in them when they go on vacation?”

“The same thing they do in The Spray silly! Mostly rest, sleep and watch TV between jaunts out and about. The hotel’s not usually the destination when people take trips it’s the place they rest in after they see the sights and engage in holiday activities.”

Alan opened the door to their room and tossed the suitcase on the bed closest to the door. The room was fairly large.

“Wow!” Rey smiled, moving into the room checking out all nooks and crannies. “This is nice. Hey look at the stuff in here?” She’d opened the bottom of the TV armoire and discovered the mini bar.

“Stay out of that. There’s nothing in there that doesn’t cost half the price down in the gift shop or the restaurant.”

“Look though. There’s chocolate and look at the little bottles!”

“Leave it there Rey. It’s not free and we’re not wasting that kind of money.”

“Sheesh! What a grouch. First you’re leaving me alone and now I can’t even look in this fridge.” She pushed the fridge’s door closed with petulant force.

“You’ll cope,” Alan laughed. “Go down to the gift shop and get yourself some regular priced soft drink and chocolate if you want some. Want the bed by the window?”

“Yeah OK.” Rey had gone in to the bathroom. “Neat! Is the shampoo and sewing kit thing in here expensive too?”

“No that’s free.”


“I’m not going to be gone long alright?” Alan cupped Rey’s face in both his hands when she came back out into the room. “Think you can stay out of trouble for an hour or two?”

“I guess,” Rey smiled.

Alan leaned down and kissed her, and then turned and left her alone.

Between the cable TV, the gift shop, the view from their balcony and the “around town book” she found in the desk drawer, Rey had no difficulty occupying herself, in fact when Alan got back, it hardly seemed like he’d been gone.

“Fog’s coming in,” Alan spoke absently when he closed the door. “Probably won’t get much of a view of the harbor lights, but we have a dinner date on the roof top anyway.”

“What time?”


“Shit! That’s only twenty minutes.”

“Hey, no cursing.”


“Do yourself up nice, the restaurant’s got some class. We’ll make our first actual bona fide date something special OK?”

“Yes!” Rey skipped to the closet where she’d hung the clothes they brought. “You gonna wear this?” she lifted Alan’s blue suit jacket out where he could see it.

Alan nodded.

“You’ll have to iron it I think.”

“No problem.”

Rey took the slinky red dress Mrs. Beatty and her Aunt Wanda made for her honeymoon into the bathroom with the small bag of make up she hardly knew how to use. The excitement of going on a real date to a fancy restaurant completely over took her. Her mind kept rambling over and over how special and yet unreal everything felt. It only took her a minute to slip out of her jeans and sweater.

When she stood to fold them she caught a glimpse of her torso in the mirror. Her breasts weren’t as large as she would have liked, but her stomach and hips were nicely shaped. Work helped her keep herself toned. Distracted by vain thoughts about whether Alan would like her body when he finally let himself touch it and see it, Rey posed and stroked herself imagining her hands were his. Then she picked up the dress and held it up. “This’ll make him think twice I bet.” She smiled wickedly. Aunt Wanda and Bea had really gone to town making her a wardrobe that any woman would envy. Trips like this and the one Alan had planned for their honeymoon would probably afford her the only opportunities she would ever have to wear any of it, but Rey really liked the attention and the implications of having clothes she could show off in. Neither Bea nor Aunt Wanda knew she’d packed this one for this trip. They had it in mind for her first evening out after the wedding night, when Alan would be very pleased to see his wife dress just for him. When she’d found out that she and Alan were going to share a room on this trip, Rey immediately ear marked the dress for another purpose. She hoped not just to please Alan she wanted to seduce him too if at all possible.

“This frumpy white bra and cotton panties don’t go well though,” she sighed. She had no choice but to make do for this trip and hope she could remedy that for next time. Maybe Alan would let her get away to shop while they were here. If not, she’d make a point to get on line when they got home.

A little lipstick, some blush and the smoky brown eye shadow applied the way Bea showed her and Rey stood back to model the effect for herself. “Lose the braid.” She grimaced. Her body and face might fly as belonging to an adult, but not as long as her hair was plaited like a tomboy’s. Combs or a clip might have added to the effect, but there was no question, having her hair down really did add to the dresses allure. Giggling with satisfied excitement, Rey twirled in front of the mirror suddenly very nervous and not at all sure she could open the door.

“This could be it!” she blew a kiss to her refection, then closed her eyes and whispered to herself. “Please, please, please let him take me tonight.”

“Wow! Look at you!” Alan put the newspaper he was reading down and sat up straight to take in the vision his fiancé made for him.

“Too fancy?” Rey blushed. She knew immediately that Alan very much liked what he saw. She really was his woman.

“Just right.,” he stared for a few minutes. Until that moment Alan had never quite realized how beautiful his wife to be was. In that instant, Rey’s persona fleshed out more fully in his mind. What an amazing year it had been for her. What a transformation a year of growing up had made in her. All of the doubts he’d had that she was too young for him, or that he was being predatory in claiming someone so inexperienced were gone.

“What?” Rey squirmed under the scrutiny of Alan’s stare. “What’s wrong?”

“Not one darn thing,” Alan stood up. “Get some shoes on. We’re late.”

Rey slipped her feet into the slim black hush puppy pumps Wanda ordered for her from JC Penney on line. Alan pulled his jacket on and wrapped the crochet scarf she pulled out of the closet over her shoulders.


“Mmmmmm yes.”

Alan noticed all the heads turn when he escorted Rey to the table behind the overly solicitous Maitre D. He couldn’t help smiling and returning each and every glance their way. The object of their attention and in a few cases envy was going to be his wife in just over two weeks, and even though she didn’t know it yet, tonight, he was going to surprise her with a ring that would display that truth on her hand.

Alan ordered for both of them. He even ordered a glass of wine for Rey. It made her smile and blush when she tentatively sipped the forbidden liquid. She didn’t want anyone to think it was her first taste of wine, but it was and she couldn’t help the excitement she felt with the novelty. Alan laughed outright. His bride to be might be knock out gorgeous dressed up like she was, but one of the most captivating things about her for him was the way she couldn’t hide her thoughts or feelings, especially her joy over simple things like first times for a glass of wine.

After the meal, the waiter rolled the dessert cart to the table. Rey’s eyes literally bulged with the selection. The decision was almost impossible until the waiter named the decadent chocolate concoction closest to Alan on the tray. ‘Better than sex.’ She smiled wickedly and said she’d like that and it would probably be a good thing for Alan too.

The waiter laughed. Alan returned a wry smile, letting Rey have her tease. He elected to have the New York style cheesecake, and asked for a glass of Champaign for each of them. “Bring it to the table before the desserts please.”

The waiter was happy to oblige.

Alan took Rey’s left hand when they both lifted the tall flutes of sparkling wine. “You already said yes, but let’s make it official and toast to it. Will you be my wife?”

Rey’s eyes widened and then she smiled. “You know I will.”

“Just what I wanted to hear. To us.” He tipped his glass against hers.

“To us,” Rey grinned and then giggled when the Champaign bubbles tickled her lips and nose.

They both sipped the wine and put their glasses down. Then Alan pulled Rey’s hand closer. “This is for you.”

Alan reached into his jacket and retrieved the small domed box he’d acquired during his stolen shopping time. Flipping it open with his thumb and then lifting the sparking ring it held, he admired it briefly and then slipped it on the ring finger of Rey’s left hand.

“Oh my goodness!” Rey squealed. Heads turned and when they saw the excited way she pulled her hand back to examine the ring Alan had just placed on her finger a collective “Awwww” encircled the glittering room.

“It’s amazing! Oh Alan! Is this what you …. You did this!?”

“It’ll do?” Alan smiled.

“Hell yes it’ll do! We can’t afford this!” Rey impulsively put her whole finger and the ring into her mouth. It was so pretty and she was so surprised. “I can’t believe you did this!” she finally wiggled back in her chair and just looked at the sparking triple of diamonds encased in gold. 18 carats of gold, held one carat of diamonds; a half-carat center-piece flanked on either side by a quarter carat each stones. All three stones were impeccable. Rey hadn’t ever seen never mind worn jewelry so pretty before, Bea and Aunt Wanda were going to have a cow. ‘It’s mine? For real?”

“It’s yours if you’re mine.” Alan chuckled

“Forever and ever,” Rey sighed. Her eyes sparkled offering much more than thanks back to Alan.

“My god you’re perfect!” he gasped. “How did I manage to get so lucky?”

Rey grimaced and blushed. She was wondering the same thing.

Several of the restaurant patrons came over to congratulate them and admire the ring Alan had given Rey. The Maitre D got wind of the special occasion that had transpired. While he would have liked a more sparkling night, when the harbor lights could have twinkled for them, for such a special promise between people, he was so happy they’d chosen “The Top of the Town” for such a moment in their lives, he waived the bill. Alan gracefully accepted the gesture and then booked another reservation for Sunday night. Maybe there would be less fog.

When they made their way back to their room, Rey was floating.

“Do you really love me Alan?” she asked in a sing-song voice.

“Sure do,” Alan hugged her tight.

“You know what would make today the most perfect day?” Rey turned and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“No, what?” Alan chuckled and kissed her, pulling her close against him.

“If you made me yours in every way tonight.” Rey answered pushing her stomach against Alan’s pelvis. She felt how hard he was and recognized the challenge she’d put in front of him.

“Don’t do that Rey!” Alan gently broke her embrace.

“Please Alan! No one will know for sure but us, and a bunch of them think we have already, I’m ready and I need you to take me.”

Alan pushed Rey to arm’s distance. “Two more weeks Rey. In two weeks the law and God will be on our side.”

“Stuff the law a god! Please! Make me yours!” Rey crooned.

“I will, in two weeks on our wedding night. You just corral those hormones.” He grinned swatting her bottom.

“Fine!” Rey’s mood darkened instantly. Growling, she pulled away from Alan. “If you won’t love me, then don’t touch me at all. Legal means more to you than spiritual.”

“Don’t go there, Rey,” Alan warned catching her before she could pull away completely.

“Fuck you!” Rey shook off Alan’s grip on her shoulders, and then she turned back to face him, angry and needful. “I want you. I want to know what it’s like to feel you inside me. I want you so much it aches here in my chest. Why don’t you want that?”

“Oh baby?” Alan sighed. “You have no idea how much I want that. It’s just not right.”

“It is! I want it, you want it, we’ve made our promises, why can’t we now? It’s right!”

“Waiting will make it even more special. Trust me please?”

“No!” Rey hissed and tightened her objection into a full blown, hot coal, gut seething mad.

“Rey?” Alan growled, firming up his demeanor to match Rey’s sudden anger. “Don’t!”

“Just shut up!” Tears threatened, and to keep Alan from seeing them, Rey escaped to the bathroom. She knew that Alan’s next move would be to threaten her with a spanking if she didn’t stop. That would have ruined the day completely, regressing her backward to being nothing but a girl again.

Rey sat on the edge of the tub, and let the tears trickle down her cheeks. There was no way she was going to lose her virginity tonight and slim to no change it would happen at all on this trip. It probably wasn’t fair of her to pressure Alan for it to happen either. The best she could hope for out of that would be attaching upset to and ruining the real moment when it finally came.

“And it is going to come,” she sighed stretching her left hand out so she could admire the ring on it. “He’s right, it’s only two weeks.”

Getting up, Rey washed her face and took several deep breaths. It was time to get her pajamas on and go out and spend her first night sleeping with her fiancé.

“OK?” Alan asked when Rey came out of the bathroom long enough to rummage the drawers for her PJ’s.

Rey smiled and nodded.

Later when the lights were out and they each snuggled down in their own beds facing each other Rey had to giggle.

“How come I had to end up with the only man on earth who will take me on a trip, share a room with me so everyone thinks we’ve done it, but won’t make an honest sinner out of me?”

Alan laughed.

The next several days flew by. A little bickering a lot of long, long talks, some cuddling together, most of it centered around the content and exercises of the Marriage Preparation class. It became clear to Rey that she wasn’t the only virgin bride-to-be in the class, and that was reassuring, even if it did little to reduce the level of impatience she was feeling.

Part 2.

The weekend was over almost too soon for Rey, but even though the novelty of getting off the island had been nice, she was happy to be home again.

Back home, the pace of wedding preparations picked up. Mrs. Beatty shouldered most of the burden and rode heard on Rey each and every day. Frustrations began building when Alan’s relatives started arriving. Rey’s estranged mother and siblings also arrived. None of these people really meant anything to her, and Rey felt more than a little aggravated having to entertain them all.

More than once she lashed back at Bea who was pushing her to call someone or answer a question about where someone should sit during the reception. By the time the rehearsal and the dinner that would follow it loomed only a half-day away, Rey was wound up into a full-blown nervous temper and Bea had had enough of her attitude. Alan walked in on the standoff that had evolved.

“What the heck are you two hollering about?” his initial question was good-natured.

“Your goddamned brother and my idiot mother that’s what, and you just butt your oblivious nose right out of it!” Rey turned on him squaring off with her hands on her hips.

“You tone down that sass right now missy or you’re going to take a long walk with me down to the craft shed. What’s going on Bea?” Alan crossed his arms across his chest and leaned back on the door he’d just closed behind him.

Mrs. Beatty glared at Rey, put her own hands on her hips and also squared off too. “This hellion can’t keep a civil tongue in her head and she’s letting petty animosities get in the way of her own special day. Family and friends come all this way to celebrate it with her and all she’s about is quibbling over things long past.”

“Yea right! Well I don’t know those people so why should I care to have them here celebrating my big day? And you incessantly picking at me to deal with them is pissing me off” Rey’s voice became shrill.

“Rey, Bea doesn’t deserve to have you holler at her like this, she’s been slaving to help make you a wedding day you’ll look back on as special.”

Rey knew Alan was right, but in that moment she was wound up too tight to admit it to him or to Bea. Balling her hands into fists she punched her own thighs.

“Both of you leave me alone! Shut up and leave me alone!” she hissed back at them.

“Let’s go for a walk Rey,” Alan’s voice softened.

“Go fuck yourself! I don’t need any walk, especially not with you. Go tell your ass hole brother he’ll sit beside my mother and be nice to her or he’s not welcome to come to dinner at all!” Rey directed all of the coiled up tension she was feeling at Alan.

Alan didn’t engage her, instead he turned to Mrs. Beatty, “Will you be alright with this for the next half hour or so?”

The sage older woman nodded with a crooked smile, “Just take her out and help her blow off some of that almighty temper. We all just want a quiet friendly evening.”

“Come on,” Alan embraced Rey and guided her toward the back door.

“Don’t Alan! I told you I don’t want to go for a walk.” Rey tried to shake off his hold on her shoulders

“Well you’re taking one any way, let’s go.” Alan tightened his hold and made it clear to Rey that arguing was pointless.

“Fuck it all!”

“I know, I know, you’re tired and stressed and nervous as a cat. Let’s go.”

Rey shrugged vigorously and tried again to loose herself from Alan’s hold. He held firm and guided her down the steps and out onto the path to the craft shed. “Damn it Alan! I can walk myself!”

“Stop it!” Alan released his hold on Rey’s shoulders and delivered a very hard swat to her jeans. “There’s no need for this bad tempered crap.”

“Ow!” Rey yelped and skipped ahead out of reach.

Alan nodded when she turned back to confirm his intent. “Get on down there,” he pointed down the path.

“Aw Alan, no! Come on! Not today!” Rey shuffled obediently backward toward the shed with Alan advancing on her all the way.

“You need some stress relief, and I know exactly how to provide it.”

“No you don’t! That won’t help Alan, it’s just mean!”

“Inside Rey,” Alan’s resolve was unwavering.

“But tomorrow’s our wedding Alan! Don’t ruin it like this!” Rey pleaded. Alan just caught her by the arm and yanked her across the threshold into the craft shed.

“This isn’t going to ruin the wedding Rey, this is going to calm you down, and help you get your head centered on what matters. This is also going to remind you about just how we’ll be dealing with these kinds of moods as we go forward together if you say yes tomorrow. Now, undo those jeans and pull them down.” He used his free hand to turn out one of the chairs so he could sit on it and position Rey across his lap with no impediments.

“No Alan! Please!” Rey tugged hopelessly against the grip Alan had on her wrist.

“You’ll feel a hundred percent better in about ten minutes, Rey. Pull them down and bend over, if you fight it you’ll just make it worse.”

“It’s not fair Alan,” Rey kept pulling.

“Do you want me to reach over there and get the ruler?” Alan warned.

“No!” Rey followed his gaze and shook her head.

“Then stop stalling and obey me or I will.”

Rey sobbed and gave in. She knew there was no point in fighting it. Fumbling with the fly on her jeans with one hand proved clumsy.

“Give me my hand back so I can do it!” she hissed after a few seconds of useless effort with the zipper.

Alan had to smile. If only the little spitfire defiantly baring her bottom knew how damned appealing she was when she was wound up in a temper like she was. The prospect of spanking some of the starch out of her defiance was appealing in its own way too. In a few minutes she’d be the sweet compliant woman he loved just as much as the spitfire.

Rey pushed her jeans down to her knees and leaned her abdomen down across Alan’s lap.

“Panties too,” Alan patted her bottom.

“Bastard!” Rey grunted reaching back to pull her cotton under wear down. Alan helped tugging the fabric well down off the soft pink target area.

Alan delivered one stinging spank as soon as the panties were down. “How many times do we have to talk about your dirty mouth?”

Rey howled and cupped her hands immediately over her bottom. Alan responded to that by trapping both of her wrists up on her back, and then set about administering her spanking in earnest. Rey’s cries picked up some volume, but surprisingly, other than kicking a little, her struggles were minimal.

Alan spanked her soundly feeling the tension in her body and using it as a gage of the progress he was making. His goal in the exercise was not to punish, it was to refocus her energies and release some of the stress she’d been collecting so Rey could relax and just enjoy her wedding day, strangers, annoying family and all.

Rey stubbornly held out as long as she could, trying to out last him. She would take his spanking, but be damned if he was going to make her cry or accept that he was right to do it. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on which side of her pride she was on, the whole ritual, the pain, and Alan’s equal resolve were doing exactly what they were intended to, and that was chip away at her mood and anneal her brittle temper.

Alan had been right about the approximate timeframe when he predicted she would start to feel better. At about the seven or eight minute mark, Rey let herself cry, and at the ten minute mark she’d completely let go and submitted all of her resistance to Alan. He finished her off with a good twenty or thirty more sound spanks and then helped her shift around so she was sitting up on his lap instead of draped prone across it.

“You ready to relax and just go with the flow now honey?” Alan coaxed Rey to look up so he could see her eyes. She was.

“I’m sorry I’m so bitchy sometimes,” she sobbed.

“Don’t be, we can take care of it if we have to, just like we did this time.” Alan squeezed her tight.

“Won’t you get tired of this kind of crap all the time?”

“It’s not all the time, and no, I probably won’t. Stress is part of life honey, we’ll deal with it the best way we can. If we keep it from taking control and messing things up too much we’ll have mostly happy memories when we’re old and retired.”

Alan was right. Rey’s mood tamed down completely and she was able to just roll with the minor hiccups and frustrations the afternoon and evening brought up. The rehearsal and the dinner that followed it went off with hardly a hitch. Minor tensions had no power to stop the party. Everyone laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. And Rey was able to settle back beside her fiancé on the sofa and enjoy the celebration of her future with him, her bottom still warm as a reminder not to let herself get distracted by things that ultimately didn’t matter.

Part 3

Even though nervous energy still fluttered in her chest, and she was sure she’d be up all night, sleep came almost as soon as Rey’s head hit the pillow. It was the dreamless restful sleep of the blissfully exhausted and it held her in its embrace straight through until dawn when Aunt Wanda knocked on her door.

“Wake up Audrey, today’s the day you become Mrs. Woodward,” Wanda bustled in and pulled up the shades.

Rey took a few seconds to get her bearings. It had been more than nine months since she’d slept in her old bed in her Uncle’s home, and she’d slept so soundly she’d almost forgotten where she was. When she did she let her body stiffen with a yawn and excited, contented glee.

“Yup! Yup, yup, yup, yup!” she stretched and trembled. “Today’s the day.”


“Yes ma’am.”

“Good, now get your tail out of bed. We have exactly three hours to get you ready and to the church.”

Rey took special care in the shower, cleaning, rinsing, polishing and shaving when she stepped out and toweled off she felt fresh and new, more than ready for Alan to claim her as his. Deep between her legs she tingled in anticipation and deep in her chest her heart fluttered with nervous anticipation. “No more excuses now Mr. Woodward.” Rey smiled and gently stroked the strawberry blond curls that covered her mons.

Lotion, powder and perfume preceded brand new thigh high lace stockings, slinky, flouncy satin panties they called tap pants a matching sleeveless bra, then the pretty blue garter and finally Mrs. Beatty’s creamy antique pearl earrings and choker that completed the last of the rhyme. Something borrowed something blue something old and something new. Rey came out of the bathroom ready for her Aunt to help her with her hair and then into her dress.

“Aren’t you a picture!” Wanda gushed approval.

“Do you think Alan will be happy with me?” Rey suddenly felt insecure.

“Honey, he is a very lucky man, and you are a very lucky woman to have him too.”

“Well I wouldn’t know about that since the only thing he’s ever done is kiss me or spank me.”

“Do you have any questions for me then? About what to expect tonight?” Wanda nervously broached the subject that now seemed appropriate.

“No, not really. I think I pretty much understand the mechanics. Mostly I’m ready you know? I’m kind of excited about it, in a good way, you know?”

“Yes honey I do know, and that is a good thing for your man too. None of that malarkey about a woman just putting up with what a man needs to do. It’s a wonderful thing to share with him and there’s not a thing wrong with you if you like it either.”

Rey giggled. Leave it to her Aunt Wanda to have strong opinions about women and sex.

“Do you like it?”

“Damned right I do,”

“Will it hurt for real? Or is that a myth?”

“Don’t you worry yourself about that. I have faith that Alan will take care of you so that pain is not what you remember about your first time.

Part 4

The ceremony was a happy exciting blur and on Canadian Thanksgiving day, October 14, at 11:27 AM, Audrey Christine Monroe became, Mrs. Alan Woodward, promising to love honor and obey him for as long as she should live.

Alan could hardly contain the pride he felt as he watched Rey walk on her Uncle’s arm up the aisle of the church. She was the picture of perfection, her red blond hair woven with flowers glowed as it flowed over her shoulders and down her back, her creamy skin shimmered in the oblique light from the windows, the pearls and the satin gown blended perfectly making Rey’s natural beauty the thing he would remember most.

While family and friends wound down the day enjoying the hospitality of The Spray, Alan and Rey changed quickly, collected their bags, and boarded the ferry to Saint John. They had a four PM flight to catch and a date to share their wedding night in the honeymoon suite at the Marriot Chateau Champlain in downtown Montreal. After that short two night stop, they would go on to Florida for a playful week in Orlando and all of its theme park attractions.

While her adventure to Saint John weeks before had captivated Rey’s imagination, this trip overwhelmed it. The list of first she would experience was pages long. Alan enjoyed watching her wide-eyed appreciation of all of parts of their journey. He gave her the window seat on the plane, and cuddled with her as she watched the sights of Montreal at sunset fly by in the Taxi from the Airport to down town, and he had to laugh when she balked at taking the bellman’s hand to get out of the cab under the awning of the hotel.

“Oh Alan!” she whispered when Alan came around behind her and escorted her into the expansive and opulent marble lobby. “It’s like a castle!”

“Perfect for a princess bride,” Alan whispered into her neck sending chills down her spine.

Check in was expedited by the fact that Alan had paid for everything including their first night supper in their room in advance. The bellman took their bags up to their rooms while Alan collected keys and confirmed the timing for delivery of their supper.

“Shall we, Mrs. Woodward?” Alan held his arm out to Rey making her blush as he escorted her to the elevators. They needed their key card to take the elevator to the 35th floor.

“This is so fancy Alan!” Rey whispered excited and in awe.

“I made you a promise sweetheart. I promised you that if you waited for today, that I would make tonight a night you will treasure forever. You did, and I mean to keep that promise.”

With that the elevator opened and Alan lifted Rey into his arms. He stopped in the hall just long enough to capture her mouth with a deep kiss. “You ready?”

Rey smiled and nodded, then rested her head against Alan’s chest. It was real. She was married. Alan was her husband and soon she would be his in every way. The doorway to the room was already open, and the bellman was quickly placing the large basket of Champaign, fruits and cheeses on a beautiful Queen Anne table that was framed by a huge arched window that looked out over the city that was just beginning to sparkle as the dusk settled over it.

“Oh my honey! Look at this place!” Rey exclaimed as Alan let her feet down. The bellman smiled.

“Bienvenue madame. Congratulations on your marriage,” his accent was genuine making Rey smile and nod her thank you. Alan handed him a five dollar bill and thanked him, closing the door and securing the privacy latch and chain.

“Supper will be up in about three hours Mrs. Woodward. What say we use the time and watch some old moves?” the tease in his voice didn’t mask the husky promise. Rey blushed again. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. Nervous energy threatened to make her giggle. She directed it to the room, and turned away from Alan so she could take it all in. The living room of the suite was beautiful, and the bedroom was huge with a tall lushly pillowed super king sized bed.

When she got to the bathroom, Rey’s mouth opened. “Look at the bathtub Alan, we could swim in there.”

“Definitely top of the line, no doubt about that,” Alan smiled. He let her calm herself with exploration and decided to open the Champaign. “Kick your shoes and stockings off Rey and come on over here.”

Rey did exactly that.

“Here honey, take a couple of sips of this. It’ll help with those butterflies you’re feeling.”

Rey sighed and giggled taking the glass of bubbly wine. “I didn’t think I’d be this nervous.”

“Never been this close to actually doing it before, how could you know,” Alan wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her tight against him.

“Are you nervous too?” Rey looked up into Alan’s eyes.

“Just a bit. Doubt it’ll get in the way though. Been planning this for a while now,” he leaned down to kiss her. “Got me a hot sexy wife who’s been after my bones for months. Got a document making the whole thing legal. I’d say it’s time, wouldn’t you?” He didn’t let her answer instead he took her mouth and plundered it sensually with his tongue. Rey responded in kind, putting the glass down so her hands could do what nature guided them to.

“That’s it sweetheart,” Alan crooned gently moving them back into the bedroom.

First he gently tugged open the buttons on her jacket, helping her slip it off her shoulders, then, he pulled his own jacket off. Her silk blouse came away easily and the wrap skirt fell to the floor with just the flip of the snap. Rey stood there and shivered as Alan was presented with the image her Aunt Wanda had remarked he would like.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” his breath caught as he took the image of her into his memory.

“Do you mean it,” Rey smiled shyly.

“I mean it,” Alan lightly touched her shoulders and let his finger tips slip down her arms. And then lightly forward across the lace cups of her bra. Rey’s nipples perked immediately making Alan smile. His fingers continued the journey to the lacy waistband of her satin shorts. “I like these,” his touch became firmer when his hands made their way around back to her bottom where he cupped and kneaded her cheeks. Rey’s body trembled and gooseflesh prickled up all over her skin. Alan tugged her panties down over her hips, and then let gravity take them the rest of the way. Her bra followed. “Gorgeous,” Alan stepped back to look at his nude bride.

Rey closed her eyes imagining that his gaze was a silken caress as he moved it over her. She felt the liquid bubble of arousal between her legs. Alan’s warm palms cupping her breasts made her look up again. Alan had taken his shirt and trousers off and his boxers were tented by his erect penis. He kneaded her breasts and then leaned down to lick and suckle them just before he lifted her up into his arms.

“Come to bed with me now sweetheart.”

“OK,” Rey whispered, wrapping her arms around Alan’s neck.

When he pulled the sheets down and eased her down on them he languidly stretched out next to her stroking his hand firmly across her stomach then kneading her breasts again. “I love you Rey,” Alan whispered.

“I love you too.”

“You’re mine,” he kissed her cheek and then her neck and finally her breasts. “All mine.” Rey pulled in a deep breath when Alan’s lips and tongue consumed and then deeply suckled her nipples, first one then the other. Her thighs spread naturally making way for his right hand to press and then probe between them. A soft whimper escaped her when his fingers discovered the copious slick lubricant her arousal made for them. She knew his touch there now. Expertly, he used the silken fluid she made to aid the sensual stroking his fingers were intent on. “You want this don’t you baby?

“Yes please,” Rey gasped and the writhed when Alan pressed and rolled his thumb firmly over her clitoris.

“After tonight, you know that we can do this everyday for the rest of our lives if we want to?”

“Please! Yes please.” Rey pushed her hips against his hand. His touch was so different from hers; firmer, stronger, better.

“I’m going to make you come, and then when you have had that pleasure I will take you and make my place inside you alright?”

“Yes please Alan,” Rey almost couldn’t stand it anymore. All of her nervousness was gone. She was making love with her husband now, and it was one of the most amazing moments of her life so far.

Alan moved down the bed and positioned himself between her thighs. His tongue joined his hands licking her most sensitive flesh. At first Rey was too surprised by the change in his approach to completely relax, but quickly the pleasure replaced surprise, and she writhed on the mattress spreading her legs wider to give him complete access. His index finger was first to breach her hymen, just a little thicker than a tampon she easily accommodated it pressed up deep inside her. Alan used his tongue to stroke her vulva and clitoris while his finger circled around the thin membrane that barred the entrance to her vagina, stroking in and out and subtly stretching the way in. Rey reveled in the feeling of fullness. He withdrew the finger and replaced it with his tongue, softer, but thicker, he pressed it gently into the opening twisting and withdrawing it gently making sure to keep his movements slow. He did that for sometime, and Rey could not believe the incredible pleasure of it. His tongue didn’t go in as far, but it was thicker and offered flexible fullness his finger didn’t. Soon though when his finger pressed up inside her with his tongue Rey felt the first tiny twinge of discomfort. Alan withdrew his tongue and replaced it with another finger, pushing in deeper and causing enough stretch that Rey drew in a worried breath.

“Don’t tense up honey, we’ll go nice and slow again. Nice and slow.” His tongue and lips resumed their work on her vulva and clitoris, and soon Rey was squirming as her body got closer and closer to climax. Alan worked his fingers inside her circling the opening, gently stretching it little by little, stopping to press up and stroke in and out against the firm oval g-spot. He knew by the way her hips were rocking and her breath was starting to come in short gasps that she was going to climax soon. He didn’t want to take things too quickly at the same time, he knew his cock was going to need more room than two fingers could prepare her for. Pressing his tongue down flat and firm on the hood of her clitoris, he pressed and worked it side to side. That made Rey start to rock and buck so that her movements helped to allow his third finger to breach the opening.

“Ow! Oh God! Honey, more! Faster! Please! Don’t stop!”

“Good girl, that’s it,” Alan worked her faster, and in the next minute he felt the initial contractions of Rey’s climax. They made her muscles bite into and then milk his fingers with a rope like vice grip. He flicked her clitoris vigorously increasing the frequency of her spasms, and then quickly maneuvered so that his thickly engorged erection pressed up into the still too narrow opening his fingers had tried to prepare.

Rey’s eyes opened and she looked up into Alan’s.

“Don’t stop. Take me please. I want to feel you all the way inside me.”

Alan pressed a kiss onto her lips, and grasped her buttocks hard. She was wet aroused and still reveling in the last spasms of her first climax at his hands. He grimaced and pressed himself into her.

The warm velvety opening yielded for him inch by inch. He withdrew and pressed higher, each thrust met by an up thrust from Rey. It took him five tries to manage to get himself fully seated, and once he did, he needed to stop for a moment or two.

“I’m yours now,” Rey whispered into his neck. “I belong to you, and that is where you belong. Inside me loving me.”

“How did I get so lucky?” Alan chuckled, his pelvis obeying its own natural instincts, grinding up into her tighter and rocking in slow rhythmic circles. At first he kept his strokes short, mindful that it was still a very tight fit and unwilling to cause any undue pain. Soon though his own need to bring things to a finish took over and he had no choice but to pump inside her, his hips thrust, his penis turning into a sensual piston.

Rey wrapped her legs tightly around Alan. She could not believe how glorious what he was doing to her felt. No wonder people are so driven by sex. And they were going to get to do this as often as they could manage for the rest of their lives. She watched his face as he thrust faster and faster. When he came, and jerked up hard inside her Rey tried to clamped her pussy tightly around him hoping to feel the rhythmic spasms he was experiencing.

Alan rolled them onto their side, keeping himself inside her.

“Well, Mrs. Woodward, we did it. We’ve made you mine and taken your innocence.”

“I know,” Rey giggled “Isn’t it great!?”

“You think?”

“Yes! I’m so happy Alan. I love you, I have loved you forever I think.”

They kissed and pulled apart.

Rey got up first. “Want to take a bath in that monster tub with me?” her eyes twinkled.

Alan smiled and watched as she wiggled off the bed toward the bathroom.

“Hey! Come here for a second,” he laughed.

Rey turned to look at him curious about what was so funny.

“Come here and turn around, let me see here.”

Puzzled, Rey came close and let Alan turn her so her bottom was at his eye level.

“Look at these marks. You know, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen your butt the day after it’s been soundly spanked. These are pretty good finger marks too.”

Rey blushed, pulled away and laughed. “You’re awful!”

Alan got up and followed her into the bathroom. While the tub filled, they kissed and embraced, wandered out to get some cheese and champaign, stroked and kissed each other some more. Rey marveled at the size of Alan’s penis as it slowly thickened again.

“That really fit all the way in me?’

Alan helped her stroke it for him and she was amazed by how velvety and silky the skin was, especially how loose it was gliding with her fingers over the hardening tissues underneath it.

By the time the tub was full, Alan was ready to take his wife again, and she was more than ready to be taken.

They had two days in Montreal, and spent every minute of them together in their room. Rey was introduced to her body and Alan’s and shown pleasure she couldn’t have imagined during all the fantasies she’d masturbated to as a teen. She also got her first erotic spanking, an experience she knew would make getting any spanking for any reason very different for the rest of her life. She was married now. Things she barely even hoped for a year ago had all come true.

Alan also spent some time thinking back over the year. He’d gone back to a life he’d fought hard to escape, and found himself drawn into a new one. There was no going back he realized. Even if you cross a familiar path a few different times, you always end up going forward no matter how afraid you are of going back, or how much you may actually want to, you can’t. Now with Rey, he knew he didn’t have to fear the past anymore and the future back on the island was going to be a good one.

The End

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