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No Going Back 12

No Going Back

Chapter Twelve

By Patty

Chapter Twelve

The Spray’s first summer season flew by. Every weekend saw the house full, and well over half the rooms stayed occupied by weeklong vacationers. When August began to offer up its chilly nights and hints of the coming fall season crept in on the mist and fog of the odd rainy day, Rey began to feel the excitement of the end of the tourist season, the coming fall, and her wedding to Alan. Minor disagreements popped up over some of the plans, but mainly the days passed for her in a haze of happy pre-occupied excitement.

In the early weeks of August, the island’s cool sea air and occasional misty gray days were a novelty for mainlanders more accustomed to the stifling heat of late summer days in their home cities. Coffee shops did a brisk business serving cocoa, tea and chowder to chilled beachcombers and trinket shoppers. The fishing boats and whale watch ferries appreciated the cool wet days when the beaches were less appealing, and kept busy with day trippers happily wrapped in ponchos and sweaters. The more intrepid souls enjoyed the abandoned shores taking full advantage of their exclusive possession as they combed for the best of the shells and drift wood pieces. Rey and Alan especially liked the almost solitary walks they managed to steal together. But as the cold days became more frequent and the fog and mist settled in over the shores for longer stretches of time, the novelty and draw the island had for visitors began to wan. The tourist season was coming to its predictable gradual close.

Blueberry season and the bird migrations were the primary draw left to visitors by the time the month ended. Nature hikers and cyclists were still able to take full advantage of the cooler days, but the recreation on the water was loosing its appeal.

By the time Labor Day rolled around, Rey found she had lots of time in her days for herself again. The rush to get all the rooms cleaned and linen changed between breakfast and lunch, and then to get all the shopping done and any other incidental chores out of the way before supper, diminished to under an hour’s work in the mornings and even less in the afternoons. She used the time to range out of the house down to her old haunts on the docks, and surf the web. She even began to write a few tentative stories on one of the spanking discussion groups she frequented.

Alan used the extra time to begin some further restoration work that he planned to carry on over the winter. Upgrading the plumbing in the upstairs bathrooms, and installing some Jacuzzi tubs in two of the larger self contained rooms, had been put off pending a good income from the first season. And the first season exceeded all of his expectations. There were already reservations for the Victoria/Memorial Day weekend, and a few inquiries had been made for Christmas, Canadian Thanksgiving and US Thanksgiving. The prospect of offering a limited winter season was something Alan would consider for coming years, for this winter the further restorations would keep them busy.

The wedding was another factor that helped him elect to defer having tourist guests for Thanksgiving in October. Instead they would have family and that would be the weekend he would make Rey his wife. Mrs. Beatty insisted she would do all of the cooking. Rey’s Aunt Wanda would make her dress, and that was really all there was to it as far as the logistics went. Except for the matter of going to Marriage preparation class, there were only small details to pick at and ponder over.

The minister at the Anglican Church insisted he would not perform the marriage ceremony unless Alan and Rey took a Marriage Preparation class either through the church, or through one of four secular organizations the church recognized. At first Alan balked at the idea and decided to use the justice of the peace, but Rey’s Uncle George held firm in his insistence there would be a church sanctioned wedding for his niece. Alan was persuaded, although the prospect annoyed him. They would take the class offered at Trinity Church in St. John NB. It would mean a ferry ride and an overnight stay on the mainland, so it was planned for the third week in September. There were two guests booked at The Spray on that weekend, but Mrs. Beatty assured Alan that with Wanda handy if need be, there wasn’t anything she couldn’t manage for one simple Friday night and Saturday.

Quieter days were followed by quieter evenings, and more time for Alan and Rey to spend together with fewer of the distractions associated with staying on top of the needs of guests. They used to time to good advantage. They spent hours talking about their dreams and goals, sharing things with each other about their days in school and growing up, opinions about politics, religion, ethics, love and their future, the possibility of children and each other’s thoughts about the timing of that eventuality. They also began to explore a physical closeness that was very new to Rey.

Touching Alan and having him touch her, even though he kept very tight reign on how far he would let that go, was an intoxicating experience. Just being kissed by him woke up feelings she’d never imagined, and she found herself wishing and trying to encourage him to go further with her.

The evening came when they had the house to themselves with only Mrs. Beatty rattling around up in her room, after cuddling with Alan in front of the television for most of the evening, that Rey found the courage to broach her desires with Alan.

“I wish you’d touch me more Alan,” she whispered after he broke a deep sensual kiss. “I want you all the way.”

“It will keep and you’ll be glad we waited,” he nuzzled.

“Why? We’ve made up our minds haven’t we? I don’t see why we have to wait when it’s just a matter of the order of things,” Rey pressed her hands into his chest, spread her fingers and caressed his muscles. “I want to know you that way.”

“You will when the time is right, and that will be after we have made our vows to each other,” Alan rested his hands over hers and squeezed gently.

“Please?” Rey put her face on Alan hands and pulled in a deep breath.

“You heard me now,” Alan warned. “I’m having as much trouble with the whole idea as you are, but we’ll do this thing right.”

“See? You want to too, and it’s really just between us isn’t it? No one else has to know,” It had taken a lot for her to get up the nerve to talk about it, so Rey was not going to have the subject closed so easily.

“Honey, it’s the right thing. The traditional thing. It has a special honor in it and I want that for you. Your first should be your husband and you should have him on your wedding night”

“What if I said you weren’t my first?” Rey cocked her head shyly to one side and lifted her shoulders in a pouty shrug.

Alan caught her chin and directed her eyes to his. He looked into them for a few seconds reading her thoughts, and then smiled. “You’d be lying and I’d have to spank you mighty hard for it.”

Rey slumped down. Her pout in full swing now. “But I want to. This isn’t fair when we kiss and pet like this and everything inside me just wants you to touch me in places and do things to me that nice people don’t discuss. It stays on my mind all day every day and it makes me feel nuts sometimes.”

Alan couldn’t help but chuckle. “Well my sweet yearning bride to be, there are things you can do for yourself, that will take the edge off and at the same time let your mind play around with what will be real for us in only a few more weeks.”

“Yeah like what?” Rey thumped her fist on him in a light petulant complaint.

“Like give yourself pleasure?” he pulled her tighter against him and squeezed her shoulders playfully.

“Alan!” Rey blushed with her compliant.

“It’s a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do; something that will enrich your enjoyment of the real thing when the time comes. Helps you get to know and enjoy how your body can give you pleasure.” Alan remained relaxed even though he felt Rey’s body stiffen with the discomfort of the redirected topic.

“Not to talk about. That’s not normal.” Rey cringed.

“You’re funny. You’re itching to do the dirty deed and you’re uncomfortable talking about something like masturbation with the man you’re going to be intimate with.”

“Well it’s not the easiest subject.”

“Do you do that Rey? Give yourself pleasure?” Alan pulled Rey back with him to relax into the sofa.

Rey shrugged.

“I do,” Alan opened up.

“You do?”


“What do you think about when you do?”

“You. Touching you, kissing you, having you touch me and kiss me. I think about when we’re together and I will have your whole body to explore, how I’m going to kiss you all over and taste every part of you, and I think about that first time your body accepts me inside you, how I’m going to prepare you so that that will be one of the things you remember as special for all of the rest of your life.”

Rey shivered. “Alan! Please, you’re making me crazy! Teasing me like that when you won’t do it with me now.”

“It’s the truth, now how about you tell me what you’re fantasies are?” Alan chuckled and tugged playfully against her shoulders.

Rey pushed down between Alan’s arm and his chest, resisting the question. Her fantasies rarely focused on his loving her the way he just described, as much as they did his spanking her. That was something she didn’t think he would ever understand.

“Come on honey, let me in your mind,” Alan coaxed with a good natured nudge.

“It’s private Alan,” Rey waffled.

“Some day soon I hope you will feel like you can tell me anything and everything that gives you pleasure and I want you to be honest if there is something that doesn’t. Sex is going to be something we share together that will be ours alone. If we play our cards right it will be one of the best things we share.”

“Promise?” Rey was hoping she could shift him of the topic of self pleasure.

“Of course I do, so share with me Rey, what goes on in your sexy little mind while you’re thinking about things that arouse you in that way? What makes that part of you wake up and want out?”

“You do. Wanting you to touch me and love me all the way does,” she whispered.

“So is that what you think about? Me touching you?” he coaxed again.

“Well,” she cringed. “Yeah sort of. It’s hard to imagine how it will be when I’ve never done it and I don’t know what it’s supposed to be like.”

“Do you touch yourself?”

“Alan!” Rey brought her knees up to cover her front and bury her face behind.

“When we go to that retreat in a few weeks, we’re going to have to talk about this and even more intimate things. We may as well get a head start now, since you’re the one who opened the door on the subject.” Alan laughed. He fully understood Rey’s discomfort, and wasn’t trying to make it worse. His body was responding to the thoughts and discussion just as much as he knew hers was. He would have liked nothing more than to take her up to his bed and make her his immediately. His sense of honor and tradition held him back, along with his promise to himself that Audrey would never regret saying yes to him, and would have her first time be everything it should be. He knew that he would have to relieve himself urgently when he did make his way to bed later, and he was curious about what the little enigma under his arms would do.

“I know Alan,” Rey answered shyly. “It’s one thing to want to have you, and another to talk about sex and especially that other.”

“That other being giving yourself pleasure?”


“After we’re married, if I asked you to show me how you do it for yourself, would you?” he was serious, and tried to keep the question gentle and matter of fact.

Rey grimaced again, but decided to try and relax and let herself talk freely. “You’d want that?”

“Maybe,” Alan nodded. “I definitely will want to know what you like and what feels good to you.”

“Would you do it for me too if I asked? So I could know how?”

“If you asked. I’d guide your hands for you too if you wanted to do it for me.”

“Have you seen a woman naked before Alan?”

“A few. No one I wanted to see as much as you though.”

“What do you find sexy then?”

“I told you, any thoughts of touching you and holding you and doing things that give you pleasure.”

“I know, but do you think about just that or do you have stories in your mind, like where we are, or what we say?”

“Sure. I’ve made up dreams where we go out on the beach in the dark and mess around in a dark corner out of sight under the stars. Want to know my favorite little fantasy?”

“Please,” Rey nodded.

“If I tell you, you have to promise to tell me one that you have?” he held back with a tease.

“Maybe,” Rey’s smile was coy. “Depends on what’s in yours.”

“Alright, here goes. This one’s one of my favorites. Makes me want you in the worst way,” Alan nuzzled as he began to describe a scenario that he found sexy.

“You’re being particularly sassy and strutting around here like the queen of the world. Gets my goat initially and I’m thinking I should paddle your sassy little butt for you, then I see you wink and giggle and I know you’re behaving that way on purpose just so I’ll notice. So I strut on over to you and give your bottom a good swat, kiss you like you need to be kissed and tell you, you are going to get the spanking of your life. To which you blush all red like you are right now, and you wheedle and cajole to get out of it.

But you’re not going to get out of it and you know it, so you run away, knowing I’m going to catch you, and I do, right when you get to the bedroom door. In we go, you getting your bottom swatted, giggling all the way, and me doing the swatting getting ready to take you down across my lap. When I get you there you’re acting just as sassy as you were downstairs, daring me to spank you.”

Rey squirmed in her seat, uncomfortable that the tale Alan was weaving was so close to the scenes her own mind conjured. ‘What if he figures out that that turns me on?’ she worried, oblivious to the fact that Alan was sharing with her something that he found sexy. He was not teasing her by flirting with her secrets, he was sharing his own.

“What?” Alan sensed her discomfort.

“Nothing,” she answered her voice quiet and shy.

“Not so sexy for you?” he wondered.

“No it’s fine,” Rey tried to keep her answer light.

“Something’s wrong though I can tell,” Alan pressed gently.

“It’s just?” Rey shrugged, unable to find words to say what she wanted to without saying too much.

“Just what?” Alan watched her expression change as she considered what she wanted to say, and felt the tension in her body vacillate. “Tell me honey, there’s nothing you can say here that will hurt my feelings or make me mad at you. I promise.”

“It’s nothing Alan, honest. It’s very sexy is all,” she leaned against his side hoping he wouldn’t look too closely at her face.

“Ok, I’ll believe you. Want me to keep going?” he asked prodding her gently, unwilling to make her any more uncomfortable than she already seemed.

Rey shrugged. “Maybe not, if that’s OK?”

“What is it honey? Is it the spanking part you don’t like?”

“No, it’s not that I don’t like, it’s just sort of embarrassing. Spanking isn’t supposed to be sexy like that. You know?” Rey skirted her fears with her answer.

Alan laughed and hugged her tight. “Sure it is! You can bet your lovely white backside it is. There are only a few things I’d like to do to your sweet little body that are more sexy than spanking. Believe me spanking your bottom when it deserves it is a pleasure I will relish, and if all goes as planned my darling wife to be, and we do it right, you are going to relish it just as much as I do.”

“Spankings hurt Alan,” Rey turned her face up to examine his expression.

“Some do, yes,” he agreed. “But not all do. The kind I have in mind to give you when you’re just a little sassy and a whole lot sexy will warm you up in ways you’ll like a whole lot.”

“Does it turn you on to spank me?” Rey’s question was pointed. She was letting go of her reticence as she began to realize Alan was being perfectly frank and candid and what he was telling her was from his feelings and desires, not a take off on what he might have guessed about hers.

“Yes it does.” Alan nodded, his eyes didn’t even blink and Rey knew immediately he was telling the truth.

“Even when you’re mad at me?” she wondered.

“Even when you’re snotty as hell, yes,” he answered. “Maybe not right then in the moment, but later when I think over how you went from defiant to compliant, and then your squirming body across my lap, your backside jiggling under my hand and getting redder and redder. Then when it’s all done and you’re attitude is soft and restored to the sweet thing I’m so fond of. That’s a mighty powerful image for me.”

“Me too,” Rey’s admission was barely audible.

“I had that figured out some time ago, when I found those websites you were searching,” Alan hugged her tight, knowing her confession left her feeling exposed.

“It’s not normal though is it Alan?” her concern was genuine.

“Who’s to say really honey? If two people engage in activity they both find satisfying, whether it’s for sex or discipline or what have you, as long as they don’t hurt any one else or each other, then my guess is that’s all that’s important. Normal is just a comparison of how many folks out there do the same thing you do. In our bedroom, there are only going to be two people. If we both find something is good, then that’d make us as normal as we need to be. That’s my opinion.”

Rey couldn’t help but smile. The way he put it made her wonder what she’d ever been worried about.

“You don’t think it’s strange that I get turned on thinking about you spanking me then? Not just that you might do it soft and sexy one day either you know. I daydream about the real ones, the ones that hurt when I’ve messed up, and it makes me hot.”

“You’re a perfect match for my strange, I’d say, because I’m the man who thinks spanking you is sexy.” Alan shifted his position and let out an evil chuckle. “In fact missy, I’d say, since you want me to touch you and mess around with you so much, how about we have a little spanking right now?”

He gave her no chance to object and had her draped across his lap in less than ten seconds.

“Alan stop!” Rey squealed trying not to raise her voice enough she might be over heard. “Bea might hear or come down and see!”

“Don’t worry, I can keep it quiet if you can,” he chuckled and brought his palm down firmly across one cheek. It stung & made Rey wiggle.

“Ow! Stop Alan!” she used her hands to pull forward hoping to wiggle forward off his lap.

“Stay still honey,” Alan spanked her a couple more times. “Just lie across my lap and relax, you’ll get a spanking that you can take to bed and dream about and I promise you’ll like it.” Rey turned up to look at him, and saw, from the twinkle in his eye and the intent look on his face, that he was serious. He saw the question in her expression and tried to reassure her. “Trust me?”

Rey blushed, and eased her self back to where she’d first landed across his lap.

“Make your self comfortable here,” Alan reached for a pillow and gave it to her to hug up under her torso and lifted her legs up onto the sofa cushions, so she was completely supported with her bottom propped up across his thighs. “Comfy?” he asked after much wiggling and shifting settled down.

“You won’t make it hurt though right?” Rey couldn’t contain the trepidation she felt, though she had to admit she was warming up to the idea quickly.

“Maybe just a little, but I think you’ll like it. Ready?”

Rey shifted and rocked her hips side to side again, and then nodded. “OK.”

“Alright naughty girl, you’re going to get your first sassy brat spanking and it’s going to teach you a good lesson about what some spankings are good for. This will be a lesson you’ll never forget, understand?”

Rey’s answer was a whisper. The stern but playful inflection in Alan’s tone of voice had just set off uncontrolled pulses of electric arousal that made her tremble and her groin clench.


Alan wasted no time. At first he delivered firm smacks to each cheek. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to sting. He gave her a good ten on each side, and then stopped to firmly rub each cheek. He used both hands to stroke and knead her bottom through the course denim fabric of her jeans.

“Some day soon we’ll do this again only these won’t be in the way,” Alan’s tone was husky. “How’s that so far?”

“Rey grinned and gave him a shy look. “It’s OK I guess.”

“Only OK?” he chuckled, and spanked some more.

This time the spanks were crisper and made Rey wiggle her hips with mild complaint. “Owie ow!”

“Too hard,” Alan chuckled and gave her a few more just a little harder. “Warming you up good though isn’t it?”

Rey giggled. The sting was definitely tolerable, and it did feel comfortable and nice to be in that position in a playful way. Her bottom was tingling and warm from his attentions and when he stopped to knead and rub her bottom, she became aware of the heat building in the pit of her stomach and deep between her legs.

Alan set up a rhythm with spanking, sensual rubbing and soft chatter, his voice husky and electric with sexual promise. “In just a few weeks, when you’re my wife, I’m going to peel down these jeans and spank your panties till they’re white hot.” He spanked a little harder for more than a minute. Rey closed her eyes and drew in a breath when the spanking started to reach the edge of pain. Alan read her body and eased up, so that he resumed rubbing and squeezing her cheeks. “Then, when you don’t think you can stand another second, I’ll peel your panties down and rub the sting out of your bare cheeks until they’re ready for more.” Rey lifted her bottom against Alan’s hands releasing her breath with a contented though slightly shy sigh. “Then I’ll spank you until you’re wiggling and squirming and your beautiful bottom is flaming red.” The spanking resumed. Just a little harder than it had been before. “And when you’re begging me to stop, I’ll punish you just a little harder like this until you’re squealing.” The cadence of the spanking picked up. Rey felt no pain now, only an urgency that made her pump her hips up to meet his hand and down to grind the delicious heat from the sting into the other parts of her that yearned for it.

“You like that don’t you baby?” Alan crooned.

Rey only nodded, keeping with the rhythm of the spanking and needing it to continue. When Alan stopped and began to rub again, she couldn’t help the little moan of complaint that escaped.

“More? Do you want me to spank more?” his voice was even huskier than it had been. The teasing edge was gone leaving only sexual intent that was palpable.

“Yes please,” Rey’s voice was a squeak. How was it possible that in so short a time, he’d been able to bring her from being afraid of this secret need, to this wonton display of it? In that moment she really didn’t care. She just didn’t want it to stop.

Alan spoke to her more, rubbing and squeezing her cheeks; his words and the feel of his hands driving her deeper into herself and the desire for more. “You’re going to be spanked hard now honey. As hard as you need it, are you ready?”

“Yes please!” Rey’s bottom lifted for it, and Alan delivered. Hard and fast, all the while his voice crooning through to her, reassuring her that she was getting exactly what she needed and everything she deserved. Somewhere in there she heard him promise that she would always get what she deserved even when she wasn’t in the mood to agree. None of the other reasons for spanking mattered to her in that moment though, what did was an almost desperate crisis that was building, and that Alan knew was building inside her.

“Unggggggg!” Rey’s gasp was a strangle cry, and Alan knew he’d taken her all the way when her hips humped his lap shamelessly in a desperate struggle with her climax, and then relaxed into a soft boneless contented circling that made her bottom jiggle seductively while her pubis ground into his thigh.

“That’s the way,” he leaned down to whisper into her neck behind her ear. “Now you go on up to bed and crawl under the covers and enjoy the heat of your well spanked bottom. Think about doing this with me in a few weeks when there will be no limits and all kinds of time.”

Rey’s body was limp and the blissful contented expression she wore when he sat her up to kiss him goodnight made Alan smile. Their kiss was deeper and longer than usual, and his body screamed against his restraint. When he left her to go obediently to bed, Alan marveled at his luck. Only a year ago he’d lamented the burdens that brought him back to this god forsaken island, and now here he was with a business that couldn’t be better, a life he enjoyed more than he thought possible, and a woman who was his perfect match ready to accept him as her husband.

They had a month to go, and he knew he would have to fight himself to survive it without breaking his own vow.

Rey’s sleep was sound that night. The warmth from her well spanked bottom lingered with her well into the early morning hours just before dawn, when she woke and let her hands wander between her thighs to renew the other heat Alan had made.

“Soon,” she told herself when her fingers stroked the slick substance her body made for them. “Soon I will know his touch and have him inside me.”


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